The Lollipop Episode

The Lollipop Episode 1 on July 23, 2008, Wednesday

*holds up a box of lollipops*
“Today, I shall give you a treat. This is to reward you for… dot dot dot(she did say that). This treat can be eaten NOW, so that you will eat the lollipop and keep your mouth shut,” says Ms Chan.
“Keep our mouth shut?!?!?!?!?” exclaimed the rest of the class.
“Yes, keep your mouth shut.” *passes it to Clarice, on to Darren Lim, to Kim Yao and it goes behind…*
Finally, it reached my group.
*stares into the box*
*Wei Ling takes out one*
“Zhi Xun, what is this flavour?” asked Wei Ling
“That one is chocolate, this one is Cola,” answered Zhi Xun.
*I took one chocolate out, and passed it to Eun Seong & Jason*
“Oh no, I took the wrong one! I want the Cola one!” exclaims Wei Ling sadly.
“Heheeeeee!!!!” *gives Wei Ling the evil smile ;]*

*Tears open my lollipop and started savouring it. Stares blankly at Wei Ling who has her failed attempts to open her lollipop*
*Takes out scissors and try to cut it open* But, still cannot.

“Wei Ling, let me try,” says Zhi Xun.
*tries opening it like crazy but failed to do so*
“Wei Ling, I try,” mimics Zhi Xun (well that’s me)
*tries opening it but in the end make it worse*
Eun Seong then “became a hero” and said,
“Wei Ling, I help you open lah.”
Zhi Xun follows and said, “Ya ask Eun Seong open for you. He very pro one, 1-hit-KO.”
*Wei Ling happily hands over the lollipop to Eun Seong*
*Eun Seong tries opening it…. and turned behind…*
“Wei Ling, can I pay you?” *shows the beautiful lollipop to her, with a stick on one hand and the candy on the other hand*
*starts giggling and giggling, with Zhi Xun and Chia Qi following me. Then, Wei Ling started to giggle too!*
“WHY YOU ALL LAUGHING????????????” asked Jun Yu with the nice nice face that…. is very uniquely Jun Yu.
*still giggling, cannot stop!!!!*
*Wei Ling shows her beautiful lollipop to the class*
Class: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (laughs for 10 minutes)
Ms Chan: Wei Ling, come and let me see the lollipop. Still got warranty.
“GIVE ME THE CANDY!!!!!!” I shouted. Ahh, Wei Ling still gave it to Ms Chan, betray betray betray.
“Wei Ling, do you want that chocolate flavour or another one?”
Acts pro(me) and shout, “She want the Cola one!!!!”
Jun Yu, “I took the last one!!!!!”
Shaun, “No, I took the last one la!!!!!!!”
*class continues laughing*
Wei Ling returns to her seat to see Chia Qi and Zhi Xun giggling and opening their lollipop with absolutely no problem.
*cannot stop laughing*
“Can we settle down now?” Ms Chan shows her happy-yet-not-happy-face to us.
*tries to stop our giggling*
Darren Fong: Zhi Xun, stop giggling la.
*Zhi Xun continues his contagious laugh*
*Darren Fong starts to giggle*
*Zhi Xun cannot stop*
*After the 2 contagious laughters, the whole class starts laughing again*
“Can we settle down?” says Ms Chan.
*Vincent Tay starts his not-contagious-laugh but somehow affected the whole class.*
*points at Sze Ling* “haHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!”
*I, have no idea, started laughing too, even though I didn’t know what happened*
“Sze Ling dropped her teeetth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouted some unknown person.
*Whole class starts roaring* “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Ms Chan gave a smile. (a sinister smile!)
*giggles for another 5 minutes*
“Can we, settle down now?”
“Yes, of course!” shouts Kay Vin.
*and finally the whole roaring stopped, still, I tried to stop giggling. When going through the Science Process Skills, I suddenly felt like laughing but I controlled myself with closing my mouth and sucking the lollipop ;D*

& it ended… sadly..
Nice entertainment for classmates.
Others who are blur… nevermind.. I expected that.
(longest laughing episode)


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