Hi my fellow piglets.
I’m feeling very drowsy now but I shall just do a short post on what happened today because I’m so nice.
Well, this morning, Medeline sat behind me and we started blabbering on and on about the Oral we had yesterday.
Then Marc cut in.
Then many people participated and… someone came. & I stopped talking ;x
In class, we were told our remarks for oral and halfway.. there were loads of “Wahs” after Qian Qian’s remarks were “announced”
So Ms Chan showed us her “happy-yet-not-happy” face again and said we shall do Science.
& we protested. She said 2 questions.
So we went on with it & after that we had some oral remarks again!
Evonne full marks.
I get 27/30. Happy happy. SA1 get 24.
Somemore is… HAHAH I don’t want to add later I kena legal lawsuit!
Reading 10, Picture 9, Conversation 8.
I thought I would have gotten a little higher for Conversation, and I am so shocked that Reading get 10. Picture quite unexpected, I thought I would get 7.
In fact I was shocked enough when Ms Chan said that I fell under the category of people with scores 26 and above.
My conversation was TOTAL TRUTH!!!
Chinese was next. Had a “fun” 35-minute long lecture by PLS about why we were playing around and keep thinking thinking etc ;x
Had recess and whatever. Drank the combination H2o + Grape 😀
& I still think the combination of H2o + Blueberry is better.
Whatever, we went to the hall next.
& Lloyd was asked by a particular teacher (I think Mrs Koh) to stand in front of everyone and start presenting & he stumbled a little. So he was “protesting” when we went back to class after that ;x
Oh, did I mention that he successfully passed his interviews and everything for SOTA?
So, if he manages to get a raw score of 230> for PSLE, he can probably make it to SOTA. So I grats him.
Clarice failed her DSA application to River Valley, together with Jason & Chloe. Wish them good luck for other schools.
Okay… So I skipped Choir today because of my very nice illness.
I just finished typing out the answers for Preliminary Examination from Maths Test Book & the Maths Paper that we had been given today. Plus 习子.
The question 48 in the paper we had been given today is similar to that of what we had received around 4 months ago.
I believe CPS copied. Hoho.
Whatever, I typed out coz’ later if want to go through answers with annoying irritants then it’s easier 😀
I’ve hid the evidence pretty well huhuhuuh
Extra: If you really believe my conversation is total truth, you are very wrong o_o
Am I convincing? *smiles*
Okay, I shall go take a short nap now. Medicine is kicking effect again!


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