Had nothing to do today >_>, but just stick to the boring old post lah. Beginning to lose interest in blogging again ._.

So it was like.. I went to school and blah blah.. Sang national day songs today. ‘Will You’ (we did not sing) for the first time. Like omfg, how rare >_>

We did our Maths Test.. We had a question something like this

If a box is 1/3 full, the mass is 18kg.
If the box is 5/6 full, the mass is 42kg.
a) What is the mass when it is half-filled?
b) What is the mass of the empty box?

which had me going on for a while. Got it solved though, with my tutor confirming that the answer that I wrote is correct ^_^

Then all those shit and during Social Studies, we watched the We Live in Singapura thingy @

Can’t believe she went to youtube. Then the others requested for ‘No Pork’ but was ignored coz’ we had to go for recess XD

Then recess I ate bird & drank apple & aloevera. Didn’t eat fishball soup coz’ queue long, I lazy queue XD

So during chinese, we lang du the ke wen. So it was like. I think Daniel called Grace or something. Then Grace was at the 2nd last sentence of the passage and after that teacher ask her to finish the passage coz’ it’s already at the end, don’t waste time. Then she suddenly shouted:

“WHAT!” and smiled XD

Then Bi Lao Shi said, “Ni ying wen ke ye shi zhe yang de ma? Lao shi jiao ni du duo yi duan, ni jiu han ‘What!'”

Direct translation: During english lesson you also like that? Teacher ask you read one more sentence then you shout ‘What!’

So it’s like.. lmfao`
Went for bus today. Skipped choir due to transportless & tuition was arranged already. Pearly also.. busy I think. Chia Qi I not sure her ‘reason’. LOLs.


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