340 has become the exceptional one.
Anyways, I just completed my Classroom English series! Yay!
& I’m currently taking a break because I’m such a good girl you see.
Just now had a “fight” with my brother.
He wanted to sleep on the sofa when I was watching the re-play of 溏心風暴.
He went to off the television and after that, switched on the fan and lied on the sofa.
I purposely did not want to let him sleep because I was doing my assessment book on the sofa.
So he angrily looked at my book and teased me for every answer that I had written.
Then I kept quiet and continued doing. Then he lied down and kicked my hand, my clothes etc with his bare foot.
Then I was playing catching with him around the house. Then I went back to the sofa, sat down and continued doing my assessment book.
Then he angrily went into the room and take my pillow. Then while quarreling with him, I accidentally wrote across my pillowsheet (and now it has a blue line of stained ink!)
Somemore my maid just changed the bedsheets this morning! Wah lao eh!
Then I angrily did not want to leave the sofa and after that, he went inside the room to off my computer switch (I didn’t switch it off) without shutting down.
But who cares about him.

My sister says she wants to go to Kinokuniya. I want to go also, but she’s asking me to do the calling to my mother.
Forget it, I won’t call.


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