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Wei Ling on MSN today asked me why I never update my blog, so I update lor.
Haven’t been updating since January 25 so I’ll refer to my handbook for the events(ya, my handbook is like a diary to me, I record every single event down, that’s why it’s very neat; if you’re my classmate I won’t show it to you because it’s all of my private affairs!)

I studied for the first time on January 25, just because there was an incoming test (Science).
Turns out that Science test was on Tuesday not Monday.
So I read like crazy the night before was all gone to waste.. Heheee.
And every Monday sucks.
You will understand once you see my timetable la.

Monday: (the worst day ever. tiring.)
Normal School Hours: 7.30am – 1pm
Science Supplementary: 1pm – 2pm
Chinese Supplementary: 2.30pm – 3.30pm
House Practice: 3.45pm – 5.15pm

And I can finally go home.

Normal School Hours: 7.30am – 1pm
Home Tuition: 4.30pm – 6pm

Nothing in school!

Normal School Hours: 7.30am – 12.30pm
1pm – 3.30pm: Choir Practice.
Boring day.

Normal School Hours: 7.30am – 1pm
1pm – 2pm: English Supplementary

Normal School Hours: 7.30 – 1pm
1.15pm – 2.15pm: Choir Practice.

Kill me please.
Nevermind must tahan till the end of Primary 6!!
Monday when I reach home my soles hurt like crazy and when I take out my shoes, my skirt, tuck out my orange shirt and jump on the sofa,

It is really super super comfortable.

Wednesdays and Fridays got CCA.. Sianz.
But must jian chi until SYF over!! 😀
On February 5, Pan Lao Shi gave us red packets!!
Then she say, Inside no money.
Everyone went.. “Chey!”
LOL greedy class right?! I love them!
But at least Deng Lao Shi never give 6/6. 😛

February 6, Jiejie’s birthday + CNY celebration! And I got choir performance on that pathetic day.
Everyone commented after the performance that I keep shaking my head.. wtf!!
After that I had a nap, then I went uncle house to eat steamboat. Then Jingfen Jiejie recommend me to Viwawa.
After I go home had another steamboat(both are dinners!), ate a little on each steamboat.
Then went on to play Viwawa, recommended to bro and we played together.
At 11pm, I went to sleep because they never play Blackjack.
In the end at night they called me wake up to play but I was too sleepy to play so I didn’t play.

(gonna edit later.. going downstairs..)