Super random.

Some birthday cake I had for my mother’s birthday.
As you can see from itself, I am real random lulz.
There was once Kim Yao asked me to name all material stuff from my home.
I shall do it once again. (I am not trying to show off here my piglets, it’s because I have nothing to do for the next 14minutes until The Family Link starts XD & Studying.. If I take out all my stationery & everything, I bet I would only have 10 minutes left to do some.. 10 questions?
Let’s get on with the topic.

Things that I may not necessarily own but I can use
1. 3 Nintendo DS-es in my house
2. PS2
3. Nintendo Wii
4. Brother’s Sony PSP
5. 3 computers
6. 1 laptop
7. One free 1GB MP3(mine) -_-“
7. Sister’s iPod Classic (20gb)
8. 3 handphones of my own & I shall not name out my siblings’ 😡

Nothing much I guess.. if you know of anymore tell me because I hardly use them.
Really lah, I hardly use them!!! =.=!!!! I cancelled out the MP3 part because.. it is not worth to put it there…
Kays anyways, what have we got here?
Another conversation with Xian Ying & Hakim.
Lolz, I’m going off.
To blow my nose.
& participate in the conversation.
By then, it would have already been 7.55pm.
Then the next 5 minutes, I will take out my USB cable, and after that keep it. Then I put my handphone in place.
Then I start spamming SMS-es. Ooo, have to finish $20+ balance in 6 days. Happy happy ;D
By then, it would be 8pm.
& The Family Link’s final episode will start!
Okay I love myself and whatever I’m going off.


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