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White and Black face.

There was once when PLS said that in every family, either one parent is a 黑脸 (Hei Lian) and the other is a 白脸 (Bailian).
Blackface = the one that scolds more often
Whiteface = the one that “rebuts” the Blackface and the nice person

My blog the Chinese characters turn out to be quite small so I will do some auto-translation ahem.

PLS: 谁的家里妈妈是黑脸? (Among yourselves, whose family has the Mother as the blackface[a.k.a the stricter one]?)
*not many hands*

PLS: 谁的家里爸爸是黑脸? (Among yourselves, whose family has the Father as the blackface[a.k.a the stricter one]?)
*more hands than just now*

So PLS decided to somehow contradict herself?? o_O or am I remembering things wrongly? But I did remember she said both!! o_O Nevermind I shall just continue

PLS: 谁的家里两个父母都是黑脸? (Among yourselves, whose family has both parents as blackfaces?)
*alot more hands than just now*

PLS: 哇! (Wah) *stares at us shockingly*

PLS: 那么, 谁的家里两个父母都是白脸? (Among yourselves, whose family has both parents as whitefaces?)
*raises hand up reluctantly*

PLS: 哇! 还有 wor! (wah, still have eh!)

Background noise: Wah Hui Ping 千金小姐 sia! (qian jin xiao jie a.k.a super pampered)
Wah lao 公主 (princess)
etc etc and all the things came out.

Are my parents so lenient? o_O
Somehow I think so.

Some other families (I shall not point fingers because I don’t want to break them) restrict their children like there’s no tomorrow. Using the computer also quite pathetic ;x
I remembered last year, I had a classmate who still did not know how to use the Internet apart from accessing the E-learning Portal.

I mean that is seriously… no words can describe. I have been using the computer since Primary 1, and I do agree that the computer/Internet has both its pros and cons.
Yes, the Internet may be addictive, but it can be used as a de-stressing tool for some leisure & games, and can also be used for project work.

I do agree that I have too much use of the computer everyday but I do exercise self-discipline and tell myself that I have to work doubly hard if I want to use the computer for this stipulated amount of time.

Although it may just be talk without action, I do know the limit at times.

Maybe some others really cannot exercise self-control and get too obsessed with the computer. Of course, most of them are and I can proudly “announce” that I am not one of them. However, I was in that stage in Primary 3 and 4, playing Maple right after school everyday and not caring about anything else. However, as the time passed, I got more sick of Maple.
& eventually, I quitted. Those years, my results were really terrible.

I always feel that maple-addicts will one day quit the game because it is never-ending and gets a little boring at times. However, no matter how bored it is, some people just can’t seem to quit.
Okay I shall go back to the topic of being restricted.

I am so glad that I am not restricted like others and I love my parents for giving me the freedom of choice. I think in my class, I’m the one who has the most freedom of choice in whatever I do
I do hope that I will not disappoint them in the upcoming Prelims or PSLE.
Or else, all my words here will just turn to ashes or dust (whatever) because I have not carried out what I have said.

I shall go sleep now. Bye. Medicine’s knocking me out.
Oh forgot to add, some people ask me why I am still online whenever there is an exam the next day or something. Won’t my parents get angry?
My answer to you is… I dunno.



I just took medicine.
Yeah, my gross-liquids-yucks are going to be finished soon! [;
It’s around 1/4 le.
Coz the flu medicine kicks effect around 2 hours after consumption.
So I will get knocked out at 10pm sharp, and sleep sweetly 😀
We had LC today.
No humorous texts, I almost fell asleep at the last text ;x
Until the musical thing came.
Had tuna for 1pm today.. Zhi Xun wasn’t tempted xD
Had total stoning during PE again.
I’m improving in the art of stoning.. but gets irritating when someone turns behind and tickles me then the whole effect is gone!
During lunchtime we went to the parade square coz we were bored.
Then we spotted a-little-feverish(?) Eun Seong spinning with Gordon Oh.
False alarm -_-
My lips are drying and cracking up & its annoying.
Watching 学警出更 at the moment.
Not really getting interesting
Ooh I peeled one part of my lower lip off.
Luckily it didn’t bleed ;D
Okay whatever I’m going off, later I want to go read Twilight after the 9pm show hahaha.

Eh I haven’t post.
Kim Yao just told me the new evolutions of the forbidden-word-Action in our class.
It all started from…
1. Action
2. Shindong (This was unintentional. I called Zhi Xun Shindong is because he looks a lot like Shindong @ Super Junior hahahaha ;x!!!!)
3. 行动 a.k.a Xing Dong (because of the Shindong then people mistook me and thought I was saying Xing Dong so they copy me!!!)
4. Interactions
5. Impress(?) [that’s what Kim Yao said]

& It’s upgrading more & more & more ;D
I still think Shindong is a cute name hahaha!!! Zhi Xun got to thank me!
This is evil. Speak of the devil. Zhi Xun just went online.

So many people.

Okay, today was alright.
Seems terrible to be dragging a Forever21 plastic bag to school with black shoes in it & my choir skirt -_-
Anyways, had lessons.
Music we sang and Marc sang, so we were given 5 minutes extra for lunch.
Returned Chinese test.
Suckish results.. Can’t believe I lost 15 marks in MCQ gosh.
Wonder Girls rock ;D
Anyways I went for Choir.
It was real tiring.. Kept doing re-runs and singing.
So I am damn tired now.
And as you can see this post is seriously short.
& then when we went to the hall to rehearse, Lloyd, Kim Yao, Jun Yu & Alvern were there “practicing” for the National Day walking of flag thing.
Then Kim Yao imitated Pearly&ChiaQi&Me in the movements!
& now he tells me that he can memorise it already -.-
Alright, when I went to eat duck rice at Central I saw Lloyd again ;o eating duck rice also.
I walked to SweetTalk to get something sweet, obviously, and I saw the 作文班 teacher, 谢老师.
Oh and she said I remembered her.. She is shocked..
Oh of course lah I’m so sweet right?
Okay whatever I’m off to discuss answers with Kim Yao for the YZPS paper.
He’s so annoying lah.
I may blog more later, because I am suffering from Short Term Memory Loss at the moment.


The Family Link

Just finished watching it.
The ending was quite complete, quite happy compared to other shows. However, there were kinda loopholes in the story.
1. Joe fainted then wake up again. Similar to what had happened when Xiaoman fell off the bicycle. That is totally unrealistic.
2. Did Xiaoman marry Chengjun?
3. Quan so fast forget Meng?
4. Meng got go Europe trip?

Nevermind I can name out a lot more.. This series got a little draggy. Can be improved loads on.
I shall go watch the 9pm show.
Oh, did you realise that TVB extended the show on 8pm to 65minutes today?
It got a little boring as there were loads of breaks.
I want to drink Ice Milo.
Still got flu & cough & sore throat though.
Hope I can recover soon!! =]]


Super random.

Some birthday cake I had for my mother’s birthday.
As you can see from itself, I am real random lulz.
There was once Kim Yao asked me to name all material stuff from my home.
I shall do it once again. (I am not trying to show off here my piglets, it’s because I have nothing to do for the next 14minutes until The Family Link starts XD & Studying.. If I take out all my stationery & everything, I bet I would only have 10 minutes left to do some.. 10 questions?
Let’s get on with the topic.

Things that I may not necessarily own but I can use
1. 3 Nintendo DS-es in my house
2. PS2
3. Nintendo Wii
4. Brother’s Sony PSP
5. 3 computers
6. 1 laptop
7. One free 1GB MP3(mine) -_-“
7. Sister’s iPod Classic (20gb)
8. 3 handphones of my own & I shall not name out my siblings’ 😡

Nothing much I guess.. if you know of anymore tell me because I hardly use them.
Really lah, I hardly use them!!! =.=!!!! I cancelled out the MP3 part because.. it is not worth to put it there…
Kays anyways, what have we got here?
Another conversation with Xian Ying & Hakim.
Lolz, I’m going off.
To blow my nose.
& participate in the conversation.
By then, it would have already been 7.55pm.
Then the next 5 minutes, I will take out my USB cable, and after that keep it. Then I put my handphone in place.
Then I start spamming SMS-es. Ooo, have to finish $20+ balance in 6 days. Happy happy ;D
By then, it would be 8pm.
& The Family Link’s final episode will start!
Okay I love myself and whatever I’m going off.


Goh Wei Ling virus.

Just reminded of something.
Ms Chan was randoming during class today and said, “How come everyone’s noses are running ah?”
Then I said, “The Goh Wei Ling virus!!!!
Then Ms Chan told GWL to stay away from her with her sinister smile.
I am so random. Whatever.
I am so glad I didn’t receive a call from somewhere hohoho.
Mummy just got me the next $100 prepaid top-up.
On Aug 3, please remind me to top-up.. Or else my balance will go down the drain.
I am taking precautions, blahs.
Just now 3pm sharp I went to sleep.
SHARP geddit. Then 5.33PM i came back.
The medicine has successfully “made” me sleep for 2 hours and 33 minutes.
I don’t know why but I feel so guilty for not studying.
But what can I do if I study?
Ugh, nevermind.
Tomorrow got tuition liao! Then Michelle will assign some homework ;D
Yeahhz, love myself loads.
Oh & RIP to my Lollipop post (: you have gone into the Archives!



Hi my fellow piglets.
I’m feeling very drowsy now but I shall just do a short post on what happened today because I’m so nice.
Well, this morning, Medeline sat behind me and we started blabbering on and on about the Oral we had yesterday.
Then Marc cut in.
Then many people participated and… someone came. & I stopped talking ;x
In class, we were told our remarks for oral and halfway.. there were loads of “Wahs” after Qian Qian’s remarks were “announced”
So Ms Chan showed us her “happy-yet-not-happy” face again and said we shall do Science.
& we protested. She said 2 questions.
So we went on with it & after that we had some oral remarks again!
Evonne full marks.
I get 27/30. Happy happy. SA1 get 24.
Somemore is… HAHAH I don’t want to add later I kena legal lawsuit!
Reading 10, Picture 9, Conversation 8.
I thought I would have gotten a little higher for Conversation, and I am so shocked that Reading get 10. Picture quite unexpected, I thought I would get 7.
In fact I was shocked enough when Ms Chan said that I fell under the category of people with scores 26 and above.
My conversation was TOTAL TRUTH!!!
Chinese was next. Had a “fun” 35-minute long lecture by PLS about why we were playing around and keep thinking thinking etc ;x
Had recess and whatever. Drank the combination H2o + Grape 😀
& I still think the combination of H2o + Blueberry is better.
Whatever, we went to the hall next.
& Lloyd was asked by a particular teacher (I think Mrs Koh) to stand in front of everyone and start presenting & he stumbled a little. So he was “protesting” when we went back to class after that ;x
Oh, did I mention that he successfully passed his interviews and everything for SOTA?
So, if he manages to get a raw score of 230> for PSLE, he can probably make it to SOTA. So I grats him.
Clarice failed her DSA application to River Valley, together with Jason & Chloe. Wish them good luck for other schools.
Okay… So I skipped Choir today because of my very nice illness.
I just finished typing out the answers for Preliminary Examination from Maths Test Book & the Maths Paper that we had been given today. Plus 习子.
The question 48 in the paper we had been given today is similar to that of what we had received around 4 months ago.
I believe CPS copied. Hoho.
Whatever, I typed out coz’ later if want to go through answers with annoying irritants then it’s easier 😀
I’ve hid the evidence pretty well huhuhuuh
Extra: If you really believe my conversation is total truth, you are very wrong o_o
Am I convincing? *smiles*
Okay, I shall go take a short nap now. Medicine is kicking effect again!