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Haven’t really anytime to blog today, since I have choir tomorrow and I have to wake up at 6.30a.m. so I’ll just make this short.

In the morning I asked my maid not to buy any food for me as I was full. But when she mentioned hard-boiled egg, I jumped at that thought, of course I agreed, don’t know how many years never eat le.

After eating, I went to play maple and I leveled to level 34 with my hunter. Slashy’s also level 34. Cloud foxes are cute and fun, crows also quite cute. Then I went to play neopets. Seriously, I feel that Neopets can be better than Maple anytime if it’s an online game.

I went ahead to Audition after playing the Wheel of Monotony as I have to WAIT and WAIT and WAIT for it to stop spinning and get my rewards. Unexpectedly in Audition, I couldn’t find Xian Ying and Olivia. When I check my MSN, I realised both of them had already logged out, perhaps sleeping.

I went ahead to Audition to play again, and only one person was online, which was BabyWena a.k.a Rena. I went to find her, but she was playing so I waited and waited and waited. WHEN I WAS TALKING IN THE LOBBY, MY COMPUTER HANGED! Was so damn buay song lar.

I restarted my computer, went back to Audition and played ‘Baby V.O.X Estacy’. Halfway through the game, my brother asked me if I wanted to play Game of Life. Am I really that lucky today? I keep playing games that I have not played for a decade.

Playing Game of Life, I got the highest pay, $100 000. THEN THAT STUPID LISA SABO ME, GO EXCHANGE SALARY WITH ME. So damn buay song, I last le still want to SABO me. Curse Lisa. !@#!@$#@%$#%@$%^#%%^*, Patricia is still the richest anyway, so I didn’t have to worry much. The pay she was given was $80 000, so I won’t complain that much lah.

Got a baby girl, with a toe-y head.

My brother suddenly told me that, hang is it? It was like, repeating everything from the start for Patricia. She was already at 1990, but she was like restarting everything please. He said, “Aiya got bug lah, don’t want play liao.” and started rolling his controller. I pressed ‘X’ on my controller and it suddenly worked! My brother said, “You earlier don’t press, waste time leh.”

So we continued playing, and when it was Patricia’s turn again, she suddenly had 2million! $500 000 become 2million is quite impossible in a turn, so we decided that there might be a bug and we stopped playing, and eventually rolled our controllers back, we should have done it earlier.

I ate Sotong Mee, couldn’t even finish 1/6 of the container and I threw it away. Downstairs the Sotong Mee taste so much better! I can eat finish the $5 packet but the Clementi Central the $2.50 I can’t even finish 1/6 of it.

I ate Magnum Mini Ice-Cream, and went ahead to bathe after eating. I wore the blue blouse which was bought during K1 and the red shorts which I hated last time. Aiya, just at home what. Complain so much for what? I very noob-ish right?

My sister and maid came home after fixing my sister’s FILA bag. She spoilt it with one of the buttons before departing for Australia, which was a disaster because the saleslady asked her to check everything whether it’s impact or stuff before buying it. She checked and it was all okay. When she bought it and brought it home, she realised that the button dropped and there was the words ‘FI’ carved on it. Surprisingly, my brother said it’s ‘FILA’ then she suddenly realised her bag! My brother and me were playing soccer at that time. I was winning 15-14.

When they came home, we had to get ready to go to the ‘Ritz Carlton Hotel’ <– CORRECT SPELLING? When we reached there, my father said, this one is 6-star or 1-star? Like cannot see one leh. When we got in, we didn't know what floor we were supposed to go for eating. We went to the 3rd floor, because the 1st and 2nd floor were empty and B1 and B2 were for parking. My father didn't know which way to go, and asked the receptionist. The man brought him there, and my father said.

1-star: Got hotel stay.
2-star: Got hotel + toilet.
3-star: Got hotel + toilet + reception.
4-star: Got hotel + toilet + reception + eating place.
5-star: Got hotel + toilet + reception + eating place.(higher class of 4-star.)
6-star: Got hotel + toilet + reception + eating place + the staff there will bring you to where you want to go.
7-star: Got hotel + toilet + reception + eating place + the staff there will bring you to where you want to go + when you go toilet the people will help you pull down your pants.

I laughed insanely. We ate alot of things, not really because I wasn’t that full like last year at Prima, but all the same the dessert was nice, and the birthday cake was chocolate and super sweet.

MY PHOTOSHOP!! MY BROTHER said to get it for me from Pui Sin but another failed attempt to get it as Ah Bee Gu Gu passed it to Ah Ma and Ah Ma already go home, how to get it from her? Sad, my photoshop don’t know hiding for how many years le I haven’t take!

So we went home and my father was stuck at the Cash Card area, like Ah Mike Uncle also. Then he moved in front and the thing auto-opened, and he realised that it will auto-deduct from the cash card so he just went on. Then we spotted a car accident then the police was like wave and wave very annoyed people so kpo look at the accident.

That’s my day, I said to make it short. I have to sleep now, tomorrow have to go to school.




I don’t have a title to put, so as you can see it appears as ‘boopoo’. ^.^ Anyway for this blog entry, I’ll just blog about everything that I can think of for the past few days.

Exams over, everyday we can play in class, Miss Ning never restrict us to activities. We watched movies like:

Pirates of the Carribean
High School Musical
Spongebob Squarepants(Grace’s crazy about this.)
Sorry, Teacher.

Among all the movies I like ‘Sorry, Teacher’ best. I cried in class, hella me! Alot of people cried too. Alot means, Chong Wei, Medeline, Evonne, Chia Qi, Gordon and me. 6 people is already alot considering that my class has only 33 people. There were alot more that I didn’t see though, I was busy watching the movie and I was crying, so if I looked back, people will see me crying and I will be embarassed! It filmed at Clementi Primary School, and 2/4 of my class appeared in a scene. When the guy threw down the bag from the window, we were film extras who were looking, acting like busybodies for it to be made simple.

I wanted to borrow the CD from Kay Vin, but I forgot, bleah.

On Friday, I was KPO-ing on which class which teacher, my friends go what class, etc. When Miss Yvonne came, I remembered Sze Ling told me that Miss Yvonne appealed for teaching Primary 5. She walked towards 5/5 and 5/6 and we were like..

The F Guy(censored for Sze Ling’s sake): Miss Yvonne you teach what class?

*Miss Yvonne was smiling..*

Eun Seong: Aiya walk that way sure teach 5/6 want lah!
I DON’T KNOW WHO SAID THIS: See where she put her basket(don’t think naughtily<– spelling please?) lor.

The basket landed on the 5/6 chair.

Evonne, Olivia, Clarice: *yeah!* Jumps on the hall ground.

I was smiling coz’ Miss Ning said our teacher would be,

-A Lady
-A Miss
-Very strict.

and, Miss Yvonne very strict meh? Let’s see.

We took over 4/4 class on 5th level, no 6th level, happy happy!

Moist Ning finally gave me my turtle, nothing for Chong Wei as it was broken. BUT IT WAS BROKEN WHILE HIDING IN MY BAG. T_T, now trying to ask Moist Ning for the methods to make a new one or fixing it back.

P.S: The idea of calling Miss Ning ‘Moist Ning’ was fished from Darren sLIMe.

Haven’t much mood to blog lately, for this note means I will be ending my blog entry quite soon.

Before we went home at 9.30a.m. on Friday, Miss Yvonne said, ”Goodbye, Happy Holidays!”

and that was when I realised that, IT WAS THE LAST DAY!!

*jumps up for joy and falls down* <– ahh, just being sarcastic.

When I went to school for choir on Friday, I didn’t know where was the AVA room, but on the consent form itself stated 5th level, so I went about 5th level. I can’t believe my classroom is on the 5th level, I don’t even hella know where the AVA room is!

and I finally found it.

I was like, the moment I came up I saw Miss Tam, and I didn’t have to perspire/sweat(humans are animals, right?) outside the room because I was late.

Turning back the time, when I came out of Papa’s car, I saw Grace. Grace & mother and someone else I didn’t recognise.

Then Grace’s mother was like, “Ohh so you are Hui Ping, I enjoy reading your blog, must blog more.”

I ran away, I had a negative thought. “Maybe all mothers are like this, so kpo.”

Women don’t kill me :X, I’ve like met more than 10 mothers who always kaypo.

Hope Grace forgets about my blog, if she doesn’t, I think I’m dead the next time I meet Grace’s mother.

After the concert, I brought home 2 burgers, 1 eaten by me and 2 for my parents. SO MANY EXTRAS WHAT. Then Wei Ling brought a whole plastic bag home filled with bottles. Water bottles. She say her house is ‘Shui Tong’. Aiyo no wonder she always go toilet lah..

At this moment right now, I’M HAVING A MOSQUITO ATTACK!

Soo itchy, can someone give me some cream, I don’t want to bathe a 3rd time today.


Early in the morning today, I woke up but I didn’t bother to wake up. I just lied on my bed, too lazy to even move. I eventually woke up though, when my father went to work. So he won’t go saying, “Hui Ping ah! Don’t always play computer lah! Your eyes spoil liao la!”.

I on-ed my computer. The hanging problem still exists. It was like, after the Window XP screen loads, it has a black screen for awhile before it continues. Anyone who knows how to solve this problem can e-mail me. I will provide my e-mail address at the end of the post.

I went ahead to the Asiasoft Forums, when May MSN-ed me.

May: Wah, you also skip school ah?
Me: No lah, today holiday.
May: Oh, I thought you skip school =.=
Me: You leh? Skip school ah?
May: I forgot my house keys.

She talked some sense into me, saying about studies and whatever, I admit I got bored, but yah, at least what she says is true, unlike Anish Devil, English straight As’. Oh my god, my english is much better than him I dare to say, he must have failed his punctuation exams or something.

I started updating my wishlist and my blog, and I went to Ruby’s blog to find that her tagboard button text was ‘RUUUBY’, and I was thinking how she did it, so I went to to realise that I was outdated, so it got updated, yup.

As you can see my wishlist is now filled with more items, and a few that are cancelled because I’m too bored and I couldn’t think of any wishes so I used wishes that were fulfilled. Cancelling code got from sharf, as you can see I depend on people, but here I do learn, and I’m learning how to design my own blogskin, annoyed Ryan just now because I keep asking him to teach me, and he was annoyed with me.

I tried to use the image of my blog to edit off the copyright, just trying how good I was at editing, and I realise I suck at it. When I zoom-ed in I tried to edit with marker and crayons with PhotoImpact 12, but I could easily spot the difference when I zoom-ed it out. Well, once I suck, I will always suck.

I closed the window and didn’t save it. I hope the creator of this blog doesn’t see my post, because she would sue me for removing the copyright details. I was talking to Amanda at that point of time, and she was asking me how did I have the MeeGo in my display picture without paying, and I print-screened it . May knew, of course. I was lazy to teach her, but anyway they aren’t animated, so it’s pretty useless.

So after Amanda went offline, I started adding my wishlist again. I thought of, ‘Hit 30 links in my blog.’ I think it’s something like that, I’m too lazy to refer. Anyway, I started it. “do you have a blog? if you have one, give me the link, if not, don’t reply me.’ to every single contact online in my MSN list. Then alot of them replied me and lagged my computer, and I hit the 30 links! As you can see it’s getting longer day by day.

Fate gave me his blog., and he started talking to me. He was asking how to display the WMP format in blogs. I went to steal some source code from people. Yeah, I’m a koper like what Guinevere said. I asked him to tag at my blog, and he was done so he told me. He didn’t know that my tagboard could track IP addresses, so I went to find his IP. As expected, it was displayed. I went to find his location but failed. He told me he stays in Tampines though, finally got to know where the leader of ASC stayed, heh.

I had to go eventually, since I was going out to buy my sister’s FILA bag. Initially we decided to go to VivoCity, but changed our mind since Takashimaya sells them too. $49.90, the reason of buying that is because she is going to Australia tomorrow, cool eh? It’s unfair right? The world is very unfair, why does my sister get to go to Australia while I have to live my lonely days at home? I won’t be sending her off to the Airport, I don’t care, I’m jealous of her. She gets all the benefits from my parents.

Then we took the bus ‘106’ and went to Orchard. I felt like sleeping but I couldn’t because my head was lying on the plastic thing and it was hard. I felt uncomfortable, how could I sleep? So I had to wait through my whole journey before I reached Orchard. We went to eat straight at Food Chain and I ate beef noodles, just again. I asked for soup to realise that I was wrong. The correct one is the dry one, which I liked. So I left alot remaining, and it’s damn cheap. $4.50 just for a bowl, very cheap right?

We went to Takashimaya directly, and we were finding the World of Sports, when we finally reached and found the FILA section, we saw the bag. She was deciding between pink and blue and she said she want to see the others first. What the hell, CAN CHOOSE NOW OR NOT? YOU VERY WASTE TIME LEH. She went to see the Puma section, followed by Adidas and Billabong. She didn’t get to find what she wanted so she just bought the FILA bag. Blue one. I hate her. Pink is so much nicer lah please.

I requested for the toilet and they say i Mah Fan. If I mah fan then don’t bring me along to Orchard! Why bring me along? I would rather stay at home to surf the forums and chit chat on MSN. I went to bake a cake, for very long. There was no stench though, and it was so damn hard to produce it. Chocolate cake for $2, who want buy? I will provide my e-mail at the end of the post.

After that, we went downstairs. I saw sanrio. I told my sister about it and she went towards it. I showed her Hello Kitty bags and said that they fit teenagers. I was given a ‘lame’ word in return of my kindness. What the hell, she think her fashion taste very good meh? Wear coat wear until so retro, jeans can see her turnip legs.

She pleaded my maid to go to Stadium, and she went to find the board. There was no Stadium, and she was disappointed. She kept saying, “Shit, I forgot where is Stadium. You all remember or not?”Of course we didn’t, we hate sport shops. Then we went down the escalator and there was Stadium. She said, “THERE STADIUM!!” and kept pulling my maid’s arm. My maid thought she was mad, and thus ignored her.

She went in and when we came out, she saw Puma. “JIE, PUMA THERE!!” Oh my god, when will she stop her insaneness? We had to follow her, she’s the petty queen.

Anyway, I gave her a testimonial.

It was the ‘LOVE’ word in MSN, which is called EVOL in opposition. Then EVOL sounds like EVIL, so I called her EVIL queen, which is very true. Nice discovery of mine right? I’m good at discriminating people.

After PUMA-ing, we went to Popular located at the MRT station. She had to buy her clipboard for bringing to Australia tomorrow. Curse her. Everything is Australia and Australia. After buying we went home, taking bus 106. When we reached home, my maid opened the letter box and I saw this letter.

‘Please Help Us (No Agent Pls)
We just got our PR. We sincerely looking for a unit in any area near to our working place. 3 RM/4 RM/5RM/EA/EM also can. Landlord if you are looking to rent or sell, please contract us first. We need it urgently. We got ready deposit to give now.

As you can see I’m offending the english written there. The handwriting is nice though, I wish it was my handwriting.

As you can see the moment I reached home I blogged, so goodbye!

Stolen from Ryan’s blog

Stole this from

You need to score 30 and below to be an angel.

1. Smoked before
2. Drunk alcohol before
3. Slept with someone of the opposite sex
4. Slept with someone of the same sex
5. Gotten into any fights
6. Kissed someone of the opposite sex
7. Kissed someone of the same sex
8. Had someone in your room of the opposite sex(my brother?)
9. Scolded vulgarities
10. Bought porn
11. Take drugs before medicine
12. Hate going to the doctor’s
13. Lied to your parents
14. Lied to a friend
15. Snuck out of the house
16. Done something illegal
17. Cut yourself
18. Hurt someone
19. Wished someone to die
20. Seen someone die
21. Missed curfew
22. Stayed up all night
23. Eaten a carton of ice cream by yourself
24. Been to a therapis
25. Been to a rehab
26. Dyed your hair
27. Received a ticket
28. Been in a wreck
29. Been to a club
30. Been to a bar
31. Been to a wild party
32. Seen the Mardi Gras
33. Had a fight
34. Had a spring break in Florida
35. Sniffed anything
36. Wore black nail polish
37. Wore wristbands
39. Wore black eyeliner
40. Own a 50 cent CD
41. Hugged someone of the opposite sex
42. Hugged someone of the same sex
43. Gone out with someone of the same sex
44. Gone out with someone of the opposite sex
45. Stole something
46. Been too drunk to remember anything
47. Blacked out
48. Fainted
49. Had a crush on your neighbour
50. Had someone else snuck into your room
51. Snuck into someone else’s room
52. Had a crush on someone of the same sex
53. Had gone and watched movies with friends
54. Dry humped someone
55. Been called a slut
56. Called someone a slut
57. Installed speakers in your car
58. Broke a mirror
59. Showered at someone of the opposite sex’s house(my uncle)
60. Brushed your teeth with someone else’s brush
61. Consider Mac, Dre, e40 or Mistah Fab your favorite rapper
62. Seen an R rated movie in theaters
63. Gone out with friends to the mall
64. Skipped school
65. Had an eating disorder
66. Had hurt yourself before
67. Gone to court
68. Walked out of a restaurant without paying
69. Caught something on fire
70. Lied about your age
71. Owned an apartment
72. Cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend
73. Cheated with someone
74. Got in trouble with the police
75. Talked to a stranger
76. Hugged a stranger
77. Kissed a stranger
78. Rode in the car with a stranger
79. Been sexually harassed
80. Been verbally harassed
81. Met face to face with someone you met online
82. Stayed online for 12 hours straight
83. Talked on the phone for more than 6 hours
84. Watched TV for 12 hours straight
85. Been to a fair
86. Been called a bad influence
87. Cursed
88. Prank called someone
89. Laid in the bed with someone of the opposite sex
90. Cheated on a test
91. Cheated on homework
92. Held hands with someone of the opposite sex
93. Want to be dead
94. Cut yourself before (by accident.)
95. Hate yourself
96. Had a crush on someone 10 years older than you
98. Worn eyeliner
99. Skinny dipped
100. Laughed at someone who was seriously hurt

15 days of joy

Alright, I have not been blogging since October 25th as you can see, as I don’t have the mood to blog. Hey, it’s a hassle. I wonder how Xiaxue enjoys writing, and it has been going on for years! Doesn’t she get a headache?

“Take a break, have a kit kat.” <– Quote from Leslie's signature in Asiasoft Forums. Alright, I shan't really say all my 'adventures' of the 15 days, because it's going to last for 24hours. I don't have a good memory either. So I shall start, get prepared to be bored, have a kit kat, bring some drinks to your table. No, it won't be that long. I just want you to gain weight. You're too skinny, you know. As for exams, I've done badly in them and I recognise my mistake(alright, I don't. Mommy's problem :p). Done many careless mistakes in my Mathematics Paper. It isn’t as easy as you thought. The last question was a trick one, and only Qian Qian had it correct. 2 marks just flown away and reached heaven. Primary 4 is not as easy as my sister had said, and I’m getting ready to handle stress at Primary 5, like my sister. She had good results for Primary 4 but her results flunked at Primary 5. So I’m going to get scoldings soon, please don’t, mommy.

English Paper, I’m elated! My english is much MOREEEE better than my idiotic chinese, which caused my mother to chit chat with me, have a cup of tea. Lasted for 2 hours, and she said tomorrow she will bring me for high tea. I hope it is as nice as I think so, because I will get bored and sleepy during high tea.

As for my science paper, I’ve deproved alot. Please don’t come to me saying, “Primary 4 work so easy! You so lousy lor, blame yourself don’t blame anyone la.” Like what the hell? Had experiences like this in the past, during primary 3. In the staircase we have to take one step by one step, if you jump two steps at once, there’s a chance of you falling down. Not to say three to four steps at a time.

Enough for exams, I know you’re getting bored. Please don’t exit my blog, I will entertain you!

Last tuesday, I skipped choir due to being sick. Really, I don’t like choir. We have to practice here and there, bits here and bits there just for the year end concert as known as Speech Day. I’m afraid I skipped my rehearsal today, too, because I wasn’t informed, my parents doesn’t know and I have already arranged transport home(school bus). I was still sick anyway, and I couldn’t sing well. Skipped the National Anthem today too, the moment I sing I cough. Most probably I like being sick.

Oh Miss Ning, you haven’t gave me my turtle. You’d better hurry, there’s just ONE week left.

Today, is I&E day as known as Innovative and Enterprise day(is it spelt correctly?). Anyway, the dolls Miss Ning brought didn’t bring alot of sales. The cars, pokemon cards, Sze Ling’s bookmarks and Chia Qi’s timetables brought alot of sales though. They vanished in a second. We totally earned about $323 if estimated. Curse 4/3, they earned $734. They had this lucky dip which was when everyone spends at least $2 at their store, they get to participate in the lucky dip.

1st prize – Gameboy Advance + Cartridge
2nd prize – (forgot)
3rd prize – Cartridge

Who was the winner of the 1st prize? Mr Mustafa as known as Mr Moss. Oh my god, what can he do with a pathetic gameboy advance? Play with it in school hours? xD. Okay, I was standing from 8.30a.m. to 11.30a.m., and I didn’t had my recess. I finally know the tiredness of working, but I’ve only stood for 3 hours. My parents stand for the whole day, I bet that their foot are metal.

When Miss Ning was counting the money, I was kpo-ing. There were 6 $10 notes. How I wished they were mine. I couldn’t care less. Then, Miss Ning asked the people who are free to tear down the flyers and posters that we have pasted on the staircases, walls and everywhere that you can think of. Vincent and me went first, but I went back to take my water bottle as I forgot to bring it with me.

Then, when I went back, I asked Jason to hold my water bottle for me and bring it to class. He didn’t know what rubbish I was uttering so he followed me and tore down all the posters of the 6 levels. We missed out the 1st level though. We met Mike at the 4th level and he followed us. He said that when he went to class, there was no one. Vincent said that when he went to the hall, there was no one either. So Jason said, Miss Ning said that they were going to watch a movie, and Vincent suddenly shouted, “Computer lab!” Then Mike cut in and said, “Wei, music room also can mah.” He had no choice but to follow us though. Mike is a low rank lousy soldier, he cannot battle with us.

Then, we couldn’t find them at the computer lab, so we went to the music room. It was empty too, and we saw some posters and tore them down. Ines suddenly said she hated toilets and here came the next topic of our conversations.

Ines: I hate toilets, I don’t know why I have to keep going to the toilet.
Me: Oh, you hate toilets? Next time I bring you to toilet, last cubicle.
Ines: Especially the last cubicle, I really hate toilets!
Me: I don’t care, I shall bring you there.
Ines: You can’t force me, you cannot control me.
Me: I can, nevermind.
Vincent: Clementi Primary School has some history, you wanna listen?
Ines and Xian Ying: NO!

*vincent started talking*

Xian Ying: SHUT UP!

*xian ying covered her ears with her hands*

Ines: Don’t say please, I’m scared of ghosts!
Mike: Why you all so scared, nothing to be afraid of.
Me: Oh next time you see a real one in person I see you scared anot.
Mike: Oh oh where is it?
Ines: Aiya, nevermind lah. Stop talking about it can?

*everyone shutted their mouth*

Then, we proceeded to class and Ines suddenly reminded me that this teacher(okay, i don’t know her name) said that the girls had to proceed to the hall. What the heck, I was playing Uno with Darren Fong when I suddenly realised I had one card left. Then Medeline saw my card and said to everyone, BLUE 8, BLUE 8. Then she put a wild card and said, “GREEN!” Ok, I didn’t have green, so I needed the deck. Then, I got a green 8. I asked her, “Really green ah?” Medeline responded, “ya!” Guess what? I won. Uno game over!

Then shortly after I went to Miss Ning. Here comes our conversation.

Me: Miss Ning, I’m a boy, I don’t have to go to the hall!
Miss Ning: Since when?
Me: Since yesterday.
Miss Ning: What happened?
Me: I went for sex change.
Miss Ning: Oh, so fast?
Me: Ya.
Miss Ning: Congratulations.

Then I couldn’t think of anything to say. Till now I’m still thinking how to debate against that answer. So I still had to proceed to the hall, and we ran down. Miss Ning said the talk was about inner attire. Okay, Miss Ning doesn’t want to say the 3 letter word in front of the pervertic boys.

So we went to the hall and we were just on time. The lady had just started talking. The talk was something like this. She kept continuing(sp?). Wait, let me try to recall what was the talk about.


To girls: Scroll down.

Miss Joanne: Hello, girls. Today I have come to Clementi Primary School to talk about your inner attire. I hope everybody here is wearing a bra. You know what is puberty right?

Girls: yessssssssssssssssssss…………….

Miss Joanne: So today, I’m in behalf of my company, A&J(wait not sure), to present you sports bra. Can anyone tell me what is the difference between a normal bra and a sports bra?

Girls: *looks around*, no one answers.

Miss Joanne: Okay, a normal bra gives you comfort and supports your breast while sports bra gives extra comfort, supports your breast and limits you to some sports activity.

Girls: *gasps and whispers silently, so disgusting!*

A girl even banged her head on the hall ground.

Miss Joanne: Girls, there’s nothing to be shy. We all experience the same thing. Now, I have brought some samples to your school. I will now call you up level by level to look at the samples. Where is Primary 4? Stand up please. We all stood up.

Miss Joanne: Okay, come to the table at the piano area now.

While Medeline, Ines and Xian Ying went to look at the samples, Grace and me sat down, as if we care? 1 piece for $7.90, VERY CHEAP RIGHT!! I buy my bra only 3 for $12.90, somemore it’s so comfortable.

Soon, Grace and me started a conversation.

Grace: “Hey, we haven’t give your report book to Miss Ning!
Me: “Oh ya! How?”

*me tells the others about it*

Xian Ying&Ines: How?
Me: Go ask the teacher now for permission to go to class to hand it up to Miss Ning!
Grace: okay lah.
Me: Walks to teacher.

*Grace walking hesitantly*

Me: Hurry! *waves to Grace*

Grace: Hey teacher, we haven’t give our report book to teacher. How?
Teacher: Nevermind nevermind.
Grace: But today is Thursday, Friday holiday cannot hand in to teacher, and tomorrow is Mark Processing Day~
Teacher: You need me to hand it up to her?
Me: Err no need, we can hand it in to her personally.
Teacher: Where is she now? You go to the staff room and look for her.
Grace: No no, she’s in class now.
Teacher: Where is your class?
Grace: 4/6, at 5th level.

*Teacher goes to the person and asked, and came back shortly.8

Teacher: You go up to class now, bring your bag.
Grace: Do we still need to come back to the hall?
Teacher: No, you go up and stay in your class.
Grace: Okay.

*grace and me felt a sense of achievement*

We then told them that we are going up now, and don’t need to come back anymore.

They then carried their bags and ran. Grace was the slowest. I offered to help her to carry her road crossing monitor notebook and badge.

We then discussed about this disgusting topic. Another conversation comes.
Xian Ying: So disgusting lah!
Me: Yah lor! Lucky only girls sia!
Medeline: Wah kao the bra so thick who want to buy
Grace: $7.90 is not cheap leh.

and we ran up the stairs. When we reached the 5th level, we were already dead beat. We walked up the last staircase. Suddenly,

Ines: Want to scare them?
Me: Good idea!

*me tells the others about it, they all agreed*

*Grace crawled to the class, and opened the door loudly with a thud*

Then we ran up to the door. I left my water bottle at the shelf.

When I went in, I realised there wasn’t any water bottles. I ran out, took my water bottle and ran in again.

They were watching ‘Pirates of the Carribean: The Black Pearl’. Then I got bored and went to Medeline.

Medeline: Want go toilet anot? Very boring here leh
Me: k lor

Medeline to Miss Ning: Miss Ning, may we go to the toilet please?

Miss Ning: Go go go.

*walks slowly to toilet*

Me: Medeline, help me take my water bottle, I want go toilet.
Medeline: Just put there lah.
Me: k

*me runs in to standing cubicle*

*comes out soon, wash hands.*

Medeline was drinking water from the water cooler.

We went back to class and I sat on my chair, lied back and watched the movie.

It was soon 1p.m., and I went to hall. I was the only person taking the school bus, since the prefects went to Singapore Expo.

This day was the longest day I had ever had, and a busy day indeed. I really hope that there is another day like this again, I love this day the most of my Primary 4 life.

Then I came home and took a long nap, when I woke up I realised my maid was putting alcohol on my wound that I hurt myself during jumping for joy at home. Hit a chair and screamed loudly.

This is most probably the longest entry I have ever written, and sadly this is the end. I have been writing this entry from 9.12p.m. to 10.24p.m.and you had better not complain. A total of 72 minutes!