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Hello, haven’t been blogging since some time ago 😀
Actually I really not in the mood to blog right now, but because I’m too bored, I shall do it.

I realised the people in my class LOVE their birthdays.

Kim Yao: (removed)
Darren Fong: (removed)
Bi Juan: (removed)
Wei Ling: (removed)
Sze Ling: (removed)
Darren Lim: (removed)

Yes, I just realised now that those are their birthdays. All along from the start, I had thought that they were random numbers that came to their mind when they wanted to create an e-mail address.

~With a 20% chance, I will continue this post later at night or something. I’m going off to play Conquer =D Will talk more about Conquer next time-

Okay I’m continuing now coz’ Marc doesn’t want to train me on Conquer!! Go kill him guys 😀 He doesn’t want to train Kim Yao either! So evil, ask us to join him then after that don’t want play with us -_- Since I stopped at May 19, I have to continue from there right, so here we go.
May19 nothing much.. :p

May 20 was Parents Meeting Session! 😀
But HAHAHAHAHAHA Mummy never go 😀 Medeline 11.54pm smsed me that her mother was late for the appointment by at least 30 minutes. So in the end, her mother didn’t go at all.
So turns out 4 of us didn’t go! Gordon, Medeline, Szeling and me.

Actually.. what’s the use of all these Parents Meeting Sessions? I seriously find them annoying. One form to sign after another.. If you really want to track your child’s progress in class then you call on the teacher to check lor. Sometimes(honestly), some parents really don’t want to go for these sessions but they have no choice because it’s compulsory.

Adding on, my mother DID go for a Parents Meeting Session before, but that was in Primary 5 when all parents had to meet for the Beijing trip thing. You can’t possibly ask me alone to go there right? I was the first to arrive, LOL! I remember Pan Lao Shi was saying “Huan ying huan ying” blalbalba. And now, this year, she’s my teacherrr. But okay lah, not bad. Better than some teachers

However, even though I told my mother it was compulsory, she still said she had to work and she is busy blablabla, which is good news for me and bad news for the teachers. Some teachers really love meeting parents. They don’t know that students have a phobia of parent meeting sessions. Maybe my phobia isn’t that terrible, but for some students,

I’VE HEARD that after the meetings, their parents return home to cane them.

And after I heard that from a fellow friend, I never liked Parents Meeting Sessions anymore. You know what? 39 students’ parents turned up for the 6/6 class. We have 43 students. Wonder how many of those actually had positive comments. You know, some teachers are real scary. They blurt out every possible negative comment they can think of, without looking at the good points of a student.

& If you asked me how do I know all that without going for a single Parents Meeting Session, I’d tell you, my sister’s secondary school’s sessions were terrible. She told me after her terrible experiences in school =D

-Continuing later again.. -_- cant be bothered at the moment-

Okay then on May 21 it was nothing much.
May22 I went to Yu Jing’s house coz’ from 1pm to 3.30pm we have too much time and there was no homework assigned then. She offered to let us go one hor, don’t anyhow say!

-Continuing later again… :D-

Okay back. When we were walking to Yu Jing’s house, Chia Qi and me were “Wah Yu Jing, you call this near to school? So far away leh… So tiring!!”

It’s like we had to climb up the stairs, and climb up the slope. Real tiring. Yu Jing does this everyday, so she is so super used to it already. Not us what, torture us until like that. Never call chauffeur for us, xP Just joking. Then when we reached her house, Yu Jing was like, “Don’t behave suspiciously. Just act like you stay in this apartment.” Coz’ she say if the security guards find us suspicious, they will ask for our IC and everything. So we followed her instructions lor.

After that she ran forward to check for her father’s car, because she said that when her father sees her friends, he will be a bit pissed off. So, we walked slowly while Yu Jing ran to the car. After that, she came running back very happily because her father’s car was not present.. -_-

She brought us around the condominium(yes, Yu Jing is super rich). After that, Chia Qi keep asking Yu Jing, “The swimming pool how many metres ah?!” -_-” Like she already planned to come to Yu Jing’s place again one day to swim =p Then Yu Jing went to on the Jacuzzi, lmao. After that Chia Qi was like, “wah Yu Jing, why you never go off it?”
Yu Jing replied that it will be on for 2 hours, and will auto-off after 2 hours. Chia Qi was like, “You waste electricity!!” 😛

But if there is electricity for us to waste, of course waste lah. Yu Jing pay so much for the maintenance fees, of course need to put it to full use right? Finally, we reached her apartment. When she opened the door, her mother was preparing to go to work. After that, we were stoning outside the house, don’t dare to go in. We needed Yu Jing to come give us a grand welcome before we finally removed our shoes and got into the house XD

After her mother left, Yu Jing, Chia Qi and I went around her house to “explore”. Actually the house is quite small. Now I agree with my sister. Condominiums are expensive not because of the apartment, is because of the facilities. We went to the balcony with Yu Jing after that, Yu Jing suddenly went “OMGGGG!!!!!!!!!!” Her father had just driven in. So Chia Qi and I quickly rushed to the room to start our acting. We immediately took out all our foolscap papers and MNQ then we pretend pretend do 😛 (Okay not exactly pretend because we really did a few questions).

Then her father opened the door and after that, talked to Yu Jing. Ask her why exam coming liao still got choir, haha. So like that, we saw both her parents, father and mother. Soon, he said he was going to go out. Yu Jing was bathing though. So when she came out, we told her that her father was going out. Immediately, she opened the door and went out of the room and asked her father, “Pa, ni chu qu ah?” Then she came in with a wide grin on her face. (I can half-imagine her face) Then Chia Qi keep complaining, “I am hungry!!!”

So Yu Jing the chef went to the kitchen to whip up some meal for us. She cooked a packet of instant noodles and divided it into 3. One for me, one for Chia Qi and one for herself. The serving was really really small, but bo bian lah, just eat lor. So I ate noodle by noodle. Unlike Chia Qi, so gluttony, LOL. In the end I was the last to finish the meal and they keep rushing me to eat faster -_-

Then we listened to some “music”, according to Yu Jing. She played the Canon song and after that, suddenly her sister came home. She then stepped on the ‘soft’ pedal and say, “I no mood play this song liao. I go find another song wait.” They seem to have some sort of sibling rivalry eh? After that, we headed into her room and slacked around. Then she took out some mind-reading game and we played for a while. Then it was 3.10pm, and time to go.

So we went to school.. Pearly then saw us and Ms Chia asked why we were late. The consent form had stated 3.30pm mah, but Ms Ning said 3pm so we thought Ms Ning announced wrongly. So it’s the consent form problem, not our fault ah -_- Then we took the school bus to Victoria Theatre and “enjoyed” the musical. Now I want to stay in a Condo, LOL! So nice leh the facilities and the place 😀

May 23 celebrates the anniversary of the day I went to Beijing. Actually I kinda miss Beijing, ugh!! Anyway, on that day I typed out my Science notes. Finally, after procrastination for a few weeks. I typed out the whole adaptation topic, kinda tiring you know? 😛 Oh and Ms Chan said the ratio of work to play must be 2:1. I doubt I’m doing that.. It appears to be 1:2, I just can’t resist the temptation to switch on my CPU and start playing.

May 24 I went to Uncle’s house to celebrate his birthday because he’s not free the day after(his actual birthday). I brought home loads of cake and food, then we finished them. So delicious leh the cake, my sister keep complaining why we never take more -.- Some more the cake small enough liao, Uncle gave me almost 1/4 of the cake to bring home and eat leh! Siao, I particularly like the biscuit below the cake, it’s super delicious can!

Now for the holidays up to today (June 12). It was kinda boring you know? I wished there was school everyday, or rather I would like Concord Primary’s homework. According to Keely, there are 25 English practice papers, 6 Maths practice papers and 7 Science practice papers. I wished I had their homework to keep me occupied for the rest of the holidays lor. Ms Chan too lenient with us I think. At first she said complete whole book(which is easily achievable), then after that people started complaining and she kept giving “discounts”. Now, we only have to do till Challenging Problems Qn10, which in my opinion is way too little to keep us occupied for the holidays.

She doesn’t know that I can’t stand being bored and studying is another way of saying I’m bored. I don’t know how to study seriously. People keep asking me for studying tips(?!!??!!?) then I will be like, “I don’t study so how am I supposed to tell you?” I have no idea why I’m still in 6/6 though, I do not have the motivation to study at all. It’s like I try super super hard to study but my mind drifts out even before 25minutes of studying is done.

Can someone tell me how to study please, >.> It’s like Kim Yao everyday SMS me ask me what is this what is that what is this what is that and I will be like, “Kim Yao, where did you get that energy to study so long ar?!” And he only plays Conquer at night. I can only do school homework because it’s compulsory and tuition homework doesn’t work on me because I keep procrastinating. So someone please give me some motivational tips and not “Study more and you will have a good future, good career” and blah blah blah. Hey, I think I’ve been hearing that for 6 to 8 years liao. It doesn’t rub on me. One ear in, one ear out. ^-^

Speaking about Conquer, the virus started from Marc. Marc passed it to Kim Yao then Kim Yao passed it to me. However, till now, I still don’t think it’s fun. RuneScape is better eh! Speaking about RuneScape, Lloyd and Marc passed the virus to me. Then I tried logging in to Pikapipi last night and it worked! I didn’t forget my password! And they told me that I have not logged in since 348 days ago! So pro meh? Then my sister forget her password, so she couldn’t play with me T_T

Okay, then recently I started playing MapleCrusade. It’s a MapleStory private server, introduced to me by Medeline. I passed the virus around… To Bi Jun, then Chloe.. and I’m intending to spread it to Olivia also ^_^ So fun sia, because levelling up is really effortless lor. One green snail level 1 to level 9, pro. I stopped playing Hello Kitty Online liao, even though it’s not boring but relaly, sometimes you see the icon on your Desktop and you don’t really want to click on it.

Now I shall talk about holiday remedials and choir practices.

On May 26, there was a holiday remedial of Maths and Chinese. As Pan Lao Shi went to China, Huang Lao Shi(no not myself) come and “relief” us and we had a practice paper to do. So sian sia, practice papers. Okay I’m contradicting myself since I said earlier that I want practice papers. Maybe I want them, but not Chinese. I’m so interested in Concord’s Maths Problem Sums! That time Keely gave me 2 speed questions that I really cannot do. I gave them to Gordon then he solved them. From then on, he loved speed. And it’s all thanks to me. Why did I have to give him those sums -_- That day I brought my sister’s FILA bag, then now it’s tearing apart. She bought it at around $50 leh, so wasted sia!

Talking about Gordon, we had striked a deal that for every “u suck” and “wtf” I say, I owe him a cent. For every “u suck” and “wtf” he says, he owes me a cent. As of now, I owe him 7 cents!! -.-

27 May was really fun!! We went to the Science Centre 😀
I brought loads of ChocoPies(which were not exactly delicious but my siblings love them to the core?) So fun at the Science Centre, but we went there to do work, sadly -_- We took quite a lot of snapshots, but most of the plants we don’t know their names, how ridiculous! During breaktime, everyone shared their food around, geeez. So in the end I brought nothing but ate alot. (Actually I brought 4 Jelly Joys and 4 ChocoPies =p)

28May we were assigned our homework. I think I can’t bother to type it out bah. I only got Maths homework, no Chinese homework because as you know, Pan Lao Shi was in China for the cultural immersion trip this year for the Primary 5 students.
That day, there was Choir practice.. I didn’t go :/ Now that I think back.. I SHOULD have went. Sighhh.. So scary..

30May Mdm Chong came to “relief” us because Pan Lao Shi don’t want to come to school LOL. Then my handphone keep vibrating leh! -.- Olivia was spamming me. So secretly, I was texting in class while going through the practice paper that we had done on Monday. Olivia’s class was doing the Listening Comprehension that we had done earlier. So I asked her whether it’s the 2004 one, she said No, so I didn’t give her the answer. Then suddenly she say “Yes” -.-

After that when we returned to class to put our bags down, they were at this question. Eun Seong, Darren Fong, Jason and me was like “The answer is 3!! Remember hor, the answer is 3!!” LOL then everyone wrote 3, probably. So funny lah, it’s like I can’t explain the scene but then it just appears to be so funny. 🙂

On 4th June, there was Choir practice for the Singapore Street Festival on June 8. We were doing Yu Jing’s Kumon worksheets as usual(me and Chia Qi), then “as usual” also, Ms Uma came to us and told us to keep it or she will confiscate it. Then we put on a very good act and convincing lie(hidden joke, Chia Qi :D) which I can’t spell out on this blog because it’s way too funny. Only 13 people attended Choir on that day, however on that day that I skipped choir, only 5 people attended! o.o!

On 8th June was my performance, then I forgot my ribbon, omg!! I reached the school pretty early, then I waited for Chia Qi. She came in her school uniform and a small bag and I was like “Chia Qi, how come you wearing school uniform?!” Then she immediately took out her phone and called her mother immediately to bring her choir uniform. We then headed outside the gate and stationed there to wait for her parents. Then her parents came and passed her the uniform, she ran all the way to the toilet. She changed super fast can! I mean like seriously even if I wear my choir uniform, I will take super long -.-

After that Ms Chia came shortly and we took the bus to Plaza Singapura. On the bus I was busy texting 😀 Yes, texting is fun.. But it creates a hole in your pocket =O

I made her take out her ribbon and accompany me also, coz’ I didn’t bring mine and everyone else did -.- And Ms Khor made her stand beside a half-boy/half-girl, as mentioned by her 😛
Then we were allowed to break and go anywhere you want and gather at the same position at 7.25pm. We had to follow Ms Chia coz our parents not around T_T
Soon we went back and after that shortly, we did our performance for the closing ceremony of Singapore Street Festival.

June 20 10.56pm -removed it.. don’t ask why.-

Pissed off,
Hui Ping

(You may wonder why my Template title never ever changes. Because whenever I blog, it seems to fit the mood, so pissed off is a pretty good title.)