Early in the morning today, I woke up but I didn’t bother to wake up. I just lied on my bed, too lazy to even move. I eventually woke up though, when my father went to work. So he won’t go saying, “Hui Ping ah! Don’t always play computer lah! Your eyes spoil liao la!”.

I on-ed my computer. The hanging problem still exists. It was like, after the Window XP screen loads, it has a black screen for awhile before it continues. Anyone who knows how to solve this problem can e-mail me. I will provide my e-mail address at the end of the post.

I went ahead to the Asiasoft Forums, when May MSN-ed me.

May: Wah, you also skip school ah?
Me: No lah, today holiday.
May: Oh, I thought you skip school =.=
Me: You leh? Skip school ah?
May: I forgot my house keys.

She talked some sense into me, saying about studies and whatever, I admit I got bored, but yah, at least what she says is true, unlike Anish Devil, English straight As’. Oh my god, my english is much better than him I dare to say, he must have failed his punctuation exams or something.

I started updating my wishlist and my blog, and I went to Ruby’s blog to find that her tagboard button text was ‘RUUUBY’, and I was thinking how she did it, so I went to to realise that I was outdated, so it got updated, yup.

As you can see my wishlist is now filled with more items, and a few that are cancelled because I’m too bored and I couldn’t think of any wishes so I used wishes that were fulfilled. Cancelling code got from sharf, as you can see I depend on people, but here I do learn, and I’m learning how to design my own blogskin, annoyed Ryan just now because I keep asking him to teach me, and he was annoyed with me.

I tried to use the image of my blog to edit off the copyright, just trying how good I was at editing, and I realise I suck at it. When I zoom-ed in I tried to edit with marker and crayons with PhotoImpact 12, but I could easily spot the difference when I zoom-ed it out. Well, once I suck, I will always suck.

I closed the window and didn’t save it. I hope the creator of this blog doesn’t see my post, because she would sue me for removing the copyright details. I was talking to Amanda at that point of time, and she was asking me how did I have the MeeGo in my display picture without paying, and I print-screened it . May knew, of course. I was lazy to teach her, but anyway they aren’t animated, so it’s pretty useless.

So after Amanda went offline, I started adding my wishlist again. I thought of, ‘Hit 30 links in my blog.’ I think it’s something like that, I’m too lazy to refer. Anyway, I started it. “do you have a blog? if you have one, give me the link, if not, don’t reply me.’ to every single contact online in my MSN list. Then alot of them replied me and lagged my computer, and I hit the 30 links! As you can see it’s getting longer day by day.

Fate gave me his blog., and he started talking to me. He was asking how to display the WMP format in blogs. I went to steal some source code from people. Yeah, I’m a koper like what Guinevere said. I asked him to tag at my blog, and he was done so he told me. He didn’t know that my tagboard could track IP addresses, so I went to find his IP. As expected, it was displayed. I went to find his location but failed. He told me he stays in Tampines though, finally got to know where the leader of ASC stayed, heh.

I had to go eventually, since I was going out to buy my sister’s FILA bag. Initially we decided to go to VivoCity, but changed our mind since Takashimaya sells them too. $49.90, the reason of buying that is because she is going to Australia tomorrow, cool eh? It’s unfair right? The world is very unfair, why does my sister get to go to Australia while I have to live my lonely days at home? I won’t be sending her off to the Airport, I don’t care, I’m jealous of her. She gets all the benefits from my parents.

Then we took the bus ‘106’ and went to Orchard. I felt like sleeping but I couldn’t because my head was lying on the plastic thing and it was hard. I felt uncomfortable, how could I sleep? So I had to wait through my whole journey before I reached Orchard. We went to eat straight at Food Chain and I ate beef noodles, just again. I asked for soup to realise that I was wrong. The correct one is the dry one, which I liked. So I left alot remaining, and it’s damn cheap. $4.50 just for a bowl, very cheap right?

We went to Takashimaya directly, and we were finding the World of Sports, when we finally reached and found the FILA section, we saw the bag. She was deciding between pink and blue and she said she want to see the others first. What the hell, CAN CHOOSE NOW OR NOT? YOU VERY WASTE TIME LEH. She went to see the Puma section, followed by Adidas and Billabong. She didn’t get to find what she wanted so she just bought the FILA bag. Blue one. I hate her. Pink is so much nicer lah please.

I requested for the toilet and they say i Mah Fan. If I mah fan then don’t bring me along to Orchard! Why bring me along? I would rather stay at home to surf the forums and chit chat on MSN. I went to bake a cake, for very long. There was no stench though, and it was so damn hard to produce it. Chocolate cake for $2, who want buy? I will provide my e-mail at the end of the post.

After that, we went downstairs. I saw sanrio. I told my sister about it and she went towards it. I showed her Hello Kitty bags and said that they fit teenagers. I was given a ‘lame’ word in return of my kindness. What the hell, she think her fashion taste very good meh? Wear coat wear until so retro, jeans can see her turnip legs.

She pleaded my maid to go to Stadium, and she went to find the board. There was no Stadium, and she was disappointed. She kept saying, “Shit, I forgot where is Stadium. You all remember or not?”Of course we didn’t, we hate sport shops. Then we went down the escalator and there was Stadium. She said, “THERE STADIUM!!” and kept pulling my maid’s arm. My maid thought she was mad, and thus ignored her.

She went in and when we came out, she saw Puma. “JIE, PUMA THERE!!” Oh my god, when will she stop her insaneness? We had to follow her, she’s the petty queen.

Anyway, I gave her a testimonial.

It was the ‘LOVE’ word in MSN, which is called EVOL in opposition. Then EVOL sounds like EVIL, so I called her EVIL queen, which is very true. Nice discovery of mine right? I’m good at discriminating people.

After PUMA-ing, we went to Popular located at the MRT station. She had to buy her clipboard for bringing to Australia tomorrow. Curse her. Everything is Australia and Australia. After buying we went home, taking bus 106. When we reached home, my maid opened the letter box and I saw this letter.

‘Please Help Us (No Agent Pls)
We just got our PR. We sincerely looking for a unit in any area near to our working place. 3 RM/4 RM/5RM/EA/EM also can. Landlord if you are looking to rent or sell, please contract us first. We need it urgently. We got ready deposit to give now.

As you can see I’m offending the english written there. The handwriting is nice though, I wish it was my handwriting.

As you can see the moment I reached home I blogged, so goodbye!


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