The L-A-M-E Monday

Today, the first period was Chinese because the last period and the first period was exchanged. It was supposed to be Assembly, but we have ‘external’ assembly, so changed to last period because the organisers cannot prepare that fast, they need alot of time to set-up this and that, so it’s ok, lucky no Ting Xie(chinese spelling) yet. Hehe, but I learnt ting xie hurrying because teacher gave us free time. I hurriedly learnt because I didn’t learn. Afterall, it’s quite easy, learn later.

After chinese was Science. Lucky he was going through the Science test paper or else my ears might burst. Then, he talked about the science workbook on the work we have done. I almost fell asleep but I lied on my file, I left it on the empty table of the other side because I was sitting alone, then listened to teacher. Wow, it was so comfortable. I had a few mistakes but I use correction tape and taped it before teacher collected. I ‘suceeded’, =).

After science lesson was english lesson/maths lesson(up to Miss Ning to decide), we had Mathematics though. She gave us back our Mathematics Workbook and tore Pages 127-148. I did 127 and 128 while she was talking and after that she taught about mixed numbers, improper fraction all this. Lucky my tuition teacher teach me already. After she asked us to do until 127-129. I might be the first few to finish the work the fastest :D.

After english straight away was RECESS! We carried our music book and recorders with us as Music is after recess. Then after that, I bought Ice Lemon Tea and waited for Medeline at the 5/3 table as it was our usual hangout. After I drank finish my Ice Lemon Tea, she still wasn’t there. I think she’s playing already, so I went to toilet and after that went to the parade square to look for her. Indeed, she was there. We were playing Ice & Freeze and Darren Lim + Medeline Neo were the ‘freezers’ :D. After that the bell rang. We got prepared and after that went up to the hall.

In the hall, Mr Chin made music for us and it almost made me sleep. It was chinese songs because they use those high-tune note instruments to blow. Every morning listen, every recess listen, every assembly listen. I’m almost bored of it already! Can we have a change? After that, Mr Tan came late and he eventually came(of course!). We went to the music room and he explained about a band, how do they sit and after that, when we went out of the music room, we were surprised/shocked to find Mr Hisham there. I didn’t bring my water bottle! Please don’t torture us.. Please..

During P.E, we only had 4 x 10m shuttle. I failed again, for a ‘VALID REASON’. I took the wrong lane and after that I had to run extra to get that bean bag. Curse you, Medeline, you should have told me earlier that the lane wasn’t mine F5, but after that, when failures have to run again, I passed :D. Pearly and Chia Qi fail, the rest of the failures all pass.

After P.E was back to Mother Tongue, straight away we had Ting Xie. I got two words wrong, this time my mother’s going to kill me again. Rescue me from her hands please! I’m going to get strangled by her 😀 Anyway, after ting xie, we straight away proceeded to the hall to watch the boring show.

Evonne asked me whether we have to take video. Oh no, I suddenly remembered! We have to take the video for Mr Moss! After that Evonne, Medeline and me ran to the General Office to look for Mr Moss. He wasn’t there, so we went up again, and saw him, after that, we went down again. So busy, Evonne and me. After that, when we took the camera and went up, they were playing an exercise so-called PowerBall. It could help ‘Aha’ boost his energy. So lame, I think their talking about teamwork, this whole assembly.

When the assembly ended, we had to wait for all the classes to go to the Parents’ Corner to find their parents, School bus people are supposed to wait in the hall, wow, don’t need to walk around, very nice, very good :D. After that when we were called to our buses, I went and after that we soon entered the bus. I did my A.I.M and finished it. Left Journal, so my workload not too heavy. 🙂

I think this is the end of ‘The L-A-M-E Monday’. Thank you for reading/listening.


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