I know you people need an update real bad, because you all miss me a lot right, HAHA! I haven’t been blogging since May 3 and I promised to blog on May 18, the day after Marc’s birthday. But I shan’t blog about that yet, because I’m going to flash back to May 13.
I realised my blog titles are kinda retarded. If you bother then go look at them, cos’ I have absolutely no idea how to view my entry titles from this blogskin, which is super cool because my blog titles are dumb -_-
And if some entries are not written in my handbook, then I shall just write about them.
Starting from May4, I’ll try to remember about significant events..

May4(Sunday) I was super pro la, and it was the first time in my whole life that I worked so hard!
I Primary 6 only leh, I so pro study from 8am to 11.30pm, lulz. That’s 15 hours and 30minutes!
Following Monday was my English paper.
The Flora & Fauna thing was a big joke. I go put Flora and erm erm FRUITS?!?!?
It’s like immediately after the exam.. Jason asked me. Here’s the conversation.

Jason: Eh you know the flora and something question what you put ah?
Me(Yours truly): That one I don’t know leh, I not very sure. What you put ah?
Jason: Flora and Fauna
Me: OH YA HOR!!!!!!!!! I FORGOT I READ THE FUDGE BOOK!!!!!! FLORA AND FAUNA!!!!!!! WAH LAU EH!!!!!!!! HOW COME I FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHLAU!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!! YOU KNOW WHAT I PUT ANOT? I PUT FLORA AND FRUITS LEH!!!!! *bangs my head on the table*
Jason: *chuckles with laughter* Flora with Fruits? You siao ah *giggle giggle giggle*

Then, I shouted…

Me: GRACE!! GRACE!!!!! GRACE!!!!!!!!!
Grace: Yah?


Grace: YAH!! They are a twin right?

Me: I forgot leh, I never put!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grace: *gives me the cheeky smile* I got put, hahahahaha!

Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And after that everybody laughed at my Flora and Fruits when I told them that was what I put T_T
Then I asked Yu Jing whether the paper was easy or not, she say easy leh.

Don’t tell you first. Huahuahua. Ms Chan exaggerated. She keep saying, “The paper is not as easy as you think. If you think this Maths Practice Paper is difficult, SA1 is 3 times more difficult. Trust me.”
I don’t think so leh. Very difficult meh. Exaggerate only. I ask everybody they also say easy. Huahuahua.

Next day was my Chinese. Also don’t tell you my results.
Then I found some country erasers and entertained myself with it for a few minutes. Suddenly got a new interest for it and I went to dig out all my country erasers. I ask my sister play with me she don’t want. Oh and I only found 3 of them. I used to have so many more than that last time?

Then.. Mummy says, she’s not going to Parents’ Meeting Session.. Haha! Big break for me eh! Was so scared to hear her reply coz’ if she says she is going, then I will die because Ms Chan will have a good chat with her. A very good chat, indeed.

May 8 was RETARDED INDEED!!!!! HAHHA!!!!
At 2.58pm, Wei Jie, Kim Yao and Gordon decided that they were going to IMM to purchase Marc’s present. Me was complaining, “Not fair, I’m not allowed to go out myself T_T not fair leh T_T wah lau not fair T_T”

And after that I said I wanted to try asking my mother to let me go to IMM.
Then I told them I would give them my reply at 3.05pm because I don’t dare to call and I might die if I do so.
I wanted badly to go but I knew my mother wouldn’t allow me to. But I took the gamble and went on to call. Then SHE ALLOWED ME AFTER A LITTLE RELUCTANCE, HAHA!!!!! Oh yeah, uhuh! But I had to reach home before 7pm.

After that we talked for a while before deciding to meet at 3.30pm at the Clementi MRT.
After that I reached at 3.28pm and I had to wait for two slowpokes, Wei Jie and Gordon.
My maid keep complaining that she want to go home and blah blah blah then I told her to go home lah. She persisted on staying -.-

Then I saw the two slowpokes running at the traffic light. After that, I left my maid to go to the Taxi Stand of Clementi Central to wait for them.
I saw them liao, then now Kim Yao wasn’t around. We swing around before deciding to head to the taxi stand further inside. After that, surprisingly, retarded Kim Yao was waiting there.

There was a hole at the place we were hanging around then Kim Yao was evil. He predicted the people that came along who might step into the hole and we couldn’t stop laughing. Wei Jie’s mother was kinda… what you call it.. uncomfortable? But indeed, many people stepped accidentally into that hole then their shoe sank in LOL (i’m not changing for you, i scared your girlfriend read then unhappy only ^^)

Then 3.45pm liao, the IMM free shuttle bus haven’t come -_- OH then suddenly, Wei Jie’s mother made a remark.
Translated to English pl0x: Weijie, your friend’s shirt wore the wrong side issit?

Then we all looked at Gordon instantly. Indeed, HIS SHIRT WAS WORN THE WRONG SIDE, HAHA!!!!!!!!!
PS: Gordon just told me that while Kim Yao was chanting Xin Ru Dao Ge, a man suddenly shouted, YAY! o.o
While waiting for the bus, then very late liao mah. Then we keep saying, “Wah lau, Kim Yao, all your fault lah, see lah, you say 3.30pm, now 4pm the bus haven’t come. Wah lau, all your fault lah!”
Then the rest will chip in to say, “Kim Yao, all your fault lah”
“Ya lor, all your fault lah”

Then Kim Yao will say “Wah lau not my fault right!!!!! is the sow say 3.30pm meet one lor!!”
Eh I where got say hor. Haha πŸ˜›
Then we went on the bus and talked about dumb things.
After we got down, then we went into IMM, this is where the retarded part begins.

There’s this stupid floor game at the entrance of IMM where small kids can stop to play, and apparently, Kim Yao wanted to be one of the special big kids who behaved like small kids.
He started playing on it with Wei Jie and I was like “Eh u dun so retarded can anot alot ppl looking lor -_-“

But he didn’t care and continue playing. Then Gordon was like “Kim Yao don’t act retarded lah”
Then Kim Yao revenged for some reason that I forgot, then he opened Gordon’s bag and all the rubbish and flyers came out. I picked them up for Gordon then Kim Yao was kicking his wallet around in the shopping centre like nobody’s business.
Then Wei Jie video-ed the whole process down -.-

Gordon went to the toilet to FLIP HIS SHIRT OVER, rofl.
We went to Best Denki and the Apple shop to look for Marc’s present. I think it’s okay to reveal now that his birthday is over =s
We went to check out the iPod Nanos. $23x, no thanks -_-
Then we went into Best Denki. Then Kim Yao took all the menus and flyers then he took one with a girl licking lollipops(actually they are mp3s) then he said “I shall bring more home to deface… HEHEHE”
Damn funny lah, haha!

After that we looked around and saw several dumb mp3s that were not our target at all: Creative ZEN 2GB. Then this lady came to serve us. She’s uber chio I tell you.
Then I opened my mouth as requested by all the boys who bullied me T_T
“We’re looking for a mp3 that is within our budget of $130”
Huh of course I rephrased it to make it sound nicer πŸ˜›

Then she showed us 3 samples. One is a Samsung, another is Creative and another one she took it away cos it doesn’t fit into our $130 budget.
But in the end Gordon asked whether there was a Creative ZEN 2GB and she showed us. Like that, problem settled! πŸ˜›

I bet the lady must be wondering why we said our budget was $130 and we bought a $150 one.
Then Gordon went to pay and after that, I told Kim Yao to request for wrapping.
Then instead of the lady wrapping, a man came and did it.
LOL then do so long. Waste our 15minutes.
In the end wrap until not so good, guess what we did? We tore it off =x
Sorry for wasting your time.

After that we headed to McDonalds and I had McFlurry.
Before finishing even half of it I felt very full liao.
So I asked them whether they wanted, then they say ask Gibson here, haha.
After that I threw it away.
I know it’s a waste but it’s more waste if I could choose not to gain fats and I forced myself to gain right? πŸ˜›

Yes I know I’m super cheeeeem, haha.
Then after that we headed back at 6.15pm and waited until 6.56pm then the bus come =.=
Waste our time la.

After that 7.05pm then I reach home. πŸ˜› Still got stick to the 7pm curfew hor πŸ˜›
On May 11 we went to City Hall to get a Mothers’ Day present for Mummy coz’ the day before that Papa had asked us why we haven’t buy present, haha. Then when we went to Tiong Bahru to give Mummy the present, Mummy was too happy that she offered to buy Nintendo Wii for us rofl. We then went to Seow Choon but it was closed, so we went to Qisahn.

Bought a modified Japan Wii and were given 2 free games; Mario Galaxy and Cooking Mama.
And yay. Mommy let me go Evonne’s birthday; πŸ˜› Guess whether Medeline’s mother allowed? Yes she did. And she was super happy and immediately SMS-ed me =p
May 13 me and Yue Yi stayed back to wait for Clarice and Olivia so we can to go Clarice’s house to do Evonne’s birthday card.

Then Yu Jing gave me and Yue Yi Kumon worksheets to do and they say we have to finish in 20minutes for one stack(there are 3 stacks) and LOL we finished within 2 hours and 45minutes πŸ˜€ Instead of the 60minutes that Yu Jing said was achievable.
Still can people call me Maths PRO. Pro… REALLY PRO SIA.

May14.. Had hives. Went see doctor.
Doctor said I must not go to school even if I recover.. But I insisted on going πŸ˜› If not cannot go Evonne’s birthday leh.

Alright, now talk about Evonne’s birthday.

At 1pm I changed into my clothes and shorts at the Level 2 toilet together with Wei Ling then we met at the Parents Corner and walked out together(sorry for making you wait…) then we walked to the bus stop and took 105 to IMM.

We went in from the shuttle bus area and went to McDonalds to have lunch. I ate Fish Fillet Burger πŸ˜€ I didn’t know McDonalds can reserve seats one sia. I ate a lot, omg.

Then we went to the outdoor water playground. It was uber fun can! We ran around in our heavy clothes then played Ice and Freeze, Duck and Goose and Truth or Dare.
Then at around 3.30pm, Medeline’s mother came, apparently to pick her up as she had told her earlier that the party will end at 3pm.

Medeline was getting scolded & Clarice, Olivia and me was like exclaiming and talking about the mother being unreasonable and stuff. Medeline then said that when she go home later, she will definitely face the same outcome as last year’s Clarice birthday, with the mother beating her.
We kinda pitied her actually, but well.. Okay lah.
After that we stopped playing at around 4pm and went to have ice-cream at McDonalds.
Once again, I ordered McFlurry.

Then as usual, I couldn’t finish, so I kinda “forced” Medeline to finish it for me, haha.
Eh but cannot say force what she was willing to eat hokay! πŸ˜›
Then we keep teasing Kim Yao about him being Evonne’s boyfriend, and he sit in the same table with his mother-in-law and everything.

I suddenly remember Wei Ling said she didn’t want to play water initially πŸ˜›
After that, we(Clarice, Olivia, Wei Ling, me, Medeline) went to the taxi stand to wait for the respective people. XD
I went home with Olivia’s private transport(thanks yeah), and Medeline going home with her mother.

Then my hives came back. But luckily it wasn’t so serious at the birthday.
And 2 days more, was Marc’s birthday!
Medeline came to my place at 12pm and we played Nintendo Wii, Maple, listened to songs and lol laugh at each other for stupid reasons.
After playing Maple, at 2.20pm, we decided to leave the house and go to Clementi MRT.
Then 2.21pm, when we were outside the lift, Marc suddenly called me and said..

Marc: Where are you?!?!?!
Me: I’m still at home!
Me: Eh wth it’s not even 2.30pm! i’m not even late can?!
Marc: I dun care u FASTER COME!!!!!!!!!1

Then after that, we went downstairs, I asked Medeline to run then we started running all the way to my nursery’s playground. After that Medeline ran out of stamina but I could still continue running. Then we walked faster…
And at the kopitiam void deck around there, Kay Vin called me. I answered then he put down, blah.

Then he called Medeline. Then Medeline scolded him over the phone rofl.
At the road to the MRT, now Shaun called me. The same thing, “Where are you?!?!?!”
I was like, “We are near the MRT already lah!”
And finally, we saw them -_- Somemore 2.28pm only, not even late lor!
We took 154 to Marc’s place and when we got downt he bus, we saw Gordon’s sister!
Actually don’t need prompting at all, cos’ once you see her you will immediately know is Gordon’s sister.
They really look alike lor!

Headed to Marc’s house.
Actually kinda surprised to find the house so small.
Then I played my Nintendo DS.

Oh yes, Gibson was uninvited lor!
Then we people keep suan-ing him saying what.. LOL I later then add in.
He went to isolate himself in a corner emo-ing and play his PSP.
I personally found the birthday quite boring.. until the night.. then things got a little more fun.
One funny part has got to be when Darren Lim was sitting on top of Kim Yao(he came a bit later), Kay Vin said “Guy on top of gal”, so Darrenlim is a girl lor, we can conclude.

After that I don’t know who shouted out “How you know?”
And he said “I see before” kekeke. Everyone started laughinggggg like siao.
Reminds me of the time during batik. Shall not state more, if not someone come chase me πŸ˜›

23 minutes and 9 seconds… gahhhh >.< (you know i am scared then you still do it -.-)
Then went home with Shaun coz’ our destination is Clementi.. When we reached the bus-stop, 282 just left, HAHAHAHA.
And.. I went home.
I am so lazy to blog further, coz’ there’s almost nothing significant that I can blog about Marc’s birthday.
After I went home, it was more fun.. lol.
I don’t want to blog liao, so tired.. I’ve been blogging since 7pm sharp because I took loads of breaks πŸ˜›

Hui Ping


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