long break

I haven’t been blogging lately, and most of my readers have already stopped visiting my blog due to me being inactive in updating my blog regularly.

Now, I’m back to do a post, as promised. It wouldn’t be very short or very long, just the usual size that I have been posting since last time, I hope you all wouldn’t complain.

Anyway, I had the latest taste of freedom. I can play at home for the whole day without stopping, and my parents wouldn’t nag at all. Well, I bet this cannot carry on for long, so I will enjoy myself in this wonderful holiday before carrying on to stress in Primary 5. I know you all think I’m long-winded, but yah, thats my personality. How I wish I needn’t study, when I’m borned I’m Albert Einstein, but such things never happen.

I’m level 40 in Maple now, and I can’t wear my Dark Piettra and Dark Piettra Pants because I have not enough fame and I’m currently buying them while hunting for Pink Teddy omoks and Panda Omoks. Anyone selling? I’m really desperate to create an omok set for me to play as I NPC-ed my previous one. I almost cried on that day, seriously.

Haven’t been paying much attention to Audition lately, although you see I wish to be a clubber. It’s impossible, I have been lacking training. O2jam too. I really deproved alot. Last time I could do Bride In Dream NX4 with no miss but now I have over 10 misses. I’ve quitted that game though, deleted it from my programs.

Okay, where am I going, I don’t want my readers to close my blog halfway. Please stay, I beg you. I have really no mood to blog today but I have to. Heyhey, I have mood to now. I saw my friend’s display picture which is a piggy smiling. Hehe, I’ll continue blogging for the sake of you all. My hands are already cracking though, last time I used to type without being tired but now my hands are tired.

As you can see, I updated my template to my old one. The skin I made isn’t really too nice(I admit), and this one’s nicer. Furthermore, I might be adding pictures in the future to my entries(to let people see how my life is going).

No, maybe I should do it now. Let’s see.. what picture can I take? Ah, I’ll do it tomorrow. Don’t worry guys, I’ll keep you entertained from tomorrow onwards with photos and pictures. I deleted my songs and now I can take up to 214 pictures and 20+ videos. The Audition freezing problem still persists. Can anyone give me a solution for it? E-mail me at fruitee.blog@hotmail.com, I’ll give you a reply ASAP if your solution is feasible.

As for my birthday, it’s 24 days away! Remember to give me a present! I’ll invite some of my real life friends and online friends(if possible), I’m maybe inviting..

-Medeline (I’ll call you.)
-Clarice (I’ll knock on your door.)
-Wei Ling (MSN, maybe? Read my blog and maybe call me. You have my phone number, right?)
-Vincent Lo (MSN, I can’t reach you though, you seldom online. I’ll get your number from Wei Ling)
-May(Online friend, I’ll get my sister for help :p)

Maybe that’s all, or perhaps I’m going to invite more on the day itself. I like to invite more people because I get more presents.

Hmm, I think I’m done blogging. Will blog more when my mind has refreshed. I spent a total of 11minutes writing this entry; IT’S SO SHORT!

Bye! *waves*


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