Haven’t really anytime to blog today, since I have choir tomorrow and I have to wake up at 6.30a.m. so I’ll just make this short.

In the morning I asked my maid not to buy any food for me as I was full. But when she mentioned hard-boiled egg, I jumped at that thought, of course I agreed, don’t know how many years never eat le.

After eating, I went to play maple and I leveled to level 34 with my hunter. Slashy’s also level 34. Cloud foxes are cute and fun, crows also quite cute. Then I went to play neopets. Seriously, I feel that Neopets can be better than Maple anytime if it’s an online game.

I went ahead to Audition after playing the Wheel of Monotony as I have to WAIT and WAIT and WAIT for it to stop spinning and get my rewards. Unexpectedly in Audition, I couldn’t find Xian Ying and Olivia. When I check my MSN, I realised both of them had already logged out, perhaps sleeping.

I went ahead to Audition to play again, and only one person was online, which was BabyWena a.k.a Rena. I went to find her, but she was playing so I waited and waited and waited. WHEN I WAS TALKING IN THE LOBBY, MY COMPUTER HANGED! Was so damn buay song lar.

I restarted my computer, went back to Audition and played ‘Baby V.O.X Estacy’. Halfway through the game, my brother asked me if I wanted to play Game of Life. Am I really that lucky today? I keep playing games that I have not played for a decade.

Playing Game of Life, I got the highest pay, $100 000. THEN THAT STUPID LISA SABO ME, GO EXCHANGE SALARY WITH ME. So damn buay song, I last le still want to SABO me. Curse Lisa. !@#!@$#@%$#%@$%^#%%^*, Patricia is still the richest anyway, so I didn’t have to worry much. The pay she was given was $80 000, so I won’t complain that much lah.

Got a baby girl, with a toe-y head.

My brother suddenly told me that, hang is it? It was like, repeating everything from the start for Patricia. She was already at 1990, but she was like restarting everything please. He said, “Aiya got bug lah, don’t want play liao.” and started rolling his controller. I pressed ‘X’ on my controller and it suddenly worked! My brother said, “You earlier don’t press, waste time leh.”

So we continued playing, and when it was Patricia’s turn again, she suddenly had 2million! $500 000 become 2million is quite impossible in a turn, so we decided that there might be a bug and we stopped playing, and eventually rolled our controllers back, we should have done it earlier.

I ate Sotong Mee, couldn’t even finish 1/6 of the container and I threw it away. Downstairs the Sotong Mee taste so much better! I can eat finish the $5 packet but the Clementi Central the $2.50 I can’t even finish 1/6 of it.

I ate Magnum Mini Ice-Cream, and went ahead to bathe after eating. I wore the blue blouse which was bought during K1 and the red shorts which I hated last time. Aiya, just at home what. Complain so much for what? I very noob-ish right?

My sister and maid came home after fixing my sister’s FILA bag. She spoilt it with one of the buttons before departing for Australia, which was a disaster because the saleslady asked her to check everything whether it’s impact or stuff before buying it. She checked and it was all okay. When she bought it and brought it home, she realised that the button dropped and there was the words ‘FI’ carved on it. Surprisingly, my brother said it’s ‘FILA’ then she suddenly realised her bag! My brother and me were playing soccer at that time. I was winning 15-14.

When they came home, we had to get ready to go to the ‘Ritz Carlton Hotel’ <– CORRECT SPELLING? When we reached there, my father said, this one is 6-star or 1-star? Like cannot see one leh. When we got in, we didn't know what floor we were supposed to go for eating. We went to the 3rd floor, because the 1st and 2nd floor were empty and B1 and B2 were for parking. My father didn't know which way to go, and asked the receptionist. The man brought him there, and my father said.

1-star: Got hotel stay.
2-star: Got hotel + toilet.
3-star: Got hotel + toilet + reception.
4-star: Got hotel + toilet + reception + eating place.
5-star: Got hotel + toilet + reception + eating place.(higher class of 4-star.)
6-star: Got hotel + toilet + reception + eating place + the staff there will bring you to where you want to go.
7-star: Got hotel + toilet + reception + eating place + the staff there will bring you to where you want to go + when you go toilet the people will help you pull down your pants.

I laughed insanely. We ate alot of things, not really because I wasn’t that full like last year at Prima, but all the same the dessert was nice, and the birthday cake was chocolate and super sweet.

MY PHOTOSHOP!! MY BROTHER said to get it for me from Pui Sin but another failed attempt to get it as Ah Bee Gu Gu passed it to Ah Ma and Ah Ma already go home, how to get it from her? Sad, my photoshop don’t know hiding for how many years le I haven’t take!

So we went home and my father was stuck at the Cash Card area, like Ah Mike Uncle also. Then he moved in front and the thing auto-opened, and he realised that it will auto-deduct from the cash card so he just went on. Then we spotted a car accident then the police was like wave and wave very annoyed people so kpo look at the accident.

That’s my day, I said to make it short. I have to sleep now, tomorrow have to go to school.



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