Monthly Archives: July 2004

so long never rite sia

so long never write getting bored with blogger.having fun with monster and me and mu games 😉 now my computer so laggy..but i have 7 games liao..when i bored can do anything but my com is TOO laggy..move so slowly…now mu is getting bored too…when i be agility elf very fun but then energy elf = sianzz…people also say that…i also say wahahahhaa..but blogger more sian …so from now onwards i only make one post a day

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haiz 3 days never write my blog liao..because i play mu…now i levl 25….just now i do homework for 2 hours leh…i in computer find and find with my friend..we finally create one poem ourself mah..den suddenly my friend call me and say she found..den i need to erase the whole thing i write le…So SIAN lar…that time i very tired..somemore i never go and sleep leh..because i dont is one of my hates then i also wish to play computer..i play until and gunbound i think very sian liao…mu u be ae more = sian…my friend also + ae = FUN !! wahaha but u must add ur energy before u go on with ur agility..there are more ae leh..den i really hate dk which steals my exp…dark wizard so good u know !!


today our assembly is one blind man den speak to us about good english..he is blind leh..somemore he can talk well then..when he walk he hold someones arm and he walk properly..a funny thing..when he walk den he slipped down and fell..everyone laugh at him and he fell embarass..his face very nerd u know.if u see him u sure laugh one muahahhaa…then he play us a c-d den he got a toy phone..the cd will make ring ring..den the girl who answer will say something..she speak very loud and she say someone laugh at her lol..i really laugh too much,,,and i wan to have that assembly was really really fun..though we assembly only for 1 hour.. so sad !

woo yea

lol !! i have new com and i have a new mu account..if im lvl 6ill make a post and u add character name is HappyMouse..coz im always happy…den i put this song as my background music because it can remind me of cyndi..shes cute..shihui got her mv but she lost the mv music..n she tell me she wans to buy again..she seow..dunno how to find go and buy a new one..den she say she take away the poster postcards and the mv and give me the song disk..because thisd com acnnot listen ..dunno why leh..i got the song also cannot…den dunno must click wat think of another post liao another one


walou..just now while i playing gunbound a aduka game , the monitor suddenly offed..den i on and off the computer also cannot..den i try put in abit i dunno wat switch den it havent off it shows that we need to type the password to enter the enter can liao …yes !!! we got new computer..each one got 1..i very excited..den i can download anything i wan virus my brother dont mind because he got his own computer…i delete all his thing and my sisters thing..only mine..den not laggy sorry ar..yesterday never post

again !

OMG !! gunbound is having maintenance again..sianz..den wat to do…magic punk also cannot play…den play wat..haiz..somemore my homework do finish ler..eeverything do finish den wat to do …i dun wan to sleep…so dont tell me to sleep..give me other ideas in msn if u have more time…SIANZSS !!!!!!!!its just too boring..i wanna go to school..because the whole day never study..den we play and play leh den we keep playing the er lin wu ‘which also mean as 205..hehehe…fun right..haiyazs…nothing to say ler..byebye


again…i doing homework den my mother come in and kpo say dotnt play ….den i purposely when she go down to work i on the computer…lol..den i even called my friend..that was happy because my mother keep kpoining den i cannot i say hannah hannah..den she go out den i quickly on the computer..den she go down and work liao. so happy i can play the computer without her to kpo ..somemore acting cara dun wan to teach me something..haiyaz..i nth to say le bebe…but im at another post