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I’m sure most of you were anticipating my next post, especially the one who loves me a lot – Yue Yi!
So here I am posting now! You all must be standing upright in your seat and thinking what I will write right? While telling all your family and relatives, “Eh Hui Ping posted liao!! Come and see!” Of course it will be interesting, I am such a good writer!

Okay… So school was quite good that I’m actually wanting to go to school EVERYDAY! How’s that? I know you would be saying, “Wah siao Hui Ping siao everyday want go school siao siao siao!!”
Ok maybe not that many siao(s). But still, school is seriously fun! Why Bi Jun don’t like? Why Medeline don’t like?

I shall flashback and write what I can remember because I cannot start from the back or else I will feel like sleeping thinking of what I have done for the past few days.

Today’s starting lesson was Maths. Seriously, we went through percentage and everything. Actually, I don’t know why my Maths so good also(hannah hannah zi kua la). I hate Maths leh. So boring. Then we have to memorise the different techniques and everything.. Do working, this times 100, that divide 100… This plus 2385789, that minus 23746.
But I like problem sums! Strange huh?
Coz’ they make me stuck at a question not knowing what to do, and that is really fun for me coz’ I like to work out questions slowly!
I know some of you might be saying, “Hui Ping is siao” again and again while reading this blog post but it’s true mah!
But okay sometimes I really encounter questions that make me feel like ripping every strand of my hair out of my scalp and stuffing them into the dustbin.
Ms Chan wanted us to revise on Ratio so she made us do a question from the textbook.
I thought, Maths Textbook? Are you joking? THAT IS TOO BASIC.
But I was terribly wrong. So many of my friends can do the question, but somehow I just can’t work out a solution!
I feel so angry. :/ So when my sister came home I immediately bugged her to do it for me.
And somehow she haven’t solved it. This morning(6.30am++) she was attempting but she had to go halfway.
I wanted to kill her because Ms Chan told us to attempt it =/
So I cried. (no lah, just kidding)

Let’s get on, I am so out of topic!

After Maths, was PE. It was a nightmare to me because last PE lesson we did high jumps and Mr Moss(short form of Mr Mustafa -spelt correctly? Nevermind let’s call him MM because I don’t really know his spelling…) said the next PE lesson for us we will do high jumps with a POLE.
OMG THAT WAS TERRIBLE I CAN’T IMAGINE if the pole was there and I slow jump.. Then I hit the pole…

So we made our way down ourselves to the hall then we couldn’t spot MM anywhere.
Where was he? Hope he wasn’t mysteriously hidden in some corner trying to spot us talking and after that make us run 20 rounds around the basketball court…
OH NO. And after that we saw him at the gallery and we were talking away.
Then he was screaming at us for not sitting down because we were branched out, talking and talking.
And he said, “You all did high jumps last PE so today we won’t do high jump”
But we did Standing Broad Jump..
He said those who couldn’t pass would do and do until they pass.
So I was relaly afraid leh, coz’ for the past few years my standing broad jump has been famous for getting C & below.
And even if I get C I’ll be super duper happy.
But somehow people lousier in Standing Broad Jump tends to be better in Sit and Reach(hannah hannah zi kua la)… the place where most people die. Okay maybe not die, maybe do badly? ^^
And I passed! So we were allowed to play basketball after that.
We did passing -_-” The lamest thing ever.
Seriously! We have been passing basketballs for the past 5 years and I assure you I’m sick of it.

After PE was Mother Tongue then we went through the 1.4 which wasn’t in the syllabus.
Then Pan Lao Shi say when you see a fire accident, or car accident.

Singaporeans will do:
1. Remember the car plate number and buy 4D afterwards XD
2. Whip out your phones, take a picture and MMS to everyone “Eh I saw an accident leh!” 😀
3. All gather around the place and kaypoh 😀


I hate the actvities that you have to do after reading the passage. You have to flip, dig, flip, dig.
And reminds me of comprehensions.
I really hate those passages where the passages are on one page and the questions are on the opposite side of the paper.
And then you have to read the passage, get the answers, remember, flip over, write, and the cycle repeats.
And especially if you have to copy one whole chunk of words into the answers, it’s really terrible if you have to flip flip flip and that makes me some kind of angry when doing chinese comprehensions sometimes.
English comprehensions are okay because you can’t lift from the passage at all and it is easier for you to explain in your own words.
Whereas for Chinese you can do lifting and that is the thing I like most about Chinese Comprehensions and always the area I score most.
Which is why I like comprehensions.
But I hate it.
I’m contradicting myself. Cool huh.
Okay then after we did the activities, Pan Lao Shi(sorry no chinese today because I’m lazy to set up the software) let us see a frog video clip which was quite funny. LOL especially the last part it was like Grace’s favourite action! And a da chang jin flash that my brother showed me before.
And I saw Mdm Seah walk pass.. o.o
After that was recess! It was Eat Fruit Day. My maid brought grapes for me, then I gave a lot to everyone coz I couldn’t eat finish hahaha!
Then I popped a grape into my mouth as Nishan instructed LOL.
Then I gave Grace a few grapes. She threw them into the air then she move around and they went into her mouth! PRO.

Back in class after recess Ms Chan gave us mandarin oranges! After doing our Maths WB we were allowed to eat in class, YAYNESS!
I had 2… then I took one more coz Ms Chan allowed and ate all of them in class.

After eating we were to tick if we wanted to do Young Scientist Cards on the board Ms Chan posted.
Then we wasted about 15mins ticking them, and I was doing some extra cards for Choir.
After that even though I haven’t finish I just stuff them inside and I couldn’t be bothered to do no more.
But is enough la. Maybe the whole thing is about 2 inch thick? ^.^ (height)
After that we went through English and Ms Chan went through about going to the Singapore Discovery Centre and writing an e-mail to the executive to inform them of our trip.
So we were made to copy them down and file into our writing folio. After that, I “looked forward to CCA day”.
I went down immediately to chope a table and put my bags there. Then Vanessa came shortly after. We took the choir board and after that hung the ‘thing’ for Choir advertisement.
Okay then some P4s came to help us and especially this girl(let’s name her TG) i’m not naming anyone. She was practically taking matters into her own hands when she didn’t even know anything.
TG then did everything as if she knew, and she was the boss. And she was teaching me how to do things when it should be the other way round.
She wasn’t even instructed!
I hate people like TG.
And I skipped my lunch for the sake of Choir. =(
So we were giving out flyers and TG was unwilling to give me those flyers BECAUSE SHE WANTED TO DISTRIBUTE THEM HERSELF and told me to sing instead.

Then we distributed some flyers.
We = Me & Chia Qi
Okay lah. 11 people filled in the forms.
Halfway through I went to eat. Mee Soto one spoonful of Chilli + Pink Dolphin + One 40cents fish
Greedy greedy greedy~!
Then after that I took my pink dolphin and walked around the whole hall observing every single CCA. I went to violin’s and Jin Uu was playing by himself and Mrs Tan sitting there..
So I asked him where’s his evil twin Jun Yu and he said he died. 😀 And I wished he did.

Then I went to rope skipping and said, “I COME HERE VISIT SOMEONE” loudly. Kristin stared back XD

Then after that I went to various different CCA(s) and visit with Chia Qi. Chia Qi was annoyed because she didn’t want to walk with me.
So I went along alone.
And I went to Table Tennis.
Poor Clarice was holding the bat and serving serving serving for 2 hours straight(yes you are right, she skipped her lunch)

After that I was walking around to visit Shaun and apparently Shaun’s CCA also quite lonely, no one around.
Then I told Shaun to visit Clarice and he did XD
And I kept screaming from outside the table tennis area for Clarice and she kept showing me her murderous look(as claimed by Jun Yu) hahah!
Then I kept smiling at her and she smile back.

After that 3pm we packed up. OMG I had a hard time pulling out the strings of the choir banner because I had tied it for like 3 to 4 times previously.
And I didn’t bring my scissors out + my scissors wasn’t strong enough to cut the string of that(yea I was the one who brought the string to school =p)
But eventually with effort we took down the banner and after that we accidentally dropped it. But luckily Chia Qi was tall enough to hold on to it on the 2nd level for us.

After we packed up and everything we went to Miss Sim’s table to put her things and after that we walked down the staircase.
Halfway through I went up again and told Chia Qi I’m going to visit Clarice and she was like, “WHEY HUIPING DONT GO!”

She misses me… Oww… I’m so touched by her T_T

After that I waited for Clarice to pack up and all the things were all over the place. There were loads and loads of table tennis balls on the floor because there was one guy who picked up the table tennis balls whenever Clarice served and the person hit and the person will take the basket and retrieve the balls before it drops to the ground.

Trust me! Clarice & him was having a hard time la!

After that Clarice was helping the teachers to pack up so I waited since we were going home together anyway. And Chia Qi finally budged and came up =D
After bringing the materials to the staff room, we made our way home.
And Shaun was in front of us which meant that they were both taking the same bus home, haha!

And Clarice “informed” me that the oral ended at 3pm so KV will probably be taking the same bus as me home, but sadly for her, NO =D Phew for me.

After that we were talking and stuff and Chia Qi brought her Nokia 6300(dunno what comes after it) to school.
It was very slim and stylish siah. But Sony Ericsson supporter here ^^
Then took Bus 282 and returned home..

OMGOSH I can’t believe I’ve written so much for a one-day post!

Now for previous days, I will only write down what was interesting (to me lah..) coz’ those are probably the only things that I can remember.

And OH today Pan Lao Shi shared with us her blog URL @ (yah I purposely made it a hyperlink so I would create more hits for her blog XD)

I took like 30minutes reading the whole of her blog because they were all in Chinese!
My nightmare language!

But okay, quite interesting.
The saddest thing is that it’s in Chinese.
If it’s in English then it’s good lah!

Now going back to later days..
Apparently Olivia told me that the head prefects’ and level rep for P6 list is out.. and let me see if I can recall what she said.

Head Prefect: Wei Ling (okay I believe she worked hard enough for this position)
Ass. Head Prefect: Pearly (still okay)

Level Rep: Tsan Sze Ling (I never want to believe this. 340 if you’re reading this, no offence but I think you are a bit ‘over-rated’.)
Ass. Level Rep: Qian Qian

3 alphabets: zzz.

Okay so we had Health Education yesterday for an hour.
And for the whole one hour we were practically laughing and laughing!!


And Shaun was made to say “I admit defeat” to Ms Chan yesterday because of this Maths WB thing. He bet with Ms Chan that the whole class will get full marks but he didn’t so he was made to stand on his chair and say “I admit defeat” to Ms Chan!
Then he was dragging his speech and he went “I…. admit… deeee……..fiiee…..t!”


And the class was laughing like crazy.
I can’t remember much of the previous days, sadly.
Oh yes and for Literature on Wednesday(Chinese Cinderella!) we were showed some pictures of feet binding..
And I even went to do somemore research! Stupid of me -_-
Then I went to check out twins triplets. And there was one.. quintuplets.. all 5 survive -.-
And there was a picture of them singing also =D
And Ms Chan gave us our lollipop for winning the Grammar speed test,
and we were allowed to SUCK IN CLASS!!!
YAY! Then I was like making Shaun hungry and Shaun and Eun Seong was like Ms Chan…. Can give me one lollipop… I pay you..
Ok your loved one — Hui Ping doesn’t want to blog anymore!
Coz she’s really bored!
And when she wants to blog again, she will edit her post!

So remember to love her and she will come back again! 😀

Huiping ;3



Hello! I’m back with posts!
Firstly, Saqlain created a new blog @ (I purposely didn’t make it a thumbnail because I wouldn’t want to create hits to his blog.
Secondly, LESS HOMEWORK! (no la.. just joking =/)
But school is still going on, FUN!

Let me touch on the most interesting parts of Chinese lesson for the past 2 days first, Jan 17 and Jan 16, which coincidentally, on these days Yue Yi was absent, so she missed all the fun, and YAY! HAHAHA.

On Jan 16, 潘老师 was talking about superstitions and asked us to write down some on a note and contribute to the chinese lesson.
I contributed 2, of which were that, you cannot open an umbrella in your house, or else some “people” will come out.
Another one was, you cannot give clocks as presents to your friends, because it means 送终, which is kind of like, you want him to die faster. So a lot of people contributed words and stuff, and one was contributed by Kay Vin which he said, if you peel an apple at 12am sharp, you will see your future wife/husband.
Then she said, better don’t try, or else you will scare yourself. Then ok this part isn’t really funny la, but interesting, better than 毕老师 [sarcasm]interesting lessons[/sarcasm]
So we went on, and one really funny part was that, she said chinese people must name their children carefully, and don’t be ridiculous! Haha!
To be fair, last time the whole class went to Road Safety Park, then the traffic police who was guiding us along was called Nelson Tan! I could never forget that hilarious incident, haha! Then CL&Oli&Me were laughing, coz’ Med was seperated from us and she went with Sze Ling. I remember that we got some chips from Gibson… ^.^
And Darren Lim, Kay Vin(that was THE PAST HOR), Clarice and me went in a group. Then shortly a lot of people followed us, like Faizal, Wei Jie..
And after that we were chanting motherf***er, assh*** to ourselves, coz we hated her! XD
Wait, why am I chanting scripts of the past? It’s over liao! But I really miss Road Safety Park thing, coz we really had a lot of fun and so called freedom coz all the teachers were hiding inside the hall.
Ok to continue from the chinese and english names part, she was talking about Michael Tao and Monica Cheng, which respectively, if you read, you will realise that when they are in Chinese/Cantonese/Hokkien.. Hahah!!
Here’s a list of the names that I saved (Thanks Olivia for sending me!)

Anne Chang (Mandarin)- Dirty

Anne Chin (Mandarin) – Keep quiet

Faye Chen (Mandarin) – Dusty

Carl Cheng (Mandarin) – Buttock

Monica Cheng (Hokkien) – Touching your buttocks

Lucy Leow (Hokkien) – You are dead

Jane Tan (Mandarin) – Frying eggs

Suzie Leow (Hokkien) – Lost till death

Henry Mah (Mandarin) – Hate your mum

Corrine Tai (Hokkien) – Poor fellow

Paul Chan (Mandarin) – Bankrupt

Nelson Tan (Mandarin) – Bird laying eggs

Leslie Tong (Mandarin) – Rubbish bin

Carmen Tng (Hokkien) – Leg hair long

Connie Mah (Cantonese) – Call your mother

Danny See (Hokkien) – Squeeze you to death

Rosie Teng (Hokkien) – Screws and nails

Pete Tsai (Hokkien) – Nose droppings

Macy Koh (Cantonese) – Never die before

Hahah!! I laugh until tummy ache at that point of time. But a pity Chinese lesson ended 5 seconds later.
But not to fear! It was still very fun the next day!
My teacher was sharing her experiences of 脸青唇白, then we were all laughing.. About lizards, cockroaches and stuff..
Eeeee.. But nevertheless, I enjoy Chinese lesson more now! I always look forward to Chinese lessons now. ^.^


Of all people, why Chong Wei?!?!? He is so fat, so chubby, and so violent!
Chia Qi, bad taste! I’d rather you chose Gibson over that fatass who only knows how to whack people, and bouncing fats as he runs! Eww.
Chia Qi kept whacking me today, coz of her darling Chong Wei =( Why is he more important in her heart than me!

For English lesson is nice also! What could be more greater than humorous lessons by Ms Chan, and great chinese lessons?
Oh, and I forgot to state that I almost lost my handbook when I was flipping it around during Mrs Sandra Kang’s lesson(Music), but phew I think she “forgot” to take it away, so PHEW, HENG ARH! I almost lost my precious “diary” a.k.a handbook, because if she takes it away, I’m doomed.. All my personal stuff are inside.

OMG FORGOT TO SEE. Over a period of 1 day I get 122 e-mails ON MY NEW ACCOUNT!
Ok it’s not meant to be shown off so I put it in yellow, making it “invisible” to many others, heh. But some typical singaporeans will just highlight it over lah, KAYPO! HAHA! Ms Chan once asked, “Why so many of you like to know your teacher’s age?” and Shaun replied “Curious!” and she said, “Curious or Kaypoh?” Of course the latter! HAHAHA!
I don’t know why I’m putting so many HAHAHAHAHAs even though I’m not laughing? Cold joke -_-“

And Mrs Kang kind of like forced the foreigners in our class to find out more about their National Anthem, the tune and everything. Lucky I’m a Singaporean who only knows how to sing Majulah Singapura.

And now I’m telling everyone I like someone else, and they are all trying to persuade me to make me say who I like, and I gave Olivia an explanation, and why I am typing this now.

~.Olivia.~ I wanna stay in p5!! says:
~.Olivia.~ I wanna stay in p5!! says:
no prob
~.Olivia.~ I wanna stay in p5!! says:
but in 6/6 lar
~.Olivia.~ I wanna stay in p5!! says:
why u dowan tell anyone
ღ рιиq. (: darrenlim… grow skinnier.. i had to squeeze beside you to get out of the bus -.- says:
i told u le ma
ღ рιиq. (: darrenlim… grow skinnier.. i had to squeeze beside you to get out of the bus -.- says:
ღ рιиq. (: darrenlim… grow skinnier.. i had to squeeze beside you to get out of the bus -.- says:
i said i like kv? (fine i admit.)
ღ рιиq. (: darrenlim… grow skinnier.. i had to squeeze beside you to get out of the bus -.- says:
then when the whole class know
ღ рιиq. (: darrenlim… grow skinnier.. i had to squeeze beside you to get out of the bus -.- says:
i have to avoid him every now and then
ღ рιиq. (: darrenlim… grow skinnier.. i had to squeeze beside you to get out of the bus -.- says:
its very inconvenient
ღ рιиq. (: darrenlim… grow skinnier.. i had to squeeze beside you to get out of the bus -.- says:
i rather not let anyone know
~.Olivia.~ I wanna stay in p5!! says:
ღ рιиq. (: darrenlim… grow skinnier.. i had to squeeze beside you to get out of the bus -.- says:
except myself
~.Olivia.~ I wanna stay in p5!! says:
~.Olivia.~ I wanna stay in p5!! says:

~.Olivia.~ I wanna stay in p5!! says:
lemme c
ღ рιиq. (: darrenlim… grow skinnier.. i had to squeeze beside you to get out of the bus -.- says:
so i can still communicate with the person easily

Olivia = Blue!
I’m red!

On a footnote, I have to clarify with you that I don’t like Skinny/Chubby/Greeny/Slime/Lime or whatever! He has so many nicknames, which are all totally true, and I don’t like skinny people!(ok to be fair I like skinny people la.. BUT AT LEAST NOT AS SKINNY AS DARRENLIM UNTIL HE HAS TO GO FOR A HEALTH CHECK WHICH WAS MEANT FOR THE OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE RIGHT.

And when I said that, please ignore my MSN display name.. Haha!(another haha..)
Nothing much to blog about liao… AH OH YES!
Yesterday I was complaining and whining in school because my throat really hurt yesterday.. Then I was very thirsty and hungry somemore, and CLARICE TEMPTED ME BY BUYING A POKKA GREEN TEA!

And Clarice was like, Huiping, green tea is good for the throat! So I went to buy a Heaven&Earth Green Tea. It really soothed my throat.. I felt much better.. Even though cannot drink any cold drinks, I kept telling myself that I will see doctor much later.. And I did. The medicine was much cheaper leh, $22. Compared to a last time’s $48. Parents sponsor!

Oh and today during PE, Caleb fell because I think Yuelin tripped into him and he fell, on his face. Then when Mr Moss carried him up he was bleeding in his mouth! It was really.. >

Ms Chan told us some really gross stuff!

To smuggle stuff in Singapore:

Stuffing subutex into your rectum and pass it out later..


-Putting heroine powder into condoms and swallowing them up AND PASS IT OUT AFTER YOU GO THROUGH SINGAPORE CUSTOMS.

Wth! I was utterly disgusted by these stuff lah. I wonder whether their rectums will burst or not. And Ms Chan said if the condoms burst inside your body, you 100% die.
Yuck why are they taking the risk just to earn a little bit more money?

That’s all for today’s blog entry. Tune in for the next week’s entry!(LOL. But hey, 9am on Sunday, my teacher says it’s gonna show my school and my classmates! Better wake up early.)
But hey, I may not blog next week.

Till then, goodbye!

Huiping ; pink is just.. great.


Can’t think of a title lah. Duh. =/

Ok so today started off with Michelle sms-ing me in the morning telling me I’ll be having tuition at 7.30pm ^_^
What a joy. So I was doing my Compo lah. — Wth. Every Friday got compo leh. But nevermind. Ms Chan say..
“More work means you are smarter.”
“More work means you are smarter.”
“More work means you are smarter.”
“More work means you are smarter.”
“More work means you are smarter.”
“More work means you are smarter.”
“More work means you are smarter.”
“More work means you are smarter.”
“More work means you are smarter.”
“More work means you are smarter.”
Ok so that sentence sunk into my head and I keep thinking of that, but after I did the composition(4 long pages with spaces. Eh. First time I write so long), I couldn’t be bothered to memorise dictation/learn ting xie anymore -.- Like seriously who does?
Finished it lah. Then Kay Vin came online and asked why the Maple installer not downloading.. Actually I dunnoe also >_< But never mind he installed le.

So was like the uncle was painting the house lah! Then very inconvenient leh. I have to move around here and there to take my towel, my clothes, drink water and etc, BUT sadly.. I have to wait till the uncle paint finish then I can go in and take my clothes to bathe lah!
So I didn’t care I just go in and take, then I take take take then I don’t want bathe yet coz the machine moving, then the door cannot close.
After that my maid keep nagging at me to go bathe but I refused to budge coz I was glitching on Maple XD Ok then I finally went.
So after that my maid asked if Nokia 6500 Slide was good coz she wanted to buy a new phone. I ask her why she always buy Nokia then she say coz’ easy use. Then I told her get Sony Ericsson, she say go see see but in the end she still said she wanted Nokia.
But for me, Sony Ericsson for the win ^.^ I love my W850i. Sony Ericsson beats Nokia anytime.
Ok… Then marc came online and he was like “y u add me” like I had no choice but to save and paste coz’ I didn’t want to waste my time to sort out and slowly add more than 100 contacts(even after the cleanup I have more den 100 contacts.. zzz)
Ok then we chat chat chat lah. Chat about rubbish. Then halfway Olivia came to talk to me also. And she asked me why I never get top 10% award coz’ her sister(Vicky/Victoria) already went to Clementi CC coz we have to arrive 45mins earlier than 3pm(the stated time).
Then I was like oh maybe different timing lah. And I told her it was at 3pm. Then she said, “NO MUST ARRIVE 45MINS BEFORE!!”
I was like OMG I DIDN’T KNOW!!!!! Then I call my mummy at once and told her, then she tell me need arrive 45mins before also. I STUNNED LEH I DIDN’T READ!!!!!
So I immediately asked my mummy to take taxi to come down now(it was 2.05pm at that moment) and yea she did. And she didn’t bring her phone so goodness knew how long I had to wait for the taxi to arrive at Clementi. I told Marc and Olivia I was going to CC liao, then Kay Vin online and talked to me also. Then I copy pasted the message I sent to Marc, “i gtg liao sms me 9614**** thx”
So I went down la. Then someone random called me. It was a girl. Then I was like, “May I know who’s this?”
Then I put down coz she said “Whos this?!?!”
Then call again. So I picked up again and said, “Yes!!! Who’s this!!!”
Went downstairs to wait. Then no one come. :/ Waited… waited… waited…
But nevermind it was quite a short wait compared to waiting for school bus sometimes. And oh wait, I’m not taking school bus anymore =p
Mummy came..
So I got into the taxi and headed for Clementi CC lor.
I reach there then the fare $9.60 leh! But the taxi quite comfortable. It hurts me.
Tiong Bahru to Clementi, Clementi to Clementi Community Centre $9.60.
Ok nevermind. So I went in.
Inside I was like queueing up for my turn -.-
Some family attempted to cut queue, urgh, but I cut inside 😀
So yea got my sitting position, 7.
So I went to the front.
I saw Jason, Kim Yao, Vincent Lo, Evonne.
Heard from them Darren Fong was around also.
So we were talking.
Saw Wei Jie then.
Then I dropped my sticker ‘7’ OMG I NEEDED IT.
So I find find find.
Then my mum say “see lah see alh nvr stick properly”
Ok then Rina’s mother(sorry dunno name x_x) came along.
“There the sticker is on her back” and she smiled.
So paiseh eh!
Ok so we went to find Darren Fong with Vincent Lo.
And to our amusement he was sitting with Dickson so we were laughing like crazy.
Went back, then I sat in my position.
Beside me no people -.- and yeah I gave Vincent Lo my chrysanthemum tea.
I sms-ed Medeline how come today she never come and get her bursary. She say she don’t want, so I nevermind lor.
Then shortly 2 boys came to sit beside me. Not from ClementiPS.
And shortly another idiot came.
Guess who? From Clementi PS..
It’s skinny/chubby/greeny; yeah beats me why he has so many different nicknames.
Then he was like “why evonne wearing her tie o.o” haha.
Then shortly.. Mr Arthur Fong came..
Darren Fong’s relative XD
So he was making a speech…
And one most contradicting sentence is..
“I don’t read from a script coz I read from my heart.”
“But I do have notes! *shows everyone his notes*”
Like LOL -.- Notes is also one way of referring -.-
So yeah…
Collected my prize. $300 ftw.
Before that I asked Darren Lim how much he think he would get. He said $300.
But he got TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLAR ONLY printed on the cheque.
AHAHA! Darren Lim lalalala!
After I got the cheque I immediately….
Walked home with mummy! Then she went take taxi, I went home.
Then still painting wth.
Changed into my clothes..
And tada! Played played until now I posting.
I love food. ❤
A pity I can’t eat today. Eheheh.
I mean I over ate already. :/

So can anyone tell me how many months and days have I not been blogging 😀
Came back because… I WAS BORED! ❤
Arh. The holidays was kinda boring at the start lah.. All those yea.. MSN chatting.. reading of blogs and stuff.. So yea.. Was kind of trying to sleep every afternoon so I can waste time.. and the day can end quickly. Approaching the ending..(about 2 weeks before school started), I think it was kinda interesting. I went back to Maple again! 😀 Track me @ Fr0zEnFo0d (note the zeroes), but now I hardly play again… You may say.. quitted again.
Recently took a liking to — Snow Kiss. Aww.. That video made me cry. Credits to Yaokun for introducing the video to me!

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:

Well.. the video in total takes about.. 35minutes or so. Worth watching, if you have a lot of time on your hands, that is.

Went to many places during the holidays..(not overseas, dummy). Like Taka, Orchard, Marina Square. Can anyone win me..(not working people hor) I WENT TO MARINA SQUARE 4 times in a freaking week. OH PLEASE. LOL. All the people there could recognise us lah.
December 6 went to eat Pariss Buffet. Eh it rocks can anot. Been there twice.. Although it looks much smaller from the renovations.. Still have to admit, makes your stomach full with all the delicious dishes they provide! ❤
And yea, December 6 = nightmare date. It was a buffet to celebrate my birthday actually. But lol, it was the date when me & lalala(not stating names!!) kind of.. stopped(if you really don’t understand, ask me in school).

Uh well.. Guess where I spent my Christmas Eve?
@ PAPA’S SHOP in Tiong Bahru!! Wth. SUPER SIAN.
Well.. X’mas came.. and guess what? Didn’t even celebrate it. Even though it’s a combined festival and my birthday, I didn’t celebrate anything..
Yea.. but the good thing was.. I received presents when I didn’t even get any! Woohoo!
Dec 28: Went to Papa’s shop again. Guess what we did?
Coz Olivia & Clarice was like.. Eh I rate 10/10!! Very nice leh!!
And anyway I surfed PPF so… wasn’t afterall that bored lah.

So I was soo excited lah. Bought tickets for 3pm.. and bought one packet of sour cream Lays.
Guess what? Yawned several times in the movie.
SAD LAH! I thought really so nice until I would enjoy like siao! In the end, -yawn-.
Rated 6/10. Don’t watch if you are those kind of boring people 😀 (like me).
Let’s check out what movie I watched this year.

Just Follow Law (me&bro&sis was at theatre laughing like siao.)
Spiderman 3 (kind of boring also. beats me why my tutor and sister say VERY NICE) :/
Mr Bean Holiday (ok ok.. no comments)
Ratatouille (this is got to be the BEST CARTOON i watched, since normally i fall asleep..)
Alvin and the Chipmunks (ok.. 6/10.. 2nd worst movie)

Any additions that I forgot to add, inform me 😀 (provided you know what movies I watch lah ==)

Then at Tiong Bahru GV, the seats totally suck. When I want to climb up on my seat(ya ya it is comfortable XD) then got the “eeeeee” sound.. LIKE WTH. I PAID FOR THE SERVICE OKAY?
So.. totally didn’t enjoy the movie. Then some irritating boys behind me.. was like laughing at some boliao parts.. Wth… Don’t disturb my sleep can? -.-

Went popular to buy my err.. the yellow folder. FTW. Then this auntie was like “You have discount? I lend you my membership card.” But nevermind we already had the voucher.. Yeah. Photojournalism Competition. I came in 2nd, and Caleb came in 1st. Super unexpected!
Coz earlier on she asked me&bro&sis which colour of a clipboard is best for taking down attendance for PE. Then we were like.. “old lady conduct PE? o.o”

So got this Steven Lim thing after my sis went to Orchard la. It even made it to Shinmin daily(the newspapers)
LIKE LOL. But the matter has already blown over lor. And Xiaxue supports us ^_^ FTW.

And my sis went to Taka to buy a new diary and.. a Pierre Cardin wallet @ $33. Kinda cheap actually, considering that Pierre Cardin is a branded brand(ok this sounds funny). Okay LOL.

Let’s check out the new stuff I have for school this year.

1st: Converse Shoes($39.90 ea, bought one pair. Mummy was like, “Eh you all need buy shoe anot? If need faster buy, or else next time no time buy. CONVERSE SHOES, OF COURSE BUY LAH! Taken)

2nd: New GIRLS wallet. (no wonder my friends mistake me as a GIRLS brand maniac.. I NEVER BOUGHT A SINGLE THING. ALL MY GIRLS STUFF ARE GIFTS!) and apparently this is my birthday present from my sister. Used it for school.

3rd: New GIRLS handphone pouch (yep. now you know why my friends call me a girl maniac. Also another gift from my sis. Using it as handphone pouch at the moment.)

4th: New Converse Bag (yup i only support a few brands ROFL. Present from jiejie <3)

5th: New Yellow Folder (ok.. this is cheap. $5 nia XD)

6th: New Books (yes i’m being lame. my mom went on the first day to buy books la. LIKE LOL SO KIASU. and I saw weiling whileas medeline is the total opposite. she went on dec31 -.-

Ok I think no more. Similarly, if you are my friend and you know what new things I have, tell me ❤ ROFL.

School started. Was damn excited la. Took school bus can?
And so I reached school at 7.10pm, had to sit beside Shaun and Saqlain zzzz. And it was Clarice who signalled Shaun to move XDDD
Teacher was Ms Chan ;3

Then went to class, had a lot of appointing.. Sitting position and stuff and yeah I ended up beside Shaun =.= AND HE IS SO IRRITATING. Clarice can you please ask him to shut up and times and stop snatching away my stuff? He’s getting on my nerves!
Eun Seong was seated behind me and LOL he always make us laugh.

Like one case lah. Got this word “diction” mah. Then suddenly class start laughing. Coz of the “dic” part on it.
Then rofl Ms Chan went “rest assured, this word has nothing to do with your dick.” AND LOL EVERYONE STARTED LAUGHING.
Then she say, embarassed yeah? AND LOL SHE ASKED QIAOSHIZHE to stand up coz his face was red, and ear was soo red. Then she say what.. Blood circulating around the body very quickly.


Another one.. Coz we were learning about adverbs and adjectives.. Then I think there was an example of Fat Worm Slept Soundly. Then Shaun called Marc and told him. “Marc, fat worm” and he grinned. Then suddenly I started laughing then Marc burst out laughing also. Then Ms Chan was staring at us, whole class staring at us becoz they didn’t know what was going on.
In case you don’t know what is Fat Worm.. It applies to only boys, AND YEAH LOL I’M LAUGHING NOW.

Then.. Got this black moss thing about Chinese New Year. Then my teacher went.. “Sometimes.. there are dishonest traders who mix hair with Black Moss… So if you can’t bite it.. Please spit it out” And we were all LAUGHING. There was another joke on this though, but I forgot coz I was kind of blur on what was going on.

That was how school went. And I’m beginning to love school more and more, and I felt so happy when I completed this list of homework LOL.

Maths WB 12-16
Dictation (Learn&Memorise)
– Pupils Particular Form (forgot ask mummy to fill in. someone remind me tonight)
– File Synthesis thing into EL file. (Bring all file also!)
– Form. (count as cancel, mummy sure dont want de.)
– Situational Writing

Told Mummy to bring a puncher for me and yes I got one <33 So this is a summarised version of my holidays and school lah. XD That's all I think.

I can’t bear to leave when we’re nearing Sec 1!

Huiping ;3