So can anyone tell me how many months and days have I not been blogging 😀
Came back because… I WAS BORED! ❤
Arh. The holidays was kinda boring at the start lah.. All those yea.. MSN chatting.. reading of blogs and stuff.. So yea.. Was kind of trying to sleep every afternoon so I can waste time.. and the day can end quickly. Approaching the ending..(about 2 weeks before school started), I think it was kinda interesting. I went back to Maple again! 😀 Track me @ Fr0zEnFo0d (note the zeroes), but now I hardly play again… You may say.. quitted again.
Recently took a liking to — Snow Kiss. Aww.. That video made me cry. Credits to Yaokun for introducing the video to me!

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:

Well.. the video in total takes about.. 35minutes or so. Worth watching, if you have a lot of time on your hands, that is.

Went to many places during the holidays..(not overseas, dummy). Like Taka, Orchard, Marina Square. Can anyone win me..(not working people hor) I WENT TO MARINA SQUARE 4 times in a freaking week. OH PLEASE. LOL. All the people there could recognise us lah.
December 6 went to eat Pariss Buffet. Eh it rocks can anot. Been there twice.. Although it looks much smaller from the renovations.. Still have to admit, makes your stomach full with all the delicious dishes they provide! ❤
And yea, December 6 = nightmare date. It was a buffet to celebrate my birthday actually. But lol, it was the date when me & lalala(not stating names!!) kind of.. stopped(if you really don’t understand, ask me in school).

Uh well.. Guess where I spent my Christmas Eve?
@ PAPA’S SHOP in Tiong Bahru!! Wth. SUPER SIAN.
Well.. X’mas came.. and guess what? Didn’t even celebrate it. Even though it’s a combined festival and my birthday, I didn’t celebrate anything..
Yea.. but the good thing was.. I received presents when I didn’t even get any! Woohoo!
Dec 28: Went to Papa’s shop again. Guess what we did?
Coz Olivia & Clarice was like.. Eh I rate 10/10!! Very nice leh!!
And anyway I surfed PPF so… wasn’t afterall that bored lah.

So I was soo excited lah. Bought tickets for 3pm.. and bought one packet of sour cream Lays.
Guess what? Yawned several times in the movie.
SAD LAH! I thought really so nice until I would enjoy like siao! In the end, -yawn-.
Rated 6/10. Don’t watch if you are those kind of boring people 😀 (like me).
Let’s check out what movie I watched this year.

Just Follow Law (me&bro&sis was at theatre laughing like siao.)
Spiderman 3 (kind of boring also. beats me why my tutor and sister say VERY NICE) :/
Mr Bean Holiday (ok ok.. no comments)
Ratatouille (this is got to be the BEST CARTOON i watched, since normally i fall asleep..)
Alvin and the Chipmunks (ok.. 6/10.. 2nd worst movie)

Any additions that I forgot to add, inform me 😀 (provided you know what movies I watch lah ==)

Then at Tiong Bahru GV, the seats totally suck. When I want to climb up on my seat(ya ya it is comfortable XD) then got the “eeeeee” sound.. LIKE WTH. I PAID FOR THE SERVICE OKAY?
So.. totally didn’t enjoy the movie. Then some irritating boys behind me.. was like laughing at some boliao parts.. Wth… Don’t disturb my sleep can? -.-

Went popular to buy my err.. the yellow folder. FTW. Then this auntie was like “You have discount? I lend you my membership card.” But nevermind we already had the voucher.. Yeah. Photojournalism Competition. I came in 2nd, and Caleb came in 1st. Super unexpected!
Coz earlier on she asked me&bro&sis which colour of a clipboard is best for taking down attendance for PE. Then we were like.. “old lady conduct PE? o.o”

So got this Steven Lim thing after my sis went to Orchard la. It even made it to Shinmin daily(the newspapers)
LIKE LOL. But the matter has already blown over lor. And Xiaxue supports us ^_^ FTW.

And my sis went to Taka to buy a new diary and.. a Pierre Cardin wallet @ $33. Kinda cheap actually, considering that Pierre Cardin is a branded brand(ok this sounds funny). Okay LOL.

Let’s check out the new stuff I have for school this year.

1st: Converse Shoes($39.90 ea, bought one pair. Mummy was like, “Eh you all need buy shoe anot? If need faster buy, or else next time no time buy. CONVERSE SHOES, OF COURSE BUY LAH! Taken)

2nd: New GIRLS wallet. (no wonder my friends mistake me as a GIRLS brand maniac.. I NEVER BOUGHT A SINGLE THING. ALL MY GIRLS STUFF ARE GIFTS!) and apparently this is my birthday present from my sister. Used it for school.

3rd: New GIRLS handphone pouch (yep. now you know why my friends call me a girl maniac. Also another gift from my sis. Using it as handphone pouch at the moment.)

4th: New Converse Bag (yup i only support a few brands ROFL. Present from jiejie <3)

5th: New Yellow Folder (ok.. this is cheap. $5 nia XD)

6th: New Books (yes i’m being lame. my mom went on the first day to buy books la. LIKE LOL SO KIASU. and I saw weiling whileas medeline is the total opposite. she went on dec31 -.-

Ok I think no more. Similarly, if you are my friend and you know what new things I have, tell me ❤ ROFL.

School started. Was damn excited la. Took school bus can?
And so I reached school at 7.10pm, had to sit beside Shaun and Saqlain zzzz. And it was Clarice who signalled Shaun to move XDDD
Teacher was Ms Chan ;3

Then went to class, had a lot of appointing.. Sitting position and stuff and yeah I ended up beside Shaun =.= AND HE IS SO IRRITATING. Clarice can you please ask him to shut up and times and stop snatching away my stuff? He’s getting on my nerves!
Eun Seong was seated behind me and LOL he always make us laugh.

Like one case lah. Got this word “diction” mah. Then suddenly class start laughing. Coz of the “dic” part on it.
Then rofl Ms Chan went “rest assured, this word has nothing to do with your dick.” AND LOL EVERYONE STARTED LAUGHING.
Then she say, embarassed yeah? AND LOL SHE ASKED QIAOSHIZHE to stand up coz his face was red, and ear was soo red. Then she say what.. Blood circulating around the body very quickly.


Another one.. Coz we were learning about adverbs and adjectives.. Then I think there was an example of Fat Worm Slept Soundly. Then Shaun called Marc and told him. “Marc, fat worm” and he grinned. Then suddenly I started laughing then Marc burst out laughing also. Then Ms Chan was staring at us, whole class staring at us becoz they didn’t know what was going on.
In case you don’t know what is Fat Worm.. It applies to only boys, AND YEAH LOL I’M LAUGHING NOW.

Then.. Got this black moss thing about Chinese New Year. Then my teacher went.. “Sometimes.. there are dishonest traders who mix hair with Black Moss… So if you can’t bite it.. Please spit it out” And we were all LAUGHING. There was another joke on this though, but I forgot coz I was kind of blur on what was going on.

That was how school went. And I’m beginning to love school more and more, and I felt so happy when I completed this list of homework LOL.

Maths WB 12-16
Dictation (Learn&Memorise)
– Pupils Particular Form (forgot ask mummy to fill in. someone remind me tonight)
– File Synthesis thing into EL file. (Bring all file also!)
– Form. (count as cancel, mummy sure dont want de.)
– Situational Writing

Told Mummy to bring a puncher for me and yes I got one <33 So this is a summarised version of my holidays and school lah. XD That's all I think.

I can’t bear to leave when we’re nearing Sec 1!

Huiping ;3


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