I went to school suffering today.. This morning, I woke up 3 times, and my throat had a frog in it again );
Anyway, I still went to school because I did not like to miss lessons and then.. had a terrible time.

Met Clarice outside the lift at 7.35am and found out that she also had sore throat.. Maybe is because of the donut or “old tidbits” that Ms Chan gave yesterday.
Then Olivia & Yue Yi also had slight sore throat.. & Medeline did not come to school today because she was down with a fever.

Moved my seat to beside Olivia for the day.. & we did Interactions (Science Process Skills) and 30 questions from Science PSLE Booklet before we left.
While going home.. I was feeling queasy and I wanted to puke. Wei Ling, at the traffic light, suddenly pounced on me from behind. Felt even worse, -.-||
Went home in 156 even though 282 came. There was someone that I didn’t want to see on the bus.
Ermz went home and I’m blogging now. I’m going to go see the doctor now.. Bye blog later.


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