The trip to taiwan.


~My trip to Taiwan~

(Day 1) Happened on : 12/3/2006

On the first day, when I reached Taiwan and came out of the plane, it was very cold. I was wondering, 15 degrees Celcius so cold? Wow, this is great in winter. After that, my sister and cousins wore skirts. The tour guide said that is it raining and very cold outside so in the end they had to change their ‘mini-skirts’ to jeans. I wore jeans so I did not have a hassle in changing my clothes. Before we went to the seaside, we went to a place which sold alot of food and in the end I end up eating ‘mian-xian’ because I was very cold. I felt like it was 0degrees Celcius instead. At night I went to the night market. It was raining so we had to reuse our raincoats and I bought a pair of gloves. I stayed in the Golden China Hotel then. I am currently in Taipei.

~My trip to Taiwan~

(Day 2) Happened on : 13/3/2006

Today my morning call was at 6.30a.m. I brought my handphone and set the earlier morning call at 5.45a.m. so my maid will wake up and call me wake up. I woke up, I bathe and I quickly prepared. We went to the train station immediately after we ate our breakfast today. As expected, it was extremely cold. Lucky I wore jeans today again :p. The journey was 3hours and 11 minutes to reach Hualien. When I reached Hualien, my cousins asked what we were going to do here. My brother said, watch the flowers because ‘hua’ is flower in chinese. I forgot what we did here though except at night having a BBQ and the hotel quality. Oh my, is this a 2-star hotel or 4-star hotel? No towels, hand towels for washing to, no bathtub to bathe, bathe in the 2m squared hotel, what hotel is this?! I am currently in Hualien, no hotel name for the lousy hotel.

~My trip to Taiwan~

(Day 3) Happened on : 14/3/2006

I woke up today with a weird morning call. It was *ring…ring…ring…* and I thought I was calling someone so I hung down the phone. I was preparing because my sister was watching TV after she had done everything she needed. So instead of one hand, I had to use two hands. Oh no, the breakfast stinks today! When I ate it, I feel like vomitting! BAD hotel! I rate it 1/10! I forgotten, what we did today too! We went to the animal farm and my father was driving the go-kart. I even smelt cow dung and I rode on a horse today. The experience was very scary as the horse walked around. I was trembling when I was in the horse. Then at night, we went to ‘The Kingship Hotel’. Hehe… There was a ghost piano playing by itself! It resembled Tom & Jerry:p. Oh yeah! When I went on the go-kart with my father, we keep taking pictures. It was extremely cold today. Luckily I had my gloves and jacket with me. I am currently in Hualien.

~My trip to Taiwan~

(Day 4) Happened on : 15/3/2006

Today, my morning call was at 5.45a.m. I was too lazy to bathe. Duhh…. I was forced to. Eww! My breakfast stinks! I had a tummy-ache right after consuming it! Anyway we went to a place to taste ‘Honey’ today. Eww the moment I saw the colour I turned it away. It also stinks like Cow dung like I smelt on Day 3. It’s hot today! Finally, this is great! ^_^ I missed the karaoke yesterday while we were travelling to Kaohsiung. My father was the ‘mike raider’. He kept singing, sorts of old songs which I later dozed off because it is really an ‘old song’. I didn’t even get a chance to select the songs and pick them. I checked into a good hotel with spa and arcade. It is the best hotel. There is no hotel name. I am currently in Kaohsiung.

~My trip to Taiwan~

(Day 5) Happened on : 16/3/2006

Oh no~ My hotel is extremely huge and big today, really! We had 3 king-sized beds. Anyway, let’s talk about the day. After the long trips, I am in Taizhong, the nearest ‘town’ to Taipei! We almost did nothing today, except going to the stupid area which we only went there to take photos. Yawnnzzz….. :Ozzz. We wasted our precious time to those stupid and lousy places which I regret alot. I rather have another schedule! I can’t be bothered with all this trips and all the travelling. I went to the night market today. I bought a wallet for 390yuan, which is about $20 in estimation in Singapore dollars. It’s really expensive but beautiful and big which I can use for years. I am in Plaza International Hotel, located in Taizhong.

~My trip to Taiwan~

(Day 6) Happened on : 17/3/2006

I will only talk about the night. I went to Ximenting, the biggest shopping centre in Taiwan. We were only allowed 50 minutes in there, we have only 50 minutes there and 1 hour for a stupid place which only need 10 minutes. I ate Ah Zhong mian xian standing up. Buisness was good and the food rocks! Anyway, after that, I went to Taipei 101, and took the fastest elevator. It was the tallest building in the world. The elevator took us from 1st to 89th floor in 35 seconds. Anyway, I went back to Golden China Hotel. The first day’s hotel. I love this day the most of all in all the days that I have ever got… Cries, I am back to Singapore tomorrow. Goodbye, Taiwan.

~My trip to Taiwan~

(Day 7) Happened on : 18/3/2006

I went to Songjiang market to buy my stuff and use finish my money as I am going home to Singapore today. I bought apple juice and some hotdog/sausages. After that, we went to the airport.On the plane, I ate the Singapore Airlines meal. Eww, the quality ‘rocks!’ I immediately had the runs after I ate it. I liked tomatoes but I hate it right after I ate the sour tomato. How I wish I could lodge a complaint! My journey to Taiwan has ended, so it’s time to say ‘Hi, Singapore!’ instead of ‘Bye, Taiwan!’


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