I’m Bored >:)

Well, just a boring Saturday again. Not really boring, but I have nothing to do in this horrible weekend.

This morning, I had to prepare for tuition.. eeyer, the boring weekend comes again. The only thing I hate about weekends is tuition, nothing else. Tuition 2 hours, is enough to make me sleep.

During tuition, I kept looking at the clock. Someone remove it, or else I will not be able to concentrate on my studies, duhh. Nono, don’t remove it. If you remove it, Michelle is going to tuition extra! Keep the clock there! Enough of my rubbishing lah. When I was tuition-ing, Michelle said a month, I tuition 8 hours. So, she took a paper of my test paper which I have scanned for her to see and drew out a number bond. 8 divide into 5 branches, 3 1 and a half and 2 2 hours. Of course I wouldn’t object. I’d rather more tuition lessons than more time spent on each lesson!

After tuition, I played AuditionSEA right away. Then I got pretty bored at 1pm and ate my lunch. Then, I continued playing AuditionSEA. At around 3pm, I felt sleepy and wanted to take a nap, then my maid was folding the clothes at the sofa so I asked her to get off the sofa to let me sleep. Then, when she took everything down, my sister said she wanted to use my computer. I didn’t agree to it but she just went on, in that case, I left my spectacles at the table and went to chase her.

I off-ed my computer but she on-ed it again. That idiot. She knows my password. A single enter will get you into my computer. Then, I set a password so from now on she will not have access to my computer. Who cares anyway. It’s mine. After that, I felt so ‘awake’. I went out to the living room to take my spectacles. To my surprise, my maid had folded finish all the clothings. I had argued with my sister for very long.

After arguing with my sister, I went to check on the forums. Then, I went to check on the haze updates. It reached 126 le! I hope Monday no need to go school, come on, postpone my Chinese test! Anyway, after that, I went to play Audition. Played for awhile, came out and wrote this.

My blog is still kinda messy. Haven’t officially publish it yet. It takes time, you know!


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