Wow…18 contacts !!

Wah…today got 18 contacts many sia..but i have alot gunbound and mu friends ma..somemore i quit mu ler..dunno wan to give who my mu account…anyway if u email me at den i will give u my mu account..i offer it for gunbound chief hair and golden armour (girls)..den i gold axe ler hehee…so rank higher than my sister liao..she always miss…i hate her..unless i play 1vs1 with her i always win den she say i cheat…dunno why..den when i say i wan to play wif her she always say dun when she ask me i also say dun wan lor 😀 😀 ..sometimes she bad mood how any how shout…like seow seow like that…lol..anywayz..she also have a blog……seeya


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