Demonic Wings.

Demonic Wings rocks.
I watched Part 1 to Part 9 even though last time got very little views.
1k 2k plus only.
But its popularity keep going up up up.
Klaziki rocks!
Demonic Wings rocks!
Talking about vampires, I have been reading Twilight.
And sorry to most of the twilight fans here, I find the startnig quite boring.
I will continue reading though, so I won’t waste my money on buying Eclipse, New Moon & Twilight.
I strongly believe that an “International Bestseller” title doesn’t come easy.
I know Twilight is nice, actually I dunno
Ermz okay, I will continue reading Twilight lah. Half the book already.
I think I always like the school part and whenever he craves for her blood xD
I am a sadist & yes I know.
Whatever ;x
I am anxiously waiting for Demonic Wings Part 10!
& Bloody Kiss rocks too.
Somemore now the artist of the series come back after MIA-ing for so long.
I realised most maple series (successful ones) are created by ladies, girls, women.
;D It’s true you can’t help it! Eg. Demonic Wings & Bloody Kiss & Snow Kiss.
Bloody Kiss got the most views I think, 50k+ on one single part.
Snow Kiss got 20k+ and Demonic Wings got the least with 10k+
However, I think Demonic Wings is the best 😉
Klaziki rock on!


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