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Kay Vin’s party

Kay Vin’s party was fun with.. 5 girls and 5 boys yesterday.

Qian Qian

Kay Vin
Chubby/Skinny(if you really cannot figure out who is this, I suggest you go knock your head on the wall)
and.. one more.. who!!.. OH! Kim Yao!

Gonna write about almost everything I can remember about the party.
9.49AM now, I’ll see when I’m going to finish writing.

When I went, I SMS-ed Kay Vin was the chalet open, then he replied with a ‘Carpark D3’, LOL!
So yes, my father immediately asked, which carpark. You know my answer.
When we turned into carpark d3, I immediately confirmed that it was the same spot that my brother parked. Oh my goodness!!

We went towards C8 then, and we passed through this chalet owners destroying a beehive. He keep spraying the thing and my father was practically smiling through the process. LOL.
So we went towards C8, and at first we cannot locate it but eventually we saw it. It was empty!
Then Medeline called Kay Vin and asked him to come faster.

Then Gordon & him ran here, and Qian Qian was wearing SHOES! Can you imagine people walking in the beach with shoes?
My father greeted Kay Vin happy birthday and after that his mother was calling him to have “good manners”.. LOL!

Then we ran up to the room and I gave Kay Vin his present. Duhh.. ><
I took my volleyball and suggested playing it. Everyone agreed and I took the volleyball out and went towards the grass from the main entrance.
Suddenly, the C8 door leading to the grass was open and his father came out. We were taking a big round!

We played a while and after that, Medeline threw the ball towards a post and Gordon tripped over it and bled. Then I suggested spraying insecticide.. XD But it was easy to threaten him with that as he will not do anything to me.

We went back because of bleeding-Gordon, and we were asked to blow the balloons. Kay Vin asked his father where was the pump, and turned towards Medeline and said, “because my friend don’t know how to pump, right?”(I’m sure most clever people will get what he meant.)

LOL! We pumped quite a number of balloons, and Kay Vin kept passing me the balloons because they were all playing with it, and I’m SCARED of balloons! 😦

Eventually the job was done, and we went to the beach and play. Then I found a twig and started carving on the tree.. “Shaun Loves Clarice”
But it couldn’t be seen.. Sad~

We went to the beach and saw a lot of carvings and got another idea.. Since Clarice and Shaun were not here then… Hmmmm :p

Then we played played played until Skinny/Chubby and Ong Kim Yao came.. Then we started playing water(my mother will kill me if she finds out that I did play water :x) Following, Olivia came! Then she wore until everyone will think she’s a bangala from a far distance, LOL!!

Her whole family came! The brother & sister so cute.. :3

I attempted several times to push boys into the water when they were picking up things in the water, BUT ALL FAILED!! NOO!

So I kept carving Darren Lim (you le), but before I could even do so, the waves kept coming to destroy em!
Medeline&Kayvin&me were making a hole for the water to pass through, kind of like a (drain), but it was eventually destroyed by.. WHO? THE WATER!!!! CULPRIT!!

We found stones and tried tossing them, but always to no avail =/ only 1 or 2 skips per stone.

WE had a sand fight! I tossed some stones and Darren Lim and was in for trouble.. I kept getting wet because of Darren Lim and I had to clean myself in the salt water!! YUK!

Olivia suggested to go to the swimming pool after that, and everyone followed. I was the only one who didn’t know how to swim in the 10 of them! Pearly also don’t know how to swim, actually, BUT!! SHE CANNOT COME~!!!!!!

Clarice came shortly after, and Medeline, Clarice, Kay Vin and Olivia changed into their swimming costumes and we headed for the swimming pool.
Since Clarice and Olivia’s mother(s) were around, I tried persuading my mother to let me swim and after that she wanted Clarice’s mother to answer the phone. YES!! ATTEMPT SUCCESS, MY MOTHER ALLOWED ME TO SWIM! Luckily I had extra clothing =P
It was heavy to swim with the clothes but I persevered.. everyone was swimming.

I kept grabbing the noodle and I lent goggles from Olivia(thanks, Olive!) and after that I passed through the 2.4m mark and I was so scared!!! Thanks to Clarice I got back, or I might have actually drowned, :/

I was in the life ring then ALL THE BOYS keep taking the water pistols and aim at us. It was not pain, but very ticklish and a funny feeling will overcome you so you will try to run away. By avoiding all this, I kept pinching them in the knee or hand so they will go attend to their hand and I can snatch away their water pistol.

After playing, immediately we went to the shower but in the shower there were only 2 shower rooms that were with door. Me and Medeline in one and Clarice and Olivia not very sure.. I was not bathing with them anyway.
Medeline did not bring her clothes and so she had to wear her swimsuit back to the room. She changed there after that. you cannot ask her to possibly take out her clothes there and walk back with her towel right?

It was raining when we got back from the swimming pool. Qian Qian and Medeline shared a towel and looked like a lion dance style.. Then Olivia’s mother held the umbrella.
Olivia and Clarice shared a towel too and I took my tiny handkerchief back to block my face.. Wasn’t scared of my body being wet as I had just bathed.. :3

Back at the chalet, all the boys had finished bathing/changing. We went up immediately and after that.. play playyyy :3
Then his mother asked us to go down as it was time for.. DINNER!
Chalet company was called “Fostre” or something like that.. Saw it..
I ate a lot and took a lot of food, and eventually I couldn’t finish but I forced myself to eat as I didn’t want to waste food!!
Clarice help me take fruit punch :3(thanks!)

Kay Vin’s cousin called him.. and said she want to talk to him personally… Anyway, I overheard the conversation as it was just behind me..
“Kay Vin, which of this is your girlfriend?”
Lmao, what a dumbfounding question. Rofl. Pearly not around, how sad.

Clarice went to throw her finished plates or cups and someone asked(I overheard him/her shouting)”Are you Kay Vin’s girlfriend?” Everyone laughed hysterically. :3 Then Olivia big mouth, POINT AT ME!!! “THAT ONE IS KAY VIN’S girlfriend!!”

WALAO EH OLIVIA!! And obviously I quickly ran up to the room to hide la. Then I looked down and saw the cousin & olivia so I quickly opened the room door and found 3 tortoises on top playing duel masters and they were kind of like asking me why I was there. So paiseh!
Soon all the girls came up and omg… lolz :3 We were feasting with chocolates, sweets and snacks in the room. What a nice feast. =3
Then all the boys came up too.. and keep playing with my volleyball and I keep shouting at them.. :3

Then I went down to get some things and after that one of the cousins asked me whether we could wear shoes. She said since I was wearing shoes, nevermind la, just wear shoes inside lor.. 😛
Then the “remaining” cousin pointed at me! Obviously I knew what was going on, but I act dumb(of course la!!)

Then my maid called me and told me THAT MY FATHER WAS ON THE WAY TO FETCH ME HOME. Luckily I had an excuse to say that my wallet was with Olivia’s mother and I called my mother then. My mother let me go home with Olivia and after that I had to call my father to ask him not to come and fetch me anymore. :/

Played for a while and…

Time to cut cake! I took my snow spray to spray and to my horror, the cake was a bit small!! But a small piece each, not bad liao la.. At least we can finish it.
When we were gathering around the cake, the dong du shen tan was showing. Then me and Olivia shouted, “Ooops, CENSORED!!!” cos it was a dirty scene and they were on bed.. :/
Marc used his hands to cover the scene, LMAO, hilarious!!
Everyone requested for the spray then, and keep rubbing on one another. NOT FUNNY!! Marc keep rubbing on me and I sprayed at him. 🙂
When everyone sung the birthday song, Kay Vin so paiseh lor.. like blushing&smiling. If it was me at my birthday, I also will paiseh.. SO many people!!
Birthday song was repeated quite a number of times.. =3
Happy birthday Kay Vin!

We ate the cake and after that I disposed it and played a bit of the remaining snow spray on the grass.. Did my signature and some symbols.(me and olivia)

Went up with fruit punch then….. Did some crapping with the boys and time for sparkles!! The girls went down only.
Soon the boys came down. Lucky 340 wasn’t here.. :/ or she’ll flare up, honestly.
Played a while, and after that the uncle asked who was Hui Ping.. I looked around and “huh?” lol. I obviously knew what was going on, but keep quiet la.. Then Olivia say now the whole family know me.. YA LA, because of you!!!!!! :@
Played sparkles then we keep burning dried leaves on the floor.. After that.. Was nice la..

Marc accidentally threw the sparkle on the dustbin and left it to burn, lol. After that we cleaned up and ran up!! Time for playing cards!
Add-on to a incident that I don’t know when it happened.
Marc and Kim Yao locked himeslf in the wardrobe and was stuck there because we did not want to let him out!! But Kim Yao say he will give foils(Don’t know what’s this) if they let him out. Gordon was so gullible and he believed him and in the end Kim Yao said he didn’t see who let him out so no way..

Then Marc stupidly locked himself in the wardrobe again and this time we did not want to let him out. He forced the door open and the door BROKE! Kay Vin immediately opened the door and the mother was outside.. We were too wild liao.. LOL!! I was sitting there, very tempted to sleep, coz I woke up so early!

After that, my eyes started opening coz we were playing cards.. We played smelly tortoise and cheat.. And after that we wanted to play Murderer & Detective but Olivia’s parents had already come.. We went home after that.

On Olivia’s car, I was very “bu she de” coz’ this party was very fun.. Haiz, 8 hours just passed like that, from the top to the bottom. :/ I hope I had remembered every slight detail.
Now I know that every party must have boys if not it won’t be fun. Really! My birthday no boys and so boring. With boys and it will be fun!!

Olivia then asked the mother to comment on the 5 boys…
She was like.. Hmmmm…

Marc: Playful
Darren Lim: Out cause’ call Olivia fatty.
Kimyao: Forgot
Gordon: Forgot
Kay Vin: Okay. (like real la~!)

Then I SMS-ed Kay Vin “Happy Birthday” because I forgot what was my purpose on “on-ing” my phone.
Haiz, reached home then. Had to take lift myself as Medeline headed to the carpark to wait for her father.
That was the end of the party, and the craziest/fun-nest party I had ever attended!



Long time no blogggggggggg(bahh!) so I decided to create a post in a moment of “bored-ness”.
2.30p.m. now, later I count how long I type.. ahhaa~

This morning reached early, as usual we were @ the canteen waiting for Ms Yv as she asked us to wait there.. So we wait loh. Then I took a paper plate and throw to Grace like Frisbie.. then after that we played a while, then dunno who crumple up the paper and throw to Grace(got 2) and Grace throw back, then Ms Poon saw.

Then Grace cried.. Feel so guilty of her crying & being scolded coz’ I was also playing, many others was also playing but Grace took all the responsibility. Feel so guilty siaaaaaa >_>

So we went up.. Grace crying, and her mother was waiting for her.. SOOOOO guilty >_> Went back to class after that..
I read ‘Round The World In Eighty Days’.. actually quite nice der. You would want to know what will happen next that kind of scenario. Geeeeeeeeeee, then give out a lot of worksheets and blah blah blah blah blah until we can go down to the canteen for our sandwich making!

Then I brought sausages, Clarice bring M&M and after that, we did some decorating. SOOO nice I tell you. Lettuce for eyebrow for me, eyes M&M and half a sausage on the mouth. The bread was damn cute XD.. My whole group was so creative!

Then so tempted to eat, and almost not enough serviettes. Luckily my maid ask me bring ALOT ALOT ALOT so we can use after we’re done.

So we had like.. a ‘Sandwich Making Worksheet’ and I finished it quite fast as I was ‘chiong-ing’.

In class, for those who had completed their worksheets can take their own rulers and remove the ‘paper’ off the Project PULP thing. I take my ruler, scrape scrape scrape and take off. I took off mine, so happy. (:
So after that we had no time to get our Science Test =( Sorry Bijun, you cannot see the paper. ><;

Then before SS lesson, Ms Yv ask me and a lot others to take the trays down. Actually I want to do the Cloze Passage Ms Yv give de.. Wah lao!!! But nevermind, then Darren Fong take a lot of trays and stacked and after that he complained of itchy nose. DAMN FUNNY LA, then we keep laughing and I almost dropped my blue trays. We took lift, and after that slowly went up to class because.. WHO LIKES SS? -_-“

We stayed back for very long before going recess(stupid Ms Lee) delay us!! Zzzz. ;_;
(Eating donut and drinking Lemon Barley now, so will be delayed a bit.)

During recess, I immediately ate my sandwich, so nice! Then I eat bird. LOLs.
Then I saw Medeline & went to her. So we were standing there until Chia Qi suddenly told us TALENTS CORNER! Then we chiong to talents corner. Lucky 2nd bell haven’t rung. >_>;;
5/1 performance, they were totally not prepared can. ._. Ok I shan’t offend them.

We had Ms Yv’s lesson, and she gave a lot of homework >_>. Finished quite a number of them though, in the 5minute time she gave us.

During chinese, we keep passing notes around, and the 1hour period soon finished. Had to follow Bi Lao Shi down though, she did not allow us to go on our own.

2.30p.m. to 2.45p.m.; so much faster than Sze Ling :/
End of post. Bye~