My shorttttttt school day but ‘short’ post.

This is going to be extremely long as theres alot of things about choir and I have alot of spaces.

Today, first period was at the hall to read. I don’t have buddy reading on Thursday. That’s great.

Anyway, after that, we went back to class for Chinese. Chinese was not boring today, because of the ‘massive homework’ teacher gave. Haha, good time siah. I hurriedly finished my zuo ye and my xi zi so that I can go to choir and go back home without any homework.

After that, I had English test. It was counted as -normal- for me. The first few questions made me open my mouth and lose alot of brain cells though. Help help..

After english test, teacher gave us in-step writing comprehension for us to do. It was quite easy, compared to the other one gave on the holidays. I hurriedly finished it and Wei Ling hurried me to rush to the music room.

After that I rushed to choir. Nobody was outside and I hung my choir uniform on the door. Wei Ling and the others did it too. After that Miss Sim said that we will have recess and the whole group of choir ran down.

I ate laksa. It was very hot, and my mucus came running down. I bought jelly, went to the toilet and after that I went back to the music room.

Wei Ling and Pearly were already there. Anyway we went in to practise immediately. Haiz, then we did all kinds of things STANDING UP that my legs were becoming jelly soon.. We stood for continuously 2 hours and finally we could sit down! I want my legs to be massaged! I’m so tired that my legs can become wobbly and melt anytime!

After that, went back to practise again. I tried my best to do it. As loud as I could and I did it. Teacher didn’t come picking on me anymore 😀 So long liao. Finally 12p.m. Teacher said we have to change in to our costumes, put makeup all that by 1.15p.m. Got alot of time, nevermind, go down and eat then I go up and change.

I ate Mee Siam and drank blueberry mix. Blueberry mix tastes like Medicine and Mee Siam simply rocks! The problem that it is too spicy and my mucus came running down again. After I had eaten, I went up to the music room and wanted to claim my uniform from it. To my horror, THE MUSIC ROOM WAS LOCKED! Me and Sarah hesitated alot before deciding to go to Music Room 1 and asked for the key for Music Room 2 from Miss Lee. She agreed and we got the key, coincidentally, Miss Sim came up, a waste of our efforts for hesitating all that. After that, I ran in to the music room and grabbed my choir uniform and I hurriedly ran to the toilet to change.

I took more than 10 minutes in the toilet because my maid put all the pin, needles and safety pin on the cover to make it shorter I had to remove all of them and they were stuck there so I had to remove them slowly.

Finally, I got my uniform on! I dashed out of the toilet and refilled my water bottle. I ran to the music room and I was sweaty all over. I wore my black shoes and after that put make-up. The choir seniors were there to help out. I didn’t have to put eye-shadow. Yay, great, I hate eye-shadow alot.

After that, Madam Seah came knocking on the door on 1.15p.m. SHARP. My god, most of the choir members didn’t finish their make-up yet. Lucky I’m already done and I stood in my position.

Madam Seah gave some comments about the socks. She claimed that some people’s socks were too long and some people’s socks are too short. Then, she pointed at mine and said, “Follow the length of her socks. This is the correct way.” I felt that there was a crowd applauding for me because Madam Seah hardly point at people as there were too many people in the school.

We practise and Madam Seah got out. Yay, Miss Kor came and she went out in a jiffy. She was back in a jiffy too and Mr Albert Lin came also, our pianist. He plays the piano like a girl though. -_-“

After that, we had the run-through of the 3 songs and we finally could take the school bus and go to Victoria Theatre. The bus trip was very long and it lasted 18 minutes. (I looked at the time of the bus). When we came down, we had to wait a very long time as we were delayed. Sighh..

Our turn came! We had 10 minutes of rehearsing and it was over in a flash. It was our turn to go up to the stage and sing. Yay… It is our turn.. Finally, I don’t want to keep my parents screaming at me after Choir when they come and fetch me.

Ok, I don’t know my results, but we were allowed 10 minutes of photo-taking and I took several photos with my friends. The bus came.. I’m feeling so sleepy…

I boarded the school bus and it brought us back to the school. Yawn. I slept on the bus and Chia Qi woke me up. It was a good experience as I could finally rest. My eyes kept blinking and my head kept moving because the bus.. T_T.. then my friends laughed at me. Nevermind, as long as I can still sleep. The trip lasted (20 minutes). Longer by 2 minutes..

Anyway, I think this is the end of my ‘short post’. Thank you for reading/listening.


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