What a sad saturday.

This morning at 10am, I had tuition all the way to 12pm. Now, thats not the end of my day. I was expecting a good Saturday because I was going to go out with my Uncle/Godpa but instead I was rewarded a prize to stay at home because, my uncle said

-He had to change his shift. From morning to afternoon shift all the way to night. Now that changed my mood of going out and I was extremely bored at home!
-It was raining heavily. I could not even touch the computer! There was thunder too!

I am rotting at home. I am plucking my nails because I have no other things to do. How I wish I could go out because it is so bored at home! Stitching rocks but my head will hurt if I keep looking down. Wow, Saturday is supposed to be the best day of the week and now I even think of going to school because school is much better than staying at home rotting and sitting there to do nothing!

If I asked my parents if I could go out, I would be courting trouble because they would sure scream. I want to punch something that doesn’t hurt me at the moment!

My sister tried to ask my mother for permission to go out today but my mother said it was too late and turned down our request. Come on, it’s so hard to get a chance to go out and why now we can’t go out? It’s very wasted and I hate things to go against my thinking. Especially at home. I want to have all the freedom I want without anyone objecting me. When will people understand me… It will never ever happen.


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