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“last published on Feb 23, 2008”

Fine, I shall blog -_-“
Recently read my old posts to find out that Darren Lim sabo-ed me to sit in front of the class, the fun of SYF and etc.
Omg how I miss primary3&4 choir. The seniors were super fun and then we had a choir camp(had to skip it cos’ I had flu!) with all sorts of fun stuff.
CCA is getting boring day by day, with a tightened schedule with all my remedials.
Anyway ignore the old post. After I came home, I was so bored and tired that I plonked onto the sofa and slept instantly.

I shall talk about today before I talk about the previous days.

Started with assembly, which was switched from 12.30pm timeslot to 7.30am for no proper reason, so music was to be changed with assembly.
Then we had the 3rd puppet show, since 2007 & 2008!(didn’t mention the previous years because you know my memory not that good lah -__-)
And it both involved FIRE, with PUPPETS.
This is the 2nd time in the year that they are showing this assembly to us.
And that guy said..

I am so strong that I can carry all your schoolbags with two hands. However today I will not carry school bags for you because you have to learn to carry it yourself.

Super lame lah! Then got the girl, and the LOLOLOL Kenny the Friendly Chicken also known as KFC. It was super entertaining lah, even though it’s a repeated performance. Saw Ms Chan giving a cheeky laughter cos’ I keep staring at her for no good reason(er no, i’m straight, i like guys not girls).

After we went back to class, we did something..(for 15mins..) and after that proceeded for the length measuring thing. Then me and Shaun confused leh! We don’t know which group we belong to! But now I remember, cos I remember Wei Ling, me, Shaun, Caleb and don’t know who else were trying to weigh Shaun!! Super malu, everyone stare at me when Ms Chan say “Does it matter which group you are in?”

Then Shaun said, “I go there you stay here” but before he could finish his sentence I already walked to the other group.
My group was given the task of finding items in the range of 100cm to 150cm. Then Ms Chan gave each of us a measuring tape so that we can find the accurate result/the actual length of the object. Got a few predictions correct but got one prediction wrong. Which was the flipchart. I knew it obviously wasn’t below 150cm because I’m 148cm and the flipchart is a lot taller than me -_-“
After the activity we had to present and we had to be super fast(no pun intended) cos’ we only had 10minutes and after the 10minutes, it was Mother Tongue. At first Vincent Lo and Eun Seong insisted that I present but I didn’t want to. In the end Ines did. After that activity, Ms Chan said something like, measure the length of your lower arm(from the line of your wrist to the line of your elbow) and after that I told Shaun, “Shaun, Ms Chan will definitely ask us to measure your foot later.” Cos’ few weeks/days ago, Pan Lao Shi told us that the length of the lower arm was actually equivalent to the length of our foot.

Turns out that she really asked us to measure our foot! Then I shouted, “Yue Yi, remember Pan Lao Shi said before?” and then she went, “OH YAH HOR!!”
Omg listening in Pan Lao Shi’s class is really ❤ lor. She predicts the future man -.-
Then Ms Chan went on saying that it’s an old wives tale. When you’re in a shoe shop and you cannot measure your feet, measure your lower arm.
And yes, the length is the same. Believe it or not, try it yourself.

After that went to Mother Tongue. Had going through of the ke wen 3.2, all the same. Chinese Class is always fun ❤ and we had ting xie. After which we went through a bit of the ke wen. Although you might think it's boring, Pan Lao Shi always manage to spark things up ❤ It's distracting but it's always related to the ke wen and the words we learn, so you cannot say that it's not related to the topic!

After that was recess, and no matter how full I was, I had to force fishball soup into my mouth or else I would have no energy to sing at 2pm later for choir(that’s why, I have to skip lunch.)

Reminds me. At first wanted to bring sushi to school as fingerfood, but maid said that the sushi will turn warm and won’t be nice to eat anymore after I take it out at 1pm.

After finished eating, drank pink dolphin, all the same. Gathered at the parade square then Medeline went in front, and I had to sit with Kay Vin!! Wah piang lor, somemore he so far to the right, dunno what he doing lah!

Eventually sat down, but 2mins after I sat down have to stand up. Yea and as you thought, Darren Lim continued calling me sow lah.

Where did this sow generate from?
When we were doing the grammar test, we were discussing about the sowing of seeds, the past participle and all that. Then, she said, there were two pronunciations and two different meanings for sow. One was the sowing of seeds, while the other one.. (writes on board.)

Female pig! Then 5seconds before she was writing on the board, Darren Lim was calling me pig pig pig pig pig. Then after that she said, a sow is a FEMALE PIG THEN DARRENLIM STARTED CALLING ME SOW WAH PIANG EH.

Continued from above, then we went back to class for Dictation. After that, we had a long lecture and then the band members had to go. After which, Ms Chan returned us a lot of class tests.
Wah piang! Kay Vin become so pro leh! Keep getting above Ms Chan’s expectations.
After 3 tests which he was higher than me, I got another 3 tests higher than him 😀
Ms Chan say she’s gonna return us our forces test tomorrow.
Omg reminds me.. I wrote the direction of friction wrongly.. I remembered Friction Opposes Motion but I forgot the direction of friction. She’s probably gonna call me up and scold me tomorrow for the Forces Test. >.> Better get ready for a scolding.

ANYWAY, we had music. Chia Qi never bring the Austria thing!! Piang eh! Then Mrs Kang was like, “Where is Austria?” Then people said South of Germany(if I heard correctly)
and she went on saying, where is Germany? -_-“
Looks like we have to continue in a chain all the way until Singapore.
After music went back to class. We had another class test, Math Test Book the test.
Die liao, got 2 questions confirm done wrongly already.
Think I can’t get A* for PSLE Math already.. Unless I work harder. No idea why but my studies getting worser day by day..

Then rushed to choir with Chia Qi, Pearly and Yu Jing.
Finally got our SYF position! Then Ms Khor say I MUST clap together with Pearly. At first she told Pearly that she must learn the clapping. Then I giggled at Pearly and then she pointed at me and said, “You also” SUPER SWAY SIA! Then it was Pearly’s turn to giggle at me.
Did some warm-up practices for Choir then rushed back for Chinese remedial at 2.45pm. They started doing the Cloze Passage already. I managed to catch up a bit but handed up later.

Pan Lao Shi showed us some ridiculous pictures and incidents. Got one was,
A soccer fan was dreaming about soccer one night when he dreamt that he kicked the ball into the goalpost. Then when we woke up, his legs are fractured. Why? He kicked the “head of his bed”.<–Chuang2 Tou2, haha! -_-"
Got one was he had a moustache that was 1.6m long, another with fingernails 87cm long which we had already seen before.

Then before she dismissed us, she asked,
死的人是死人, 活的人是什么人?
I think I got an idea in my mind but I not sure whether it’s correct or not. Then we were dismissed.
Waited for Clarice at the gate like toot like that. Then everyone waving at me -.-
Went home with Clarice then we took 282. Darren Lim told us, “Eh 282!” Then we stupidly ran.
But in the end don’t need run at all -___-” I ish kiasu kia >.>
Then on the bus, had no seats so me, Clarice, Darren Lim, Kay Vin and Shaun had to stand.
Darren Lim was in front of Clarice, I was behind Clarice, Kay Vin was behind me, Shaun was behind Kay Vin.

Heard Kay Vin say “What’s wrong? Don’t so gloomy lah, cheer up lahh”
Talking to Shaun. Hidden meaning. Don’t get it nvm 😀
Then go home… and blablal.
Went on MSN to type out my Science notes for filing.

Now, for the previous days! I shall refer to my handbook for reference so pardon me if the information I provided wasn’t correct for the previous days!

From February 25 onwards:

February 25:
There was one time Pan Lao Shi asked us to bring our old notes and etc to school. Then Yue Yi snatched my note away from me and say, “Pan Lao Shi!! Huiping You!!”
-_-” Then she came lah and blablbla.
Was a Monday then, sprained my ankle and my knee joint hurt like crazy after house practice.

On February 26:
It was raining heavily in the morning. And I made a very important decision..
Which is to go for Zuo Wen Ban ^^

On February 27:
Medeline’s birthday!
I got a 1GB memory card for her, er no it isn’t that expensive.
It was on a wednesday, so I had to go for Choir! Nuu!

On February 28:
Had to finish my Drug Ambassador Booklet then got the e-mail thing. I wrote for Darren Lim but taped it at the end cos’ Ms Chan’s gonna check, haha!
And there was one SMS thing. Easy for someone to code. *ahem*

On February 29:
This day is one one in 4 years! So I noted down the date -_-“
Michelle gave me $29 (same as the date) to purchase the electronic chinese dictionary for her.
There was one quote

“Eun Seong, I want to tell you a piece of good news. I finished my xi zi liao..”


On March 1:
Spent 3 hours doing the PAD. -.-
Full of eraser dust around my table.

On March 2:
My sister’s + Yue Yi’s birthday!
Sorry didn’t get YY a present cos’ I broke alr! So many birthdays so close together!

On March 3:
My Pencil Case spoilt. Yayyy.. Celebrate -.-
Went to Singapore Discovery Centre for Learning Journey! Was kinda fun! And on the bus suddenly Ms Chan asked the bus driver to turn back. Why? They left 6/5 and the boys behind, LOL!
And she added on by saying that another teacher is going to teach 6/6, siao!

On March 4:
When I asked Papa who was the owner of the GIRO account he said “Is your mummy rite?”
Wah piang GIRO account also don’t know under whose name meh.

On March 5:
Ms Chan told me to go do research on the maglev.
Siao leh. Couldn’t find anything.

On March 6:
CS Shin’s birthday + Papa’s birthday + Sports day!
Anyway, since when did red win lor! I thought orange was owning all the way.
Before the relay, the gauge was 90 points. With orange making a headstart of 3 1sts, there is absolutely no reason why we lost.
Aiya forget it lah..

On March 7:
Had to set aside 2h 15mins to do my math paper.
Couldn’t make it in time! Sad.
And today got the first zuowenban!
I didn’t know Kay Vin was going!
And.. here comes a holiday!
Finished my Young Scientist Cards.
e-mailed Ms Chan about the Parents Meeting Session liao. No reply yet.
Darren Lim won the Enthusiasm thing of the term, siao!

For the holidays! I think gonna type out everything from my handbook.

10/3, Choir 1-3pm
Chia Qi is going but Pearly isn’t. She going prefect’s camp! Ugh, but at least can bring handphone!
And Yu Jing wanted Jin Uu’s num, so I called Kay Vin on that fateful day for it, haha!!

11/3, Choir 1-3pm
Chia Qi brought her iPod Nano to school today.
I also want! And Yu Jing finally confessed she liked Jin Uu. Eeww, what’s so great about him?

13/3, Choir 1-3pm
Prefect’s Camp should have ended and Pearly should come for the practice! But Yu Jing SMS-ed Pearly and found out that she was sick and cannot come for any of the practices. So lucky!
Miss Sim said she will call everyone who was absent on that day.

14/3, Choir 1-3pm
Pearly didn’t come today. Only 19 out of 54 people came today. Miss Sim didn’t call up those people who didn’t come cos she left the attendance list in school.
Memorise all the songs already.
Finished my Maths paper and Science MCQ liao. Now left Science Open-Ended. Visited the school dentist on March 11. Curse her. Next page is colourful and ❤

Think gonna type out everything.
March 8 ’08 2.22pm
Forgot bring my Chinese File home! Pan Lao Shi will chop me into pieces!
And to think before I was dismissed for zuowenban, I went to my table and checked whether I left anything behind -.-“
Surprisingly, Ms Chan didn’t give any PAD or dictation.
Currently waiting for 2.30pm so I can start on my Math practice paper XD

10years down the road, if I look at this school handbook, i’ll probably feel dumb, haha! 2008 also. 2.23pm liao. Sianz Monday, Wednesday and Friday have to go choir. So good Pearly can skip Monday and Tuesday, she going prefects’ camp! Walau damn fun sia! And I have to go choir laa…

4.45pm Demoralised.. I failed to complete the Math PAper within 2 hrs and 15minutes. Lesson learnt, if you only got 20minutes left and you do not know the methods, just do guess and check.
Add-on: didn’t check my work either -.-“
Played Maple to destress.

March 10 ’08 IT show! I got new speakers! $99 sia. Threw away my waterbabies + old speakers. Goodbye. You’re history.

Next few days is privacy… Hahaha… want to read ah? Dream on.

Starting of school on March 17:
Xian Ying put the grammar test thing as
Male = Billy-goat
Female = Mary-lamb
And finally back in school. How fast a term passed. Realised that 1/4 of the year have passed? >.>
Got back few test papers. 76 ½/90 for Chinese. Still okay.
English was 43/50 yippie!
Yueyi got 85 for Chinese, omg! Everyone expected the person who got the highest to be Jason lor. Then Yueyi open her mouth and “horr!!”

March 18:
Checked my Revision Paper 3. For the first time.
Got blurred about circles.

March 19:
Photocopied the competition thing for Pearly and Qianqian.
But Pearly was absent today for some reason.
Then Ms Chan praised Yueyi. Yueyi still dare to tell me her compo lousy huh? -_-“
Mine is the suckiest of the suckiest lah!
Note: Super suay. Last year got chosen for the 3R’s thing, now enviromental quiz. My face look like I care a lot for the enviroment meh? -.-

March 20:
Gibson sneezed on my table and spread it around during Chinese lesson. Idiot lah.
Hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him!
Papa wrote my encouragement note write until super cheeeem.
Then Pan Lao Shi let us listen to a song 亲亲我的宝贝 by 周华健. Super goosebumps.

March 21:
Got a nightmare at night.. Lolx..
Couldn’t reach a decision.. Was in a dilemma.
Luckily no school.

March 22/23:
Still can’t reach a decision.
My printer screwed up. And I decided to do something.


and yea that’s exactly what I wrote in my handbook ^^

March 24:
Tired today. Heavy rain + super cloudy + super winder. Slept in the afternoon. Confirm cannot sleep at night. Die! sleep for wad!
Math Test 2 today!
Didn’t check finish, oh shit! hope can get 45 and above lah!
2nd last question headache.

March 25:
Recently Pan Lao Shi keep talking about toilets, teachers’ toilets, the toilets in the past and etc.
Then she love to use 3 words! 等等, 精彩 and 之类, haha! fROM WHAT i OBSERVED :p
Love 6/5 chinese class!
Today PE standing broad jump is super embarrassing lah! Everyone looking at me jump. In fact the whole class gathered around the mat.
Lucky I passed or sibei paiseh -.-
Found out that Gibson = Frog. LOL 😀

March 26:
Check about assessment books and do finish my homework. Better remember to ask mummy for $2. Wallet is screwed! The Girl’s one!!
Kim Yao approached my help for the rectangular strip question. Hurhur, women are still greater than men! 😛
Choir sucked today — Was telling Pearly which bar to sing then got scolded by Ms Khor saying what must Zhen Xi our time on Wednesday cos it’s the only day the P6 can attend vhoir.

March 27:
Got 48/50 for Math Test because of a dumb careless mistake which I took 405 as 450!
Batik painting was <3s.
Today got 3 tests!
Ms Chan was absent today thats why. Halfway going through Math Test she went somewhere else I think to pule or something.

March 28:
E-mailed Ms Chan for the Idioms thing.
Got a 35-minute long lecture and I helped Yue Yi.
Cos I was wondering why Lloyd wrote down her name as spewing vulgarities.
See Yue Yi I help you, I can’t think of any reason why you would spew vulgarities. Talk to you, you so guai one.
She promises to treat me Sakae. Ha ha.
Zuo wen ban today!

March 29/30:
Broke my Ice Cannon record for Pangya, now its -22! Yay! Blue Moon +14.
Yayness, did not study anything this week. Typed out my global warming notes for competition alr. Gotta do more research.
And Kim Yao didn’t know I hated him last time cos he always kicked me? LOL -_-” Super ignorant.

And there we reach the end! From February 25 to March 30.
I know it’s kinda boring but it’s in note form so it makes it easier to read.
Furthermore I only write the important highlights of the day!
So, enjoy reading, and do not sleep!

Miss her and she will come back again!