White and Black face.

There was once when PLS said that in every family, either one parent is a 黑脸 (Hei Lian) and the other is a 白脸 (Bailian).
Blackface = the one that scolds more often
Whiteface = the one that “rebuts” the Blackface and the nice person

My blog the Chinese characters turn out to be quite small so I will do some auto-translation ahem.

PLS: 谁的家里妈妈是黑脸? (Among yourselves, whose family has the Mother as the blackface[a.k.a the stricter one]?)
*not many hands*

PLS: 谁的家里爸爸是黑脸? (Among yourselves, whose family has the Father as the blackface[a.k.a the stricter one]?)
*more hands than just now*

So PLS decided to somehow contradict herself?? o_O or am I remembering things wrongly? But I did remember she said both!! o_O Nevermind I shall just continue

PLS: 谁的家里两个父母都是黑脸? (Among yourselves, whose family has both parents as blackfaces?)
*alot more hands than just now*

PLS: 哇! (Wah) *stares at us shockingly*

PLS: 那么, 谁的家里两个父母都是白脸? (Among yourselves, whose family has both parents as whitefaces?)
*raises hand up reluctantly*

PLS: 哇! 还有 wor! (wah, still have eh!)

Background noise: Wah Hui Ping 千金小姐 sia! (qian jin xiao jie a.k.a super pampered)
Wah lao 公主 (princess)
etc etc and all the things came out.

Are my parents so lenient? o_O
Somehow I think so.

Some other families (I shall not point fingers because I don’t want to break them) restrict their children like there’s no tomorrow. Using the computer also quite pathetic ;x
I remembered last year, I had a classmate who still did not know how to use the Internet apart from accessing the E-learning Portal.

I mean that is seriously… no words can describe. I have been using the computer since Primary 1, and I do agree that the computer/Internet has both its pros and cons.
Yes, the Internet may be addictive, but it can be used as a de-stressing tool for some leisure & games, and can also be used for project work.

I do agree that I have too much use of the computer everyday but I do exercise self-discipline and tell myself that I have to work doubly hard if I want to use the computer for this stipulated amount of time.

Although it may just be talk without action, I do know the limit at times.

Maybe some others really cannot exercise self-control and get too obsessed with the computer. Of course, most of them are and I can proudly “announce” that I am not one of them. However, I was in that stage in Primary 3 and 4, playing Maple right after school everyday and not caring about anything else. However, as the time passed, I got more sick of Maple.
& eventually, I quitted. Those years, my results were really terrible.

I always feel that maple-addicts will one day quit the game because it is never-ending and gets a little boring at times. However, no matter how bored it is, some people just can’t seem to quit.
Okay I shall go back to the topic of being restricted.

I am so glad that I am not restricted like others and I love my parents for giving me the freedom of choice. I think in my class, I’m the one who has the most freedom of choice in whatever I do
I do hope that I will not disappoint them in the upcoming Prelims or PSLE.
Or else, all my words here will just turn to ashes or dust (whatever) because I have not carried out what I have said.

I shall go sleep now. Bye. Medicine’s knocking me out.
Oh forgot to add, some people ask me why I am still online whenever there is an exam the next day or something. Won’t my parents get angry?
My answer to you is… I dunno.


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