Mixed Blog again

Yesterday’s entry will come first 🙂

My first period was Mother Tongue. There aren’t anything to do today except for xizi and zao ju. I almost fell asleep in class today. My head kept moving because I was very sleepy and I couldn’t control myself.

After Mother Tongue was Maths. Miss Ning taught us improper fractions and we did Maths on the maths worksheet. I managed to finish it before recess, so quite good already because at home I do my homework very SLOW one. Just like a tortoise. The people in star programme lucky must do more, those who did it in class are lucky.

There’s no external art today due to a lame reason.(teacher not free), so we hadn’t recess at 10.30a.m. >.<

After that was recses. Medeline and me kept reminding each other that must call parents and ask whether can go my house and do social studies project. After we bought the vanguard sheet, me and medeline went forward to the telephone booth and I called my mother first. I asked : ‘Mummy, can let Medeline come today do social studies project? Today deadline.(in chinese).’ She said Yes! Wah! Liang xin fa xie! Then after that Medeline called her mother. Her mother said : ‘Ke yi, ni jiao papa zai ni loh!’. WOW~ We’re lucky.

Then, we quickly planned of what to do. We didn’t play Ice & Freeze today because we scared the vanguard sheet will be dirty. I ate laksa and drank Ice Lemon Tea. We walked around and finally the bell rang. We went up. She carried the vanguard sheet and we scissorspaperstone, who lose take the vanguard sheet home. She lost, so she had the vanguard sheet =p.

When we went back to class, it was time for English. It was Miss Ning’s period for the whole day. Sian.. have this kind of teachers sure will decrease next year de, as said by most of my friends and classmates. I believe those facts as they are not experienced with teaching best class.

After that, we went to the school bus-stop and tada! I’m home!! 🙂

Thank you for reading/listening to ‘Mixed Blog again’ Here is my next entry :

Today, the first period was Library Research. Mr Choo wasn’t there, so another strange teacher was taking us, while walking to the Lab , Mrs Sng stopped us and caught the group of boys talking. Heng, lucky we weren’t included. We had to wait for them because they were blocking the staircase. After that, we went back to class in our own groups and found our classmates there. We left our bag there and he led us to the computer lab.

After Library Research, it was Maths. Miss Ning taught us fractions how to convert and after that I started to do my Maths homework. I finished it before recess and I was the 2nd person in the class to finish it. After that was recess, poo! 😀

During recess, I only drank orange juice and ate Medeline’s chocolate. After that I went to the parade square to play Ice & Freeze. Less than a minute, the bell rang and we had to proceed to the talents’ corner as it’;s wednesday today. It was just like making japanese dolls and magic tricks, not fun at all. So boring.

After that was social studies. We handed up our project and after that it was done. I changed place and prepared for the boring chinese.

During chinese, we did xi zi and zao ju again. She kept repeating because we weren’t listening. I finished them in class. She talked about the words mentioned in xi zi. Zao ju was easy too. After that I rushed through and finished in class.

Tada! Lets go to the hall now!

In the bus, I did my journal and Bi Jun was free. After that I reached home. Yay! Finally!

I think this is the end of my ‘Mixed Blog again’ blog. Thank you for reading/listening.


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