Can you all just not fucking care what I write? It’s my problem, not your fucking problem. I want to deal with it, don’t stick your smelly butt in. IT IS MY LIFE, NOT YOURS. I have the freedom to do anything I want, I HATE DEV, so what? Does it concern you? You have a split personality? Sure, go receive treatment from the psychologist, not putting all your fucking comments in my tagboard. My tagboard is there for you to comment on my blog, negative I don’t care, BUT, about dev? CAN’T YOU SETTLE THIS SOMEWHERE? This is to lifeless idiots like geraldine and ihateyou. Now, I love pointing fingers. What can you do to me? Chop off my finger? I can still use my toes!

Done with it. Now I’ll talk about my day.

Sheesh, in school this morning, I asked Miss Ning for my turtle (clay art). It’s still in the art room! Why on earth is it hatching that long? I want it now, without any broken legs and broken tails. I know I’m greedy, but this issue has been dragging for a long time, since October 1st 2006. 24 days.. I could easily read a dictionary in this period of time, but what matters to me most is my turtle =D. Too impatient to post a picture of it, I’ll show you guys!(maybe in my profile). Miss Ning’s hands are powerful!

After that(i’ll go directly to lunchtime), WAS MY FAVOURITE FOOD, sotong mee/hokkien mee! :p. Delicious, especially by my maid! ^^

Nice? Yes it is! Clean and delicious!

Anyway, I’m going to have this for dinner too! Yummy. I just feel hungry at the thought of it ^^.

Cut the crap, to me, is now the best place I can go. Kills my time, keeps me updated in stuffs! I’d recommend you to go there! *Don’t sue me, Asiasoft*

Most importantly, I had a good nap just now. I haven’t do my homework, just do at night, no problem, no problem. Ms Ning give extra then I do. For this period now I don’t really care.

Tip of the day: Miss Ning will never ever give me my turtle!
Phrase of the day: I had a dream, only to realise I was daydreaming.


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