Racial Harmony Night.

Hey peoples, I’m back from watching both 溏心風暴 and from Racial Harmony Night!

Hmm, firstly I will say that the Racial Harmony Night was quite fun.. Except for the fact that immediately after I reached school, I was sweating liao -_-” Wore a “plain” theme of white shirt and brown skinnies. No design or anything, damn plain. And of course everything happens for a reason. Which I won’t tell you.

Erm I was with Clarice & Olivia. Then Medeline came shortly.

Erm okay.. then 6/5 had McDonalds. /jealous/jealous;

& then we saw Marc, Kim Yao.

Following, we saw Darren Fong, Gibson, Wei Jie.

&then we were preparing the things at the basketball court.. After sticking everything up, it started raining. -.-||!

Erm so we tore off all the posters and papers and went to the hall…

Then we stuck everything…

Ooh, Ms Chan was in charge of the marbles thing.. You had to use chopsticks to pick up marbles from water + soap which makes it difficult. At the end, we(friends) didn’t get to try the games at all, because the “customers” are overloading.

Something pathetic is.. erm.. if you complete 5 games and WIN them all, then you will get a white rabbit sweet -.-! Btw, we used our handphone stopwatch to time those people. 15 seconds each person, one team 3 people.

& after that.. some interesting people held their chopsticks in a very special way. One is hold one chopstick in each hand.. And it looked like he was trying to beat a drum. Then Ms Yvonne asked me, “How come your group all the people hold the chopsticks like that ar?”

Got another very special way also, but I don’t know how to describe.

Anyways, then Ms Chan had a friend called Mdm Ng Hui Ping!

So she was calling Hui Ping, Hui Ping, and I look at her and I realise she’s not looking at me!

Is my surname & name that common? -_-”

After that in the hall after everything, we were cleaning up and Ms Yvonne asked who the pen belonged to. Then Ms Chan said it belonged to Hui Ping.

So Ms Yvonne told Olivia to pass it to “Hui Ping” and after that.. I was like ?!?!?!?!

At that precise moment, she “found out” that there’s another Mdm Ng Hui Ping.

Wah piang, saying my own name also very funny can! And she couldn’t help it but to 低头 and laugh at herself.

Okay at the end I went bus interchange and go home. Erm & LOL yay 溏心風暴 ended with a sweet ending! Nice part was when Henry was running and he dropped his WIG! Heheh!


Darren Lim’s diet. (This is directly copied from the SMS, so if you are trying to laugh at me, you are absolutely wrong!)

Morn breakfast: cup of milk, multivitamin n a piece of bread.

Recess: bread n mayb a chicken petti wadever u cal it

lunch at home: rice with veg n meat

at sch: u shld noe the limited choice of food in the canteen

dinner: BIG portion of rice veg n meat sometimes spagetti or potato pie

& after that, I told my sister about his diet.

She said, “wah, eat so much, so fat ar!”

& I told her, “Darren Lim is skinny one leiz.”

Seriously wonder why he is so skinny eh? And I believe that his BIG portion of rice is equivalent to my SMALL portion of rice ;DD

Oh and I tried to tell him that he weighs 28kg according to what Ms Chan said. He is 50%, I told him.

Then he was angry that I called him skinny! Wah piang, heard people angry at being called fat but never heard people angry at being called skinny! And he insisted that he weighs 7 5kg bags of rice, which is 35kg. Wait I just realised he used “Rice”, heh. Hidden meaning, people.

Okayyy… Nothing more to add. Will add more when I feel like it 😀


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