My Boring School Day

Today, first period was Library Research. Yep, isn’t that bad lah. I love LR very much instead. It is the best period I like in school. I did finish my MapleStory presentation today. I had Quiz Time, free markets, cash shops, all kinds of crazy topics in my presentation. I made it as short as possible and before I removed the slides I had 34 slides. Now I had 18, not so bad lah. Anyway I had quiz time, and my friends say my presentation very short also.

After LR(Library Research), it was English I think. Yay, today go through mathematics, no need do english, actually I love english but the problem is mathematics I can fall asleep and that makes me easier to sleep at home ^^;. After going through, I asked Medeline to give Miss Ning a question. It’s xJglt2610x’s signature in Asiasoft Forums. She didn’t give us the answer yet, but she did a working. So I guess she will get the correct answer.

After that, immediately was recess. I had Mee Siam and had orange squash. After that I went to play Ice & Freeze. I was the freezer. Die, Faizal. I chase you for rounds and rounds also cannot catch. I will seek revenge and catch you one day! You won’t always get away free! Don’t think of the positive way yet, think of the negative way when I catch you! I AM going to torture you!

After recess, social studies. Our teacher came late and we had social studies at 10.45a.m. We had a new topic, ‘Weather.’ She talked about what wall thermometer, rain gauge and something else I forgot. I don’t clearly remember about Social Studies. Sorry, guys.

After that was Chinese. Today chinese lesson rocks! Only 1 hour and my teacher going to give us activities to do! Madam Seah and Madam Chuan came in to ‘inspect’ us. We were doing work with alot of noise and Madam Seah came to reprimand us. We were doing activies with 4 people per group. My group points was the second again. Yay! End of school.. but I almost forgotten I have choir T_T..

After that, we proceeded to the canteen to eat. I ate laksa + buy pink dolphin drink to bring up to choir and drink. We had 1 hour to do so because all the teachers went to meeting. I did homework after I have eaten when I was outside the music room. Save time and I go home for blogging not do homework. After that 2 of my friends were arguing about 2 zao ju(make the words to form a sentence ‘thing’) words. They had a same word, ‘er qie’ so I said, ”THREE ALSO WRITE LAH’ then I wrote three. For them I’m not so sure.

After that, in choir room, I ran out thrice to get to the toilet. I was very urgent because I drank too much pink dolphin. After that, I sang out of tune and Miss Kor heard, but she say ‘who is the one who sing this? who is the one who sing this?’ but actually it was me. I didn’t dare to admit because her voice very loud. She stand in front of me and even though she sing, she seems like screaming instead.

After that, it was time to go home. My father came to fetch me and he allowed me to go home by myself! Yay… but how unlucky I am. I didn’t know hokkien and when I was going up to the lift, an old ah ma came up to me and I didn’t know what she was talking about because she was speaking hokkien. Haiya, bai tuo ah.. 12 storey quickly come.. I dashed out and after that yay.. didn’t have to face her anymore. She had 4 golden teeth when she open her mouth to talk to me. 🙂

I think this is the end of ‘My Boring School Day’. Thank you for reading/listening.


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