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Had nothing to do today >_>, but just stick to the boring old post lah. Beginning to lose interest in blogging again ._.

So it was like.. I went to school and blah blah.. Sang national day songs today. ‘Will You’ (we did not sing) for the first time. Like omfg, how rare >_>

We did our Maths Test.. We had a question something like this

If a box is 1/3 full, the mass is 18kg.
If the box is 5/6 full, the mass is 42kg.
a) What is the mass when it is half-filled?
b) What is the mass of the empty box?

which had me going on for a while. Got it solved though, with my tutor confirming that the answer that I wrote is correct ^_^

Then all those shit and during Social Studies, we watched the We Live in Singapura thingy @

Can’t believe she went to youtube. Then the others requested for ‘No Pork’ but was ignored coz’ we had to go for recess XD

Then recess I ate bird & drank apple & aloevera. Didn’t eat fishball soup coz’ queue long, I lazy queue XD

So during chinese, we lang du the ke wen. So it was like. I think Daniel called Grace or something. Then Grace was at the 2nd last sentence of the passage and after that teacher ask her to finish the passage coz’ it’s already at the end, don’t waste time. Then she suddenly shouted:

“WHAT!” and smiled XD

Then Bi Lao Shi said, “Ni ying wen ke ye shi zhe yang de ma? Lao shi jiao ni du duo yi duan, ni jiu han ‘What!'”

Direct translation: During english lesson you also like that? Teacher ask you read one more sentence then you shout ‘What!’

So it’s like.. lmfao`
Went for bus today. Skipped choir due to transportless & tuition was arranged already. Pearly also.. busy I think. Chia Qi I not sure her ‘reason’. LOLs.



Today first period did Project PULP, and 5 korean students came in. Two gals, Eunice&Julie joined us. They were speaking an alien language to us -_-” Then the paper was dam gross la. After you blend the papers and water together, it becomes like milo/porridge. Very soft and nice to do though. ๐Ÿ˜›

WHEN I RETURNED TO CLASS, an IDIOT had removed 5 of my book covers. I’m going to find out WHO DID IT, and if you ever DID IT, you’re not going to escape. And by the way, Olivia cut her hair. LOLs! Now her chubbiness can be seen XD

Then bla bla bla and all those shit in class.

Recess time, I followed Olivia&Clarice&company and they were helping the E&J buy their food. They drank Apple&AloeVera(like me!) and after that OLIVIA HAVEN’T PAY ME BACK 50ยข!! She ate 2 seaweed.
Chinese lesson & all the shit and blablabla will be skipped.

For lunch, I ate fishball soup and drank pink dolphin. Quite nice la, and Mr Black came early to visit Sze Ling(LOL!). So we were like crapping& doing our homework, then Mr Black go play soccer with the boys. We were left alone to do our homework in peace, but shortly after Mr M rang the bell for us to go up. So fast -_-” Haven’t even finish the grammar cloze passage lor. (Medeline help me buy pushpop, and I finished it before even reaching Nee Soon Camp -_-“)

Then we kept our wallets & take attendance, all those shit before going Nee Soon Camp/Marina Bay. But we went to Nee Soon Camp instead of Marina Bay.. Stupid shit lor, Nee Soon so boring. Marina Bay more fun coz’ got bigger space -_-“
Then we go toilet. SO MANY ANTS LAR. Then after that a lot of girls scream and scream. Siao gao de. Then Mr M shouted ‘Oi!’ and me and Clarice ran out of the hall and ran ran ran down the staircase as we did not want to get caught with the girls for screaming for some unknown reason.

Downstairs, Mr Lim was lecturing us as we were very ‘noisy’. Then after that before going in, I played Yankee Doodle with Clarice and got caught by Ms Tiey. Then she say, “You have left your eardrums at home!” Like okay, it’s quite funny. I wanted to laugh, LOL! But Mr Black ignored her and continued playing ‘chopsticks’ with Clarice. Okay… Get into trouble your fault ar!!

So we were like SOOO SIAN. Then Darren Fong give Clarice a dare. 3 missions and she will get 3 pieces of seaweed(Tao Kae Noi).

Mission 1: Say ‘I Love You’ to Shaun.
Mission 2: Eat the cake, give to Shaun to eat and eat again.
Mission 3: Sit with him for 5mins on the bus.

Clarice bravely did all that, and then she was rewarded with 3 pieces of seaweed, YAY! I was given a dare too.. Sit with Jason on the bus 5min for 3 pieces of seaweed, but Jason dun want.. So my seaweed gone.. GRR !!!! Clarice also never sit 5min. You only have to sit down and let ppl ‘Woooo!!!!’ and after that you can run away with your seaweed liao. No feh!! *throws a sponge*

So we went back.. Then I took back my wallet and Mr Black don’t want give me -_-” Stupid lor. ;_;

Sch day

Long time then school day liao. Today assembly sing national day songs. Like hello? Will You was always repeating. :/ Went up, then Clarice&Grace take lift. Wah lau, I also want take lift. Don’t mind pulling the basket lor.

@ class, Ms Tiey stuff was settled. Don’t really blame her anyway because of a reason later. If you wanna skip all these parts and go straight to Ms Tiey, type Ctrl + F and find Ms Tiey. I’m going to write about her later.

For the boring stuff about lessons, I’ll skip that all. During Ms Yv’s period today, Jun Yu keep talking to Kim Yao and Kim Yao change seat, and after that Jun Yu kept playing with him while Ms Yv was writing the Cloze Passage’s answer so she ask Jun Yu to carry Kim Yao’s books over to his ‘new table’. LOL, then JY refused and he cry. Then Ms Yv ask him to carry over or else we will wait. Then we waited, and he finally gave in and brought the books over. I told Saqlain, “JY coward!” XD~

Then bla bla bla bla bla and all those boring stuff.

Ms Tiey suddenly came in =3(with two of her students) to apologise to our class. Ms Yv said that we should forgive her as she went to find the bottom of the matter and brought her class people here to apologise to us. Ms Yv says that it takes a lot of courage to do that so we should forgive her. The funny part that kept me & Pamela & many others laughing was:

These two people are here to apologise to you for pushing. *Pokes Guy 1 and Guy2.*
Ms Tiey: People push you also must push ar. No brain! (pokes one guy’s head)

Then we were all laughing like mad in class, LOL!

So was recess time. I drink Apple & Aloe Vera(like normal) and after that, I go play Frisbie w/ the girls & others! Then all the boys like practically throwing all the shots. All the girls just stand there and stare at the Frisbie here and there lor -.-

Chinese time, Sze Ling change seat. Feel sad for her coz’ could not inform her that Mike was being a ‘da xiao bao gao’ guy. I was like.. haiz, could not do anything >_>

Assembly was like, Drama act this Maria Hertogh & the riots in 1950, then Darren Fong played a major role sia. LOL, he Japanese soldier then after that he shouted ‘Get UP!!’ to the ‘Prisoners-Of-War’ like so real sia. Lmfao, that got me laughing for a while also.

Then Ines & Wei Ling do the RECOLLECTIONS thingy that we do every year. So boring, I can memorise the response le. Then went home <33

Sze Ling blogging now, so anxious to read her blog later. She say 7 pages, XD!

NDP Yesterday!

I went as early as 1pm, then after that, I saw Pearly already there!
Reading her Deathly Hallows.. She say her father woke up at 6am just to get it for her. Geeee. After that many ppl came. I was busy sucking my pushpop.
So Clarice was behind me! I was partnerless.. :3 Medeline, Olivia didn’t go.

Then we mark attendance and bla bla bla all those shit before going to Suntec.
After that, we took MOE Bus 21(LOL!) to Suntec.. So long! Was slacking lor. We occupied back seat then was quarelling with the boys.. Then after that we reached the place, Shaun was behind Clarice. LOL! CโคSโคC

So we immediately reached, BUT THERE WERE NO SEATS FOR US TO SIT. So we had to sit on the floor, but immediately we went to queue up for styling our hair. We took the shortest queue, but Pearly and Xian Ying requested to be in front of us so Clarice allowed them to be in front lor.. No harm right?

Then Sze Ling was complaining! So she went to the other queue. But we realised she was smarter! She was 7th in the queue and I was 8th. Wah lau! But then nevermind la, I enjoyed queueing coz’ we were all busy laughing, HAHAHA!!

Then after that the professional style my hair.. Then she comb comb comb, SO PAIN SIA. Like it was ripping my roots off >_> Then she uses a lot of pins and rubber bands to bun up. Then after I finished, I went back and Marc said my hair look like broccoli, WAH LAU!!!! But I went to have make-up. Damn-ed thin can, so I go request to thicken, but this time it was nicer(at least in my opinion). ;3

Then after that, we ate pizza(not again?)! So nice, coz’ I didn’t eat lunch mah. Then I eat 2 drumlet, 1 slice of Pizza and 2 garlic bread. Nice treat! I add all the cheese and the spicy thing. LOL! Spicy thing ;3

Then after we finish eating. We go toilet, then I chanced upon Ameline & Sherry.. Then Ameline stare at my make-up like jian gui, LOL! I don’t blame her tho.. Really like gui leh.. ๐Ÿ˜ก Pontianak!! HAHA the Pontianak Adventure in Genting!!

We went to.. errr. Marina Bay next! We walk through the Esplanade.. But it was a shorter way. The marching people slower then us. BOO! ๐Ÿ˜›

We went in coz’ it was drizzling a bit. Then we slack a while.. And I asked Marc to tell who he like.. LIKE VERY HARD TO TELL LIDDAT LEH. Eventually he told.. someone shorter then him, is a clue. For who is it, hais.. Don’t tell you first ;3

Then we changed into our Yellow and Green spots costume! LOL! Marc has the green spots directly at his butt.. HAHAHA!! We wore our tentacles, shoe covers and hats next. SO HOT LAR. It’s like, my PE Shirt wore inside my costume, my costume wore inside my tentacles. Got the hat covering our head also. SO HOT CAN. WE WERE SWEATING THROUGH-OUT THE WHOLE PROCESS. THINK VERY NICE MEH =X NDP is not that slack after all. :/

We waited for like 30minutes before it was our turn. Frankly, I hate waiting like the other typical singaporeans(LOL!) Coz’ it’s just.. Hais, cannot wait can le. In school canteen if the queue too long I don’t even bother waiting. It will take up my whole recess =.=

Finally our turn liao, then Ms Teo shook Clarice hands and say ‘Jiayou!!’ and mine, Sze Ling’s and many ppl’s. So we went out liao, YAY! Finally after waiting for so long, we perform only 5minutes. :/

After performing, we removed our hats and tentacles immediately(OF COURSE LA, SO HOT!) Then me and Clarice go drink water and saw Mr Black. Then she ask Clarice to give one cup of water to Mr Thirsty(as what Sze Ling calls him, LOL!). Turns out that
is because his surname is Lim and Lim is Hokkien is ‘drink’. Clarice say de! I dunno hokkien!

Went for finale, no finale torture today!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Isn’t it good? Last week have. Fireworks little today. Before Majulah Singapura got, after that also have. But quite cool la.

I saw myself in the screen!! :DD:D:D =3=3=3 Then I wave my clapper. LOL!

Then go home to Suntec liao. Then we go toilet and I wash off make-up off my specs coz’ a bit at the nose area have makeup. So we went to the bus, and Clarice gave me wet tissues to wipe off my makeup! I wipe my specs first lah, coz’ still got a bit stain. Then I wipe off my make-up and asked Clarice help me. Marc gave out his seaweed to Sze Ling, Clarice and me.. Enjoyed eating.. Damn nice la. Pushpop suck finish liao, very long ago. Then Clarice give me 10 packets of Want Want(as the packaging name says.. LOL) coz’ she had the whole pack.

Then we threw all the food that we hate all the rubbish in the bus rubbish bin. Then the Uncle stepped out and said ‘THE RUBBISH BIN IS NOT FOR YOU TO THROW ALL YOUR THRASH. EMPTY IT AND PUT IN A PLASTIC BAG.’

Excuse me, lao ah pek. If not for us to throw thrash then you all put there for what? Stupid enough ar? Complain to SBS Transit!

Then we went to keep our tentacles. We went to the music room and AFTER THAT WHEN WE WERE ENTERING THE ENTRANCE, Mentally challenged and idiotic people were CHARGING OUT. They were the Big Fishes and Starfishes WHO WERE CHARGING OUT. And OUR TENTACLE IS SO BIG HOW DO WE SQUEEZE THROUGH THE DOOR? In a moment of anger, I shouted and screamed very loudly, ‘EH WAH LAO, GET LOST LAR’ when a parent volunteer was there. I didn’t know how come I had the guts to do so and I didn’t know what I did was right or not. Not sure whether she heard it or not, I pushed my way through and threw my bag there. If I’m not wrong, I heard someone say that ‘Wah Hui Ping very cool.’

The others were busy outside being scolded whilke me & Kay Vin were hiding inside talking to the Parent Volunteer, LOL. I heard from the others that Ms Tiey threatened and say ‘I will tell Ms Boey tomorrow’. Let me summarize for Sze Ling to copy paste on her blog, as requested by her.

We went in. Big fishes & Starfishes were charging out.
I almost fell. Luckily I held on to the door.
I pushed my way in as people were coming out and I’M GOING TO FALL SOON.
We threw our tentacles and waited for people to come in before we went out.
Coincidentally, Ms Tiey was there.
Was scolded for pushing here and there(WHEN WE DIDN’T EVEN DO IT) because SHE IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

If Ms Yvonne is going to speak to us tomorrow, I will make sure that she gets to know
what Ms Tiey does. Knows her side of her story and insists on it EVEN IF SHE DID NOT SEE US GOING IN WHEN WE WERE PUSHING AND TUGGING. Getting very fed up with her already.

We went home after that, then my parents fetch Evonne home. So when I reached home, Clarice & her father already reach home also! SO FAST, and so qiao also.
Then I asked her whether she kept her clapper. She nodded her head =x

Went home with clips.. Wash my hair until very zi xi, LOL! Got gel and hair spray leh!