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Can you all just not fucking care what I write? It’s my problem, not your fucking problem. I want to deal with it, don’t stick your smelly butt in. IT IS MY LIFE, NOT YOURS. I have the freedom to do anything I want, I HATE DEV, so what? Does it concern you? You have a split personality? Sure, go receive treatment from the psychologist, not putting all your fucking comments in my tagboard. My tagboard is there for you to comment on my blog, negative I don’t care, BUT, about dev? CAN’T YOU SETTLE THIS SOMEWHERE? This is to lifeless idiots like geraldine and ihateyou. Now, I love pointing fingers. What can you do to me? Chop off my finger? I can still use my toes!

Done with it. Now I’ll talk about my day.

Sheesh, in school this morning, I asked Miss Ning for my turtle (clay art). It’s still in the art room! Why on earth is it hatching that long? I want it now, without any broken legs and broken tails. I know I’m greedy, but this issue has been dragging for a long time, since October 1st 2006. 24 days.. I could easily read a dictionary in this period of time, but what matters to me most is my turtle =D. Too impatient to post a picture of it, I’ll show you guys!(maybe in my profile). Miss Ning’s hands are powerful!

After that(i’ll go directly to lunchtime), WAS MY FAVOURITE FOOD, sotong mee/hokkien mee! :p. Delicious, especially by my maid! ^^

Nice? Yes it is! Clean and delicious!

Anyway, I’m going to have this for dinner too! Yummy. I just feel hungry at the thought of it ^^.

Cut the crap, to me, is now the best place I can go. Kills my time, keeps me updated in stuffs! I’d recommend you to go there! *Don’t sue me, Asiasoft*

Most importantly, I had a good nap just now. I haven’t do my homework, just do at night, no problem, no problem. Ms Ning give extra then I do. For this period now I don’t really care.

Tip of the day: Miss Ning will never ever give me my turtle!
Phrase of the day: I had a dream, only to realise I was daydreaming.



Today, not having fun at all. Loads and loads of homework await!

Homeworks :
Science MCQ paper
Maths Final Revision Paper
作业 (I forgot to do on Friday..)
Copy ‘我在也不会抄朋友的功课了.’ x 150(duhh, i copied a sentence from my friend and someone saw me ><)
English Composition(write at least 150 words)
That Chinese..(9 pages. ROAR!)

That’s almost all. I know you secondary school people exam over, very relaxed right? Don’t comment hor, or else I’ll make you help me do my homework!

I hate homeworks~ I hate homeworks~ I hate homeworks~ I hate homeworks~ I hate homeworks~ I hate homeworks~ I hate homeworks~ I hate homeworks~ I hate homeworks~ I hate homeworks~ ^^;

Ok, I’ll stop being insane. I hate you homework. THE ONE WHO INVENTED THE WORD CALLED ‘HOMEWORK’, COME OUT NOW!

Why must you invent homework? Why must you invent schools? If both of them weren’t in this world, life would be much better for me! Going to the door of my imagination, next time my wish will be to invent a game world where no schools, no homework, NOTHING. There will be relaxing machines all around, and you can play whatever you want! Run here run there, fall down no injury!

That’s what I call a complete happiness. We wouldn’t be able to communicate though. Our language.. must be 天生(since birth) know. Ahh, that’s my dream world! Let me escape my dreamland now.

Pathetic, if primary school already got SOOOOOO.. much homework, I can’t imagine what would it be like when I’m in secondary school. BOO you =]

I haven’t touch my pencil. Tried to photocopy my 抄写(Copy ‘我在也不会抄朋友的功课了.’ x 150), but to no avail. Why must you do this to me?

Phrase of the day: homework kills one’s life.

singlish rock my world!

Oh well, this four days of holidays is horrible. All I can do is to play Gaia, surf the forums; and talk to others in MSN.

I haven’t do my holiday homework though, too lazy to even touch my pencil. I have been taking down useful english quotes from May though. Here is the list..

-the black acidic smoke reduced my visibility to near zero.
-fiery stage for the dancing flames
-thick and black choking smoke
-laughed hysterically
-peals of laughter filled my eyes
-slumped back onto the sofa
-jolted me out of my train of thoughts
-i could feel heat searing on my back
-vicious flames licked the walls hungrily
-screwing up my courage
-my eyes was glued to the television screen as my favourite cartoon show was broadcasting
-etched in my memory for eternity
-door to your imagination
-fragments of frosted glass/plain glass
-mentally challenged sufferers of autism
-the torrid noonday sun scorched my back
-the horrendous amount of fat in the veins burst one of his veins
-anger churning up from beneath the table
-may you havewarmth in your igloo, oil in your lamp and peace in your heart.

Thats almost all, yeap right. If you have more, e-mail so I can take down more of them!

Anyway, this morning, I ate a bun, then I went to play Maple and stopped at 12pm. At that very moment, my father came up to eat his lunch. Then, I went foruming and May introduced me a game called Gaia; . It looks cool, right? Maybe you might want to try it out. I haven’t really mastered the game, but I am looking forward to learning. Don’t under-estimate me. I’m going to show it to you!

Anyway, when talking to Lalala, I realised women will do anything for their beauty.

I’m going to have pimples real soon(i believe) and what are the tips to prevent ourselves from getting more pimples?

-Wash our face daily..(works for some people)
-Sleep early
-Do not touch your face(heard this from my sister..)
-Take some alovera, apply it on your face.

Think that’s all I have remembered. E-mail me more tips at !

Well, my sister went to get her passport. She have renew-ed it. If my mother didn’t remind her, she would dream of going to Australia. It’s so unfair. Why did her school plan a trip? Why didn’t my school plan a trip? Why didn’t my family plan a trip? Why is she the only one who can go to Australia? LIFE IS SO UNFAIR! She has a new pair of spectacles too!

My sister gets all the benefits from my mother and father. She gets anything she wants, excluding contact lenses. When will it be my turn to buy anything(refer to my wishlist. 2nd square) I want?

Haven’t stepped into Malaysia before, or I will kill ANISH DEV SUBASH.

phew.. at least i got a break

well, 4 days of holidays from now on. who wouldn’t drool at that thought? but.. homeworks are killing me, of course.

i need help with my blog this time, i have no idea how to decrease my font size, if you’re willing to help, tag at my flashbox or email me @ . i don’t appreciate spams by the way.

thanks and this is the end of my boring blog entry.

dammit. yet another boring day

today awfully i had my oral.. english was ok, tested by miss yvonne, but chinese was… awful?! almost the whole passage don’t know how to read.. help me pray that i would pass my chinese.. my examinor(sp?) was a very strict teacher, duhh.

then after i came home, i went to have a good afternoon nap 😀

I’m Bored >:)

Well, just a boring Saturday again. Not really boring, but I have nothing to do in this horrible weekend.

This morning, I had to prepare for tuition.. eeyer, the boring weekend comes again. The only thing I hate about weekends is tuition, nothing else. Tuition 2 hours, is enough to make me sleep.

During tuition, I kept looking at the clock. Someone remove it, or else I will not be able to concentrate on my studies, duhh. Nono, don’t remove it. If you remove it, Michelle is going to tuition extra! Keep the clock there! Enough of my rubbishing lah. When I was tuition-ing, Michelle said a month, I tuition 8 hours. So, she took a paper of my test paper which I have scanned for her to see and drew out a number bond. 8 divide into 5 branches, 3 1 and a half and 2 2 hours. Of course I wouldn’t object. I’d rather more tuition lessons than more time spent on each lesson!

After tuition, I played AuditionSEA right away. Then I got pretty bored at 1pm and ate my lunch. Then, I continued playing AuditionSEA. At around 3pm, I felt sleepy and wanted to take a nap, then my maid was folding the clothes at the sofa so I asked her to get off the sofa to let me sleep. Then, when she took everything down, my sister said she wanted to use my computer. I didn’t agree to it but she just went on, in that case, I left my spectacles at the table and went to chase her.

I off-ed my computer but she on-ed it again. That idiot. She knows my password. A single enter will get you into my computer. Then, I set a password so from now on she will not have access to my computer. Who cares anyway. It’s mine. After that, I felt so ‘awake’. I went out to the living room to take my spectacles. To my surprise, my maid had folded finish all the clothings. I had argued with my sister for very long.

After arguing with my sister, I went to check on the forums. Then, I went to check on the haze updates. It reached 126 le! I hope Monday no need to go school, come on, postpone my Chinese test! Anyway, after that, I went to play Audition. Played for awhile, came out and wrote this.

My blog is still kinda messy. Haven’t officially publish it yet. It takes time, you know!