At Ah Ma’s House Today

Today morning, I ate pizza leftovers from yesterday night. I stomach ache, then no more, stomach ache, then no more again. I da-bianed 3 times in total of only 3hours. Wah, very pain I tell you. I had to lie down to ease the pain. Finally stop, I was thinking like if I go Ah Ma house will very pain then don’t tell me I need to sleep.

After that, at around 1.46p.m., father called and said it’s time to go down and meet up to drive to Ah Ma’s hourse. Oh my god, my sister and my mother haven’t even bathe! Then my father ask them to take their time. Not so late yet, wah heng ar. My sister took at least 2 hours to ‘da ban'(do make-up). My mother rush it all.

After that, it was raining very heavily, my father prefered to be drenched than to go home and take an umbrella to go to the car. He ran, so he won’t be drenched that much. Anyway he drived to the shelter so that we didn’t have to ‘shower’ in the rain.

When we reached Ah Ma’s house, it was still raining but it was not so heavy. We need to stand the drizzle and wait outside the door though. Finally the door opened, Ah Pei’s shop. We finally had a good shelter! I followed my mother and she told me to go up. Yes, I went up because I didn’t want to play ‘extra’ in my mother’s chat and the shopkeeper’s chat.

When I went up, I smelt the smell of a rotten worm. So smelly sia, like if you sweat alot then you smell your armpit that smell. Eeee… yucks, when I started eating popiah the smell was finally over! I ate 4 popiahs in total (it’s our lunch). They taste great! I drank/ate 3 cups of almond, it rocks too but the almond is too hard, I still prefer the one made by my maid. It’s soft and it melts in your mouth.

After that, I asked Helen Jie Jie to help me check whether the house got puzzle because everyone go pray for Ah Gong and I was the one who was staying at home rotting. I chose not to go because I didn’t want to go, it was very stuffy and hot over there, not nice experience at all. I went to the cemetery for Ah Gong before but I chose not to go now.

I did the 1000 puzzle, less than even 10 pieces and I gave up, I sweating, and it was so hot and the puzzle is so long. How could I possibly finish it?! They finally came back, joy and laughter thinking came into my mind. Wahahaha, it’s time to wash mahjong, not to wash sweat! I won 40cents at the end of the round. I am satisfied :D. I split half to my sister because she played a part in playing mahjong too.

After that it was time for eating. I ate Mee Siam, yucks, it stinks, school’s Mee Siam is much much much much much…. better than THIS ONE! It has too much coconut milk put in it and it tasted too sweet. I don’t like it very much, they stink my nose off. So I only managed to eat one quarter of it. The rest leftovers I gave it to my maid to handle.

I am doing the work after the paragraph on top, so I have nothing more to say as I can’t predict the future, who knows we might be playing blackjack? So stay tuned on tomorrow’s entry! This is the end of my day!


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