lol…so funny

just now i just played gunbound with my sister…she keep losing..only win 2 times..hahahaha..den i keep getting 900+ gold because i high angle use 1 and i got money set ma..den she say she dont care..must win me..she try so hard until her ‘neh neh pok’ come out then she keep playing..try and try to win me…then suddenly she stop playing gunbound and say she wan to go and bathe..chun ming very clever one..but dunno why one fellow of shihui friend said chun ming very lousy.he use jd..every shot he get shot bonus..he double silver rank at least higher than him lol..i everyday go to my blog den sometimes my gunbound and check my gp because i lazy to go den go check ranking..(which havent update) sometimes i sian den go and check free board one lor..


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