Hmm, why is it always fated?

Everytime I was going out, my mother would scream at me asking me to bathe which I can do later on. Oh my god, why can’t I have a sense of freedom? I keep feeling that I am guarded by 100 soldiers around me, cannot even move myself.

Since today is morning, I would only stay here and do some writing. I ate a pancake and had hot milo today. My stomach ached just now, super extremely pain and I can’t even let out my *er hem*. A dream is always a dream. It only works if you create it with your own hands.

Anyway, I would say thanks to the blogskin creater. This skin rocks alot. Plain and simple and it’s in pink, my favourite colour. I am planning to update this at least daily, if I am in Singapore. I would keep this alive and try to make it famous to my friends.

My mother said we will be going out today so we must bathe earlier. Yay, we are finally going out. The problem is we are going out with my mother and she will buy everything for herself, instead of us. Hehe, I am going to cut a hole into her pocket!! I am going to get more clothes than my sister, the proud king and the rudey girl.

Ahh, I think thats all for this morning. Support me into cutting a hole in her pocket, I must succeed because my sister has 7 pair of clothes for New Year and I have only 3 pair of clothes for New Year. I must buy more because she is the one who keep spending money and I am the one who keep saving money!


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