Test Results.

I decided to create a new post because of an oh-so-almighty reason.
Erm.. Here goes.

It’s never having bad test results that hurt. It only hurts when you have studied really hard for it and yet your results are terrible.

Anyone agrees?
Ahh, must do more revision ;]
Bleah, I doubt I can finish all my assessment by July 31 lah.
Hope Michelle give more homework sia!
I know I’m going crazy but I always do..

By the way, here are some things that I “got” out of Kim Yao.
$1.50 printing fees for revision schedule 😀
$0.50 for my revision schedule 😀
$5.70 for my “Man And His Enviroment” notes.

Total $7.70.
You know what, I totally didn’t expect him to buy my notes.
Somemore is ‘Man And His Enviroment’ one. Not worth it.
If he bought ‘Adaptation’ then maybe $1.90 is worth it.
But not for the one on ‘Man And His Enviroment’. Everything is words, no pictures.
My ‘Adaptations’ notes got loads of pictures, ahaha! Super nice. I see liao also proud of myself.

I am going for Racial Harmony Night tomorrow! Muahaha~~
Anyone else coming?
I might not go though, if Clarice isn’t coming.
So I’m desperate you see.
& My sister doesn’t want to come with me!
She say she scared she very extra -_-
Lala, I just found out that blogging isn’t that boring if you do only short posts, really.
I used to do oh-ah-super-damn-long-posts that will make me fall asleep, but however, it was kinda fun then :]

Anyway, hope that…
I can do well for Chinese test tomorrow!
Better go back to my books and study again.
Bye people ;D


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