Sch day

Long time then school day liao. Today assembly sing national day songs. Like hello? Will You was always repeating. :/ Went up, then Clarice&Grace take lift. Wah lau, I also want take lift. Don’t mind pulling the basket lor.

@ class, Ms Tiey stuff was settled. Don’t really blame her anyway because of a reason later. If you wanna skip all these parts and go straight to Ms Tiey, type Ctrl + F and find Ms Tiey. I’m going to write about her later.

For the boring stuff about lessons, I’ll skip that all. During Ms Yv’s period today, Jun Yu keep talking to Kim Yao and Kim Yao change seat, and after that Jun Yu kept playing with him while Ms Yv was writing the Cloze Passage’s answer so she ask Jun Yu to carry Kim Yao’s books over to his ‘new table’. LOL, then JY refused and he cry. Then Ms Yv ask him to carry over or else we will wait. Then we waited, and he finally gave in and brought the books over. I told Saqlain, “JY coward!” XD~

Then bla bla bla bla bla and all those boring stuff.

Ms Tiey suddenly came in =3(with two of her students) to apologise to our class. Ms Yv said that we should forgive her as she went to find the bottom of the matter and brought her class people here to apologise to us. Ms Yv says that it takes a lot of courage to do that so we should forgive her. The funny part that kept me & Pamela & many others laughing was:

These two people are here to apologise to you for pushing. *Pokes Guy 1 and Guy2.*
Ms Tiey: People push you also must push ar. No brain! (pokes one guy’s head)

Then we were all laughing like mad in class, LOL!

So was recess time. I drink Apple & Aloe Vera(like normal) and after that, I go play Frisbie w/ the girls & others! Then all the boys like practically throwing all the shots. All the girls just stand there and stare at the Frisbie here and there lor -.-

Chinese time, Sze Ling change seat. Feel sad for her coz’ could not inform her that Mike was being a ‘da xiao bao gao’ guy. I was like.. haiz, could not do anything >_>

Assembly was like, Drama act this Maria Hertogh & the riots in 1950, then Darren Fong played a major role sia. LOL, he Japanese soldier then after that he shouted ‘Get UP!!’ to the ‘Prisoners-Of-War’ like so real sia. Lmfao, that got me laughing for a while also.

Then Ines & Wei Ling do the RECOLLECTIONS thingy that we do every year. So boring, I can memorise the response le. Then went home <33

Sze Ling blogging now, so anxious to read her blog later. She say 7 pages, XD!


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