My boring school dayy..

Today, I am quite happy with one thing I did. Which is something to do with buddy reading. Read on!

Today, buddy reading was the first period. Wah lao, so boring, how I wish to quit siah. Anyway, Joann and Ameline were there. I tried to ask Mrs Seet whether I can quit or not but they keep pulling me away. In the end I taught Yuchen again, and I asked Mrs Seet whether I can quit. After that, she say, if I don’t want, we can’t force ourselves and she allowed me to quit. I was so happy..

After buddy reading, we proceeded to the hall, as usual. When I went back, it was just national anthem, pledge and school song. After that we went back to class with Mr Tan leading us, our new HE(Health Education) teacher.

During HE, I was exercising my eyes instead of listening. I was exercising my eyes because the lesson was so boring and it was about eyes. Mr Tan taught us several ways to exercise but I was just using the same, old usual way. He didn’t know though, he thought I was listening. Anyway I listened to part of the lesson. I’m good enough =)

After that was english and half of the class went to star programme. Miss Ning gave us alot of work to do and I was so stressed. There was so much work over the weekends and we must finish it within 1 hour or homework for the entire week. Aiyo, so boring. Yawnzzz….. :O

After that, star programme came back and they were ‘ordered’ to do homework. They came back at about 9.25a.m. and it was too late. It was time for P.E and they didn’t have time to finish their work. Poor Star Programme. Got both star programme and school work. Serves them right!

During P.E, Mr Hisham told us to run 1.6km. The pre-test. I failed, why? BECAUSE I didn’t shout out my name at the first round. I had to re-run again the next time. I was panting and it was 10minutes and 55seconds. I am confident I will win the next round because there is 4minutes and 5 seconds to catch up before I fail. It’s time for recess, yay!

During recess, Amanda claimed that she is leaving today, as her last day in Clementi Primary School today. She’s a good friend to have, and doesn’t offend you in any way. Then Miss Ning took photos for her and us(Amanda’s classmates) for her last day. I really miss Amanda because she’s the only quiet person in class who is very shy unless to her friends.

After recess was Mother Tongue. We had spelling today and Miss Peng asked me out to ‘lang du'(read the whole ‘story’) so sway siah, anyway spelling I sure got more than 20 mistakes. All the words I learnt teacher never give and the words I didn’t learn teacher all give! I sure fail and my mother’s going to scream at me today again.

After Mother Tongue, the feared lesson, was Science. The most boring lesson in school. Mr Hong gave us the test and it lasted 30 minutes. Yay… waste time! and after the test, he gave us back the test paper that he set which was only ‘exclusive’ for 4/6, my class. 3 quarter of the class failed. Medeline also failed, lucky I passed, but I wasn’t happy at all, 27half/50, my mother’s sure going to scream loud. Teacher went through and I was sooo angry.

There’s no choir today =p. Anyway, I forgot to tell you that, we have been spreading news about the choir results. Some people say silver, some people say bronze. The news I got was silver and Chia Qi got the news which was bronze. We will not be so sure so we will be asking Miss Sim or Miss Tam. It is so confusing. Some EVEN said GOLD which is impossible because I made a mistake.

Anyway, here are some links to my ‘private’ areas.

The song ‘Tian Hui’ sang by my sister and me –

The quiz I created 2 days ago –

The video I made in Maple a long time ago but didn’t upload but I did upload finally now –

PS : Copy the whole link for the ‘The song ‘Tian Hui’ sang by my sister and me‘ and ‘The quiz I created 2 days ago’ because I put a space.
I don’t want to trouble my readers to scroll here and there.

I think this is the end of ‘My boring school day…’ Thank you for reading/listening. I know this is the worst entry you’ve read overall because I had no motivation to write this. I failed my goal which I wanted to reach.


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