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*shock shock* Day

Today, first period was to the hall. I read dark secrets again and after that Miss Ning came and we proceeded to class.

Our first period was listening to teacher of what work to do today and what work to pass up. There was mathematics test today *shivers/goose pimples arrives*. Anyway, as there was only 15 minutes, it was soon for boring chinese.

During chinese, me and Sze Ling keep talking about the ke wen. Miss Peng discussed it quite fast because she explain in a very detailed manner. She help us zao ju(use the word stated to make a sentence) them and gave us Xizi and Zaoju to do. We had 15minutes to do, so I hurried it off.

After chinese was Mathematics Test, *shivers*. There was 13 pages in the booklet when teacher passed it to us. I did it about 1hour and 15minutes. Serious, it was quite hard. There was a question I was not sure about.. Let me try to type it here.

Mrs Mil had 12 kg of flour. She wanted to bake 6 cakes. She used 3 quarter of KG for each cake. How much flour has Mrs Mil left?

I changed abit of the question so I won’t get sued for copyright.

Anyway after Maths was recess. I drank Ice Lemon Tea, and tada, the bell just rang as if I thought it was just 5 minutes.

After recess was RO. We did RO on about why we like this school and alot of people didn’t like this school. After that, Mrs Lew said we weren’t loyal and ask us to change school. What kind of meaning is this anyway?

After RO, we had Creative Writing, the course we paid $80 for scolding. Anyway, she taught alot of things, so I can say she’s quite a good teacher but she keep blinking her eyes. She said alot of things to us that made us laugh and she say anything she say will make us laugh. How funny we are.

After Creative Writing is the hall, for going home! So this is the end of my day!! 🙂

Thank you for reading/listening. I know it’s very short but it’s really short :))


Mixed Blog again

Yesterday’s entry will come first 🙂

My first period was Mother Tongue. There aren’t anything to do today except for xizi and zao ju. I almost fell asleep in class today. My head kept moving because I was very sleepy and I couldn’t control myself.

After Mother Tongue was Maths. Miss Ning taught us improper fractions and we did Maths on the maths worksheet. I managed to finish it before recess, so quite good already because at home I do my homework very SLOW one. Just like a tortoise. The people in star programme lucky must do more, those who did it in class are lucky.

There’s no external art today due to a lame reason.(teacher not free), so we hadn’t recess at 10.30a.m. >.<

After that was recses. Medeline and me kept reminding each other that must call parents and ask whether can go my house and do social studies project. After we bought the vanguard sheet, me and medeline went forward to the telephone booth and I called my mother first. I asked : ‘Mummy, can let Medeline come today do social studies project? Today deadline.(in chinese).’ She said Yes! Wah! Liang xin fa xie! Then after that Medeline called her mother. Her mother said : ‘Ke yi, ni jiao papa zai ni loh!’. WOW~ We’re lucky.

Then, we quickly planned of what to do. We didn’t play Ice & Freeze today because we scared the vanguard sheet will be dirty. I ate laksa and drank Ice Lemon Tea. We walked around and finally the bell rang. We went up. She carried the vanguard sheet and we scissorspaperstone, who lose take the vanguard sheet home. She lost, so she had the vanguard sheet =p.

When we went back to class, it was time for English. It was Miss Ning’s period for the whole day. Sian.. have this kind of teachers sure will decrease next year de, as said by most of my friends and classmates. I believe those facts as they are not experienced with teaching best class.

After that, we went to the school bus-stop and tada! I’m home!! 🙂

Thank you for reading/listening to ‘Mixed Blog again’ Here is my next entry :

Today, the first period was Library Research. Mr Choo wasn’t there, so another strange teacher was taking us, while walking to the Lab , Mrs Sng stopped us and caught the group of boys talking. Heng, lucky we weren’t included. We had to wait for them because they were blocking the staircase. After that, we went back to class in our own groups and found our classmates there. We left our bag there and he led us to the computer lab.

After Library Research, it was Maths. Miss Ning taught us fractions how to convert and after that I started to do my Maths homework. I finished it before recess and I was the 2nd person in the class to finish it. After that was recess, poo! 😀

During recess, I only drank orange juice and ate Medeline’s chocolate. After that I went to the parade square to play Ice & Freeze. Less than a minute, the bell rang and we had to proceed to the talents’ corner as it’;s wednesday today. It was just like making japanese dolls and magic tricks, not fun at all. So boring.

After that was social studies. We handed up our project and after that it was done. I changed place and prepared for the boring chinese.

During chinese, we did xi zi and zao ju again. She kept repeating because we weren’t listening. I finished them in class. She talked about the words mentioned in xi zi. Zao ju was easy too. After that I rushed through and finished in class.

Tada! Lets go to the hall now!

In the bus, I did my journal and Bi Jun was free. After that I reached home. Yay! Finally!

I think this is the end of my ‘Mixed Blog again’ blog. Thank you for reading/listening.

The L-A-M-E Monday

Today, the first period was Chinese because the last period and the first period was exchanged. It was supposed to be Assembly, but we have ‘external’ assembly, so changed to last period because the organisers cannot prepare that fast, they need alot of time to set-up this and that, so it’s ok, lucky no Ting Xie(chinese spelling) yet. Hehe, but I learnt ting xie hurrying because teacher gave us free time. I hurriedly learnt because I didn’t learn. Afterall, it’s quite easy, learn later.

After chinese was Science. Lucky he was going through the Science test paper or else my ears might burst. Then, he talked about the science workbook on the work we have done. I almost fell asleep but I lied on my file, I left it on the empty table of the other side because I was sitting alone, then listened to teacher. Wow, it was so comfortable. I had a few mistakes but I use correction tape and taped it before teacher collected. I ‘suceeded’, =).

After science lesson was english lesson/maths lesson(up to Miss Ning to decide), we had Mathematics though. She gave us back our Mathematics Workbook and tore Pages 127-148. I did 127 and 128 while she was talking and after that she taught about mixed numbers, improper fraction all this. Lucky my tuition teacher teach me already. After she asked us to do until 127-129. I might be the first few to finish the work the fastest :D.

After english straight away was RECESS! We carried our music book and recorders with us as Music is after recess. Then after that, I bought Ice Lemon Tea and waited for Medeline at the 5/3 table as it was our usual hangout. After I drank finish my Ice Lemon Tea, she still wasn’t there. I think she’s playing already, so I went to toilet and after that went to the parade square to look for her. Indeed, she was there. We were playing Ice & Freeze and Darren Lim + Medeline Neo were the ‘freezers’ :D. After that the bell rang. We got prepared and after that went up to the hall.

In the hall, Mr Chin made music for us and it almost made me sleep. It was chinese songs because they use those high-tune note instruments to blow. Every morning listen, every recess listen, every assembly listen. I’m almost bored of it already! Can we have a change? After that, Mr Tan came late and he eventually came(of course!). We went to the music room and he explained about a band, how do they sit and after that, when we went out of the music room, we were surprised/shocked to find Mr Hisham there. I didn’t bring my water bottle! Please don’t torture us.. Please..

During P.E, we only had 4 x 10m shuttle. I failed again, for a ‘VALID REASON’. I took the wrong lane and after that I had to run extra to get that bean bag. Curse you, Medeline, you should have told me earlier that the lane wasn’t mine F5, but after that, when failures have to run again, I passed :D. Pearly and Chia Qi fail, the rest of the failures all pass.

After P.E was back to Mother Tongue, straight away we had Ting Xie. I got two words wrong, this time my mother’s going to kill me again. Rescue me from her hands please! I’m going to get strangled by her 😀 Anyway, after ting xie, we straight away proceeded to the hall to watch the boring show.

Evonne asked me whether we have to take video. Oh no, I suddenly remembered! We have to take the video for Mr Moss! After that Evonne, Medeline and me ran to the General Office to look for Mr Moss. He wasn’t there, so we went up again, and saw him, after that, we went down again. So busy, Evonne and me. After that, when we took the camera and went up, they were playing an exercise so-called PowerBall. It could help ‘Aha’ boost his energy. So lame, I think their talking about teamwork, this whole assembly.

When the assembly ended, we had to wait for all the classes to go to the Parents’ Corner to find their parents, School bus people are supposed to wait in the hall, wow, don’t need to walk around, very nice, very good :D. After that when we were called to our buses, I went and after that we soon entered the bus. I did my A.I.M and finished it. Left Journal, so my workload not too heavy. 🙂

I think this is the end of ‘The L-A-M-E Monday’. Thank you for reading/listening.

My Complicated Sunday,

Today, I’m not in the mood to post. I’m really very confused on this case.

This morning, my maid forced me to wake up and eat breakfast. I took my time to brush teeth because I was very tired and I ate boiled egg. It was too much and I had a tummyache after drinking my hot tea. My *er hem* was solid and liquid. Can’t really explain, but then, at least my stomach ache was gone after that. 😀 I drank fresh milk and had a tummyache again, but I didn’t went to the toilet but instead I lied down on my chair and the pain was soon over.

After that, my mother said going out so I quickly bathe and change into my clothes, but after when we all changed and got prepared, a thunderstorm came. My mother changed her decision and stayed at home. Phew.. so boring, even my brother refuses to play mahjong with us, what should we do? Knock our head on the wall? No thanks. Anyway.. Hehe..

My mother treated us to KFC and I was bloated. I ate ORC fillet burger, 2 regular mash potatoes and drank….

-Peach Juice
-Fresh Milk
-Green Tea
-Green Tea

Over the evening, am I great? 😀 My mother didn’t nag mah.. but I really miss those drinks alot. I can’t satisfy my needs without them, haha. They rock my world. Then after that, I wasted 1hour and 45minutes of my lifetime on Pangya tournaments. I was bored to death. Nothing can make me happy. So I just played Pangya lah.. At the same time can practise Pangya..

Halfway through the last Pangya tournament, I wanted to go out with my brother and sister to Fairprice near our house because I was bored to death. I tagged along and after that my brother forgotten to buy the newspapers. He went back while me and my sister carried the things and went home. Hehehe, this is the first time I’m only with my sister :D.

After we went to Esso, I continued playing Pangya and played for a long time. Soon, my maid came back. At the same time I finished my 18-hole tournament and after that she said whether we want to eat downstairs. I quickly agreed as staying at home is the one of the most boring things in the world. Haha, I offered to tag along and Ah Mike Uncle offered to treat us for the dinner. He gave $100 and my family members ate $59. My Maid and I only spent $4. How could them, and Ah Mike Uncle only ate a dinner worth $3! They are making a hole in his pocket. My father, my mother, my sister and my brother. $59 / 4 = $13.75 each I think. Blame me if my calculation is wrong. I used mental sums.

After that, I continued playing pangya and after that ‘retired’ to watch ‘Jie Da Huan Xi’. The show was quite funny though and halfway through the show at about 8.47p.m.(I looked at the computer clock), my maid asked me to bathe and I bathed like a train. It was done in about 2 minutes and I quickly changed my clothe so that I could watch ‘Jie Da Huan Xi’. After that, time passed in a flash. It was time for me to retire for the night, but…

I went to read the forum for Frozened’s case and I got some hints.. I am in a dilemma now..

Here are some pictures, who should I believe? lightbringer as an outsider and FrozenedUp as my friend. The case belongs to here :

Here are the pictures :
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Give me some tips on who to believe. I’m retiring for the night. Thank you for reading/listening.

I don’t clearly remember what happened, so..

This morning, I ate cheese pancake and felt super comfortable. Why? because normally Saturdays got choir or tuition but today very special, don’t have. I spent my whole morning playing pangya, playing maple, playing survival project and playing rakion. Then my brother bought me and my sister an ice-blended each at around 11.47a.m. in the morning. I had mango and she had strawberry milk tea but my brother had green apple ice blended, so we’re worlds apart :).

After that, during the afternooon, I ate instant noddles Mee Pok. Me and my sister were discussing which instant noodle is the best and which is the worst. Here are mine :

1st – Prawn Noodles
2nd – Tom Yam

3th – Curry Mee
4rd- Mee Goreng
5th – Mee Pok

Here’s my sister’s :

1st – Prawn Noodles
2nd – Tom Yam
3rd- Mee Goreng
4th – Mee Pok
5th – Curry Mee

so there’s another reason to say that we are words apart :D.

Anyway, I quarreled with her over a matter here :

She insulted me and I felt very angry, so I attacked her back. I did everything she didn’t want me to do, who cares about her?

Anyway, after that, I ate dinner as Katong Laksa. Very nice to eat, and I drank the soup and even ate the whole container! Really delicious and nice.

After that, I asked my brother whether I can use the television at 10.30p.m. He claimed that chee sing korkor coming, and they want to play soccer, so sorry. 😦 After that, I went to play Survival Project with KaoBeiiSin and we were owned.

After that, I felt bored and came out of survival project, and thats the end of my blog entry because I came out of survival project, logged in to blogger and immediately started posting. 🙂

I think this is the end of ‘I don’t clearly remember what happened, so..’. Thank you for reading/listening.

My boring school dayy..

Today, I am quite happy with one thing I did. Which is something to do with buddy reading. Read on!

Today, buddy reading was the first period. Wah lao, so boring, how I wish to quit siah. Anyway, Joann and Ameline were there. I tried to ask Mrs Seet whether I can quit or not but they keep pulling me away. In the end I taught Yuchen again, and I asked Mrs Seet whether I can quit. After that, she say, if I don’t want, we can’t force ourselves and she allowed me to quit. I was so happy..

After buddy reading, we proceeded to the hall, as usual. When I went back, it was just national anthem, pledge and school song. After that we went back to class with Mr Tan leading us, our new HE(Health Education) teacher.

During HE, I was exercising my eyes instead of listening. I was exercising my eyes because the lesson was so boring and it was about eyes. Mr Tan taught us several ways to exercise but I was just using the same, old usual way. He didn’t know though, he thought I was listening. Anyway I listened to part of the lesson. I’m good enough =)

After that was english and half of the class went to star programme. Miss Ning gave us alot of work to do and I was so stressed. There was so much work over the weekends and we must finish it within 1 hour or homework for the entire week. Aiyo, so boring. Yawnzzz….. :O

After that, star programme came back and they were ‘ordered’ to do homework. They came back at about 9.25a.m. and it was too late. It was time for P.E and they didn’t have time to finish their work. Poor Star Programme. Got both star programme and school work. Serves them right!

During P.E, Mr Hisham told us to run 1.6km. The pre-test. I failed, why? BECAUSE I didn’t shout out my name at the first round. I had to re-run again the next time. I was panting and it was 10minutes and 55seconds. I am confident I will win the next round because there is 4minutes and 5 seconds to catch up before I fail. It’s time for recess, yay!

During recess, Amanda claimed that she is leaving today, as her last day in Clementi Primary School today. She’s a good friend to have, and doesn’t offend you in any way. Then Miss Ning took photos for her and us(Amanda’s classmates) for her last day. I really miss Amanda because she’s the only quiet person in class who is very shy unless to her friends.

After recess was Mother Tongue. We had spelling today and Miss Peng asked me out to ‘lang du'(read the whole ‘story’) so sway siah, anyway spelling I sure got more than 20 mistakes. All the words I learnt teacher never give and the words I didn’t learn teacher all give! I sure fail and my mother’s going to scream at me today again.

After Mother Tongue, the feared lesson, was Science. The most boring lesson in school. Mr Hong gave us the test and it lasted 30 minutes. Yay… waste time! and after the test, he gave us back the test paper that he set which was only ‘exclusive’ for 4/6, my class. 3 quarter of the class failed. Medeline also failed, lucky I passed, but I wasn’t happy at all, 27half/50, my mother’s sure going to scream loud. Teacher went through and I was sooo angry.

There’s no choir today =p. Anyway, I forgot to tell you that, we have been spreading news about the choir results. Some people say silver, some people say bronze. The news I got was silver and Chia Qi got the news which was bronze. We will not be so sure so we will be asking Miss Sim or Miss Tam. It is so confusing. Some EVEN said GOLD which is impossible because I made a mistake.

Anyway, here are some links to my ‘private’ areas.

The song ‘Tian Hui’ sang by my sister and me –

The quiz I created 2 days ago –

The video I made in Maple a long time ago but didn’t upload but I did upload finally now –

PS : Copy the whole link for the ‘The song ‘Tian Hui’ sang by my sister and me‘ and ‘The quiz I created 2 days ago’ because I put a space.
I don’t want to trouble my readers to scroll here and there.

I think this is the end of ‘My boring school day…’ Thank you for reading/listening. I know this is the worst entry you’ve read overall because I had no motivation to write this. I failed my goal which I wanted to reach.

My shorttttttt school day but ‘short’ post.

This is going to be extremely long as theres alot of things about choir and I have alot of spaces.

Today, first period was at the hall to read. I don’t have buddy reading on Thursday. That’s great.

Anyway, after that, we went back to class for Chinese. Chinese was not boring today, because of the ‘massive homework’ teacher gave. Haha, good time siah. I hurriedly finished my zuo ye and my xi zi so that I can go to choir and go back home without any homework.

After that, I had English test. It was counted as -normal- for me. The first few questions made me open my mouth and lose alot of brain cells though. Help help..

After english test, teacher gave us in-step writing comprehension for us to do. It was quite easy, compared to the other one gave on the holidays. I hurriedly finished it and Wei Ling hurried me to rush to the music room.

After that I rushed to choir. Nobody was outside and I hung my choir uniform on the door. Wei Ling and the others did it too. After that Miss Sim said that we will have recess and the whole group of choir ran down.

I ate laksa. It was very hot, and my mucus came running down. I bought jelly, went to the toilet and after that I went back to the music room.

Wei Ling and Pearly were already there. Anyway we went in to practise immediately. Haiz, then we did all kinds of things STANDING UP that my legs were becoming jelly soon.. We stood for continuously 2 hours and finally we could sit down! I want my legs to be massaged! I’m so tired that my legs can become wobbly and melt anytime!

After that, went back to practise again. I tried my best to do it. As loud as I could and I did it. Teacher didn’t come picking on me anymore 😀 So long liao. Finally 12p.m. Teacher said we have to change in to our costumes, put makeup all that by 1.15p.m. Got alot of time, nevermind, go down and eat then I go up and change.

I ate Mee Siam and drank blueberry mix. Blueberry mix tastes like Medicine and Mee Siam simply rocks! The problem that it is too spicy and my mucus came running down again. After I had eaten, I went up to the music room and wanted to claim my uniform from it. To my horror, THE MUSIC ROOM WAS LOCKED! Me and Sarah hesitated alot before deciding to go to Music Room 1 and asked for the key for Music Room 2 from Miss Lee. She agreed and we got the key, coincidentally, Miss Sim came up, a waste of our efforts for hesitating all that. After that, I ran in to the music room and grabbed my choir uniform and I hurriedly ran to the toilet to change.

I took more than 10 minutes in the toilet because my maid put all the pin, needles and safety pin on the cover to make it shorter I had to remove all of them and they were stuck there so I had to remove them slowly.

Finally, I got my uniform on! I dashed out of the toilet and refilled my water bottle. I ran to the music room and I was sweaty all over. I wore my black shoes and after that put make-up. The choir seniors were there to help out. I didn’t have to put eye-shadow. Yay, great, I hate eye-shadow alot.

After that, Madam Seah came knocking on the door on 1.15p.m. SHARP. My god, most of the choir members didn’t finish their make-up yet. Lucky I’m already done and I stood in my position.

Madam Seah gave some comments about the socks. She claimed that some people’s socks were too long and some people’s socks are too short. Then, she pointed at mine and said, “Follow the length of her socks. This is the correct way.” I felt that there was a crowd applauding for me because Madam Seah hardly point at people as there were too many people in the school.

We practise and Madam Seah got out. Yay, Miss Kor came and she went out in a jiffy. She was back in a jiffy too and Mr Albert Lin came also, our pianist. He plays the piano like a girl though. -_-“

After that, we had the run-through of the 3 songs and we finally could take the school bus and go to Victoria Theatre. The bus trip was very long and it lasted 18 minutes. (I looked at the time of the bus). When we came down, we had to wait a very long time as we were delayed. Sighh..

Our turn came! We had 10 minutes of rehearsing and it was over in a flash. It was our turn to go up to the stage and sing. Yay… It is our turn.. Finally, I don’t want to keep my parents screaming at me after Choir when they come and fetch me.

Ok, I don’t know my results, but we were allowed 10 minutes of photo-taking and I took several photos with my friends. The bus came.. I’m feeling so sleepy…

I boarded the school bus and it brought us back to the school. Yawn. I slept on the bus and Chia Qi woke me up. It was a good experience as I could finally rest. My eyes kept blinking and my head kept moving because the bus.. T_T.. then my friends laughed at me. Nevermind, as long as I can still sleep. The trip lasted (20 minutes). Longer by 2 minutes..

Anyway, I think this is the end of my ‘short post’. Thank you for reading/listening.