wah lou…today i play gunbound dunno why i team damage 18 times…somemore minus 18 gp for the whole of the day u know…somemore i can rank up..hahaha but when sometimes u team damage will drop rank i tell u…gunbound seow seow one….that stupid attack..when gunbound back..very lol…free ballroom suit…free orbiting moon…somemore free 30k gold !!!… that makes me amazed because i dunno when gunbound become so good one..just as 1 meat..i hate the N-Protect !!!! it really sux because we cant use any hacks…i got swear hack , circle talk , slot hack , teleport hack and alot more..den when u use hacks cannot use …it will come out in a violet box and say…’Hack Detected’ den it will sign u off…if anyone of u guys dont know me and u play gunbound please add me…my account is MouseNHP


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