Goh Wei Ling virus.

Just reminded of something.
Ms Chan was randoming during class today and said, “How come everyone’s noses are running ah?”
Then I said, “The Goh Wei Ling virus!!!!
Then Ms Chan told GWL to stay away from her with her sinister smile.
I am so random. Whatever.
I am so glad I didn’t receive a call from somewhere hohoho.
Mummy just got me the next $100 prepaid top-up.
On Aug 3, please remind me to top-up.. Or else my balance will go down the drain.
I am taking precautions, blahs.
Just now 3pm sharp I went to sleep.
SHARP geddit. Then 5.33PM i came back.
The medicine has successfully “made” me sleep for 2 hours and 33 minutes.
I don’t know why but I feel so guilty for not studying.
But what can I do if I study?
Ugh, nevermind.
Tomorrow got tuition liao! Then Michelle will assign some homework ;D
Yeahhz, love myself loads.
Oh & RIP to my Lollipop post (: you have gone into the Archives!


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