So many people.

Okay, today was alright.
Seems terrible to be dragging a Forever21 plastic bag to school with black shoes in it & my choir skirt -_-
Anyways, had lessons.
Music we sang and Marc sang, so we were given 5 minutes extra for lunch.
Returned Chinese test.
Suckish results.. Can’t believe I lost 15 marks in MCQ gosh.
Wonder Girls rock ;D
Anyways I went for Choir.
It was real tiring.. Kept doing re-runs and singing.
So I am damn tired now.
And as you can see this post is seriously short.
& then when we went to the hall to rehearse, Lloyd, Kim Yao, Jun Yu & Alvern were there “practicing” for the National Day walking of flag thing.
Then Kim Yao imitated Pearly&ChiaQi&Me in the movements!
& now he tells me that he can memorise it already -.-
Alright, when I went to eat duck rice at Central I saw Lloyd again ;o eating duck rice also.
I walked to SweetTalk to get something sweet, obviously, and I saw the 作文班 teacher, 谢老师.
Oh and she said I remembered her.. She is shocked..
Oh of course lah I’m so sweet right?
Okay whatever I’m off to discuss answers with Kim Yao for the YZPS paper.
He’s so annoying lah.
I may blog more later, because I am suffering from Short Term Memory Loss at the moment.


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