Just only 1 minute before my previous post, I decided to post again.
It looks nice, haha!
And mostly because I have nothing to do at home ):
Hmmz, I also don’t want to study.. Done enough for today, I read also dizzy liao.
Gagagaga, what did I want to say about.
Oh, don’t mind me if the colours are blinding, I’m trying to “Trial and Error” to see what kind of colours are suitable for my blog. Of course, Ms Chan says Trial and Error is not always a good method to use, so I dunno lor! 😀
Ohohohoh, I should extend my posts to 20 posts per page right.
Or else if I blog at this rate, it’s going to be……….. lol don’t want to say. I know you people know.
The rate is currently…
4 posts/2 hours so…
48 posts/1 day

& some people only can use the computer once a week.. so hereby I conclude..

48 x 7 = 336
24 * 7 = 168
336posts/7 days

Gosh do I need to set it at 336 posts per page?!?!?!
I hope not lah hor.
This is just a temporary madness.
My results are deproving like crazy!
I also cannot study like crazy!

& Ms Chan has put me on a “list” that most probably, I will get 250 and above.
Arggghhhh pressured lah!!! Can I get 264?
And earn the 1k that my mom promised? *winks*
Erm of course I’m not just working for money lah!!! *stares blankly with innocent eyes*
I very well-discipled and good girl one okay!!!!!!!!!
I must get high marks.
I must get high marks.
I must get high marks.
I must get high marks.
I must get high marks.
I must get high marks.
I must get high marks.

And I shall go do more Chinese Comprehensions.
Of course not today.
I am damn tired. No more mental stamina to continue. Even if you say force myself, I bet I read read read nothing also go into my mind one, so ultimately I also study for nothing, haha.
Smart right?
I know lah, I always know I’m smart /selfpraise. But of course don’t expect me to get something super high ugh.
Okay I’m off. Kthxbai.
(This is bad, PPF has influenced me, but not in the positive way! Or is it?)

Wait forgot to add.
Ms Chan showed us some Artificial Intelligence whatever thing today.
Then, erm whatever it was retarded can liao.
Gee gee gee gee gee gee gee gee gee gee gee, reminds me of SmarterChild.
Okay whatever I’m being nagged at to bathe.
Fine lah! I haven’t bathe happy?!?!?! -_-“
I shall go bathe now.


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