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I gotta rush through this post before I got to bathe soon.

Anyway, this morning, I went to the Boon Lay Raja restaurant located at Jurong East. When all of them saw me, they were like, “Hui Ping 长倧 le!” and then when I saw Cheng Yu when his family came, I got a shock because he was like SOOO TALL!!!!

Tissue sample


The starting dishes were okay.. but towards the end, it wasn’t really pleasant.
Somemore the waiter/waitor showed us attitude.. Like unwilling to serve us like that.
Then XingHong(o.o) so cute!! Lol Mummy was the 1st one to carry her. Then PuiSin&ChuSin&WenXin ask Korkor to quickly give birth to one to make Mummy happy ahaha!! Yah lor I agree leh, Korkor is 22 and he never had a single girlfriend!?!?

Then for the whole thing we were suan-ing people and then someone asked how come the children sit seperately from the adults. We then realised that it happens everytime. It’s somehow like a custom in our family? πŸ˜€

I eat until super full. The fish(geroupa.. er I forgot) and the sharks’ fin was decent, but the duck really is very inferior compared to what I had in Beijing and all the other food was horrible. I think that they shouldn’t order such food =( & they were even intending to celebrate Ah Ma’s birthday here! Now, they are against the idea because they realised that the food isn’t that nice after all. After all, what do you expect from an ulu ulu restaurant near Jurong East? ;| Actually, not ulu, coz’ it was full, but then… ;| The location of the restaurant isn’t really great.Β 

And then we were arguing on which country to go. At first it was Guangzhou, then we changed idea to Hong Kong, after that now we are intending to go Korea at the end of the year if possible! But very mah fan, Nov 18~25 cannot go, December 18 or 19 cannot go. Wah lao, if they hold near those dates, I cannot go leh! Not fair can! I want to go skiing and most importantly, get albums of Wonder Girls!

Then after that my sandal’s flower fell off -_- Went home and then about 30 minutes later, we set off for Cineleisure again to buy my sister’s Ipod Touch’s Silicone cover. So annoying, go there and then she don’t want to buy again. Then we walked around and ate Long John Silver, coz’ the Food Court at the basement had already closed down to our surprise! So we had no choice and then my sister said she didn’t want to eat because she wanted to go to Takashimaya to eat the Korean rice -.-

So after eating we followed her to Takashimaya and watched her eat like how she did before that. Then she rushed out her meal and then she was uber full after that. So after that, we walked around and then I was persuading them to go home because my soles were aching. But not as tired as NDP lah, that is.

Then we were walking around when we entered a CD shop and I decided to turn my back and randomly take a few shots. So these are the lucky albums that will be featured on my blog today.


After that we went home and nothing much else happened πŸ˜€

I can’t remember much because I typed this all out in 6 minutes and I need to rush to bathe later but whatever I remember I will write down ;D

& I’m getting the Cineleisure aura..

Bye piglets!

PS: Pardon me for the uber-blurred pictures because I did not bring my mighty camera out and I only have my handphone to take pictures =O [Pictures uploaded as of September 1 ’08 12.06PM]

PPS: Here’s a long overdue picture.. That is built up with 24 shuttlecocks!

MM Tower


Tadada! The shuttlecocks tower! Okay cya people soon! :]

PPPS: Here’s a leaf that supposedly camouflaged with the ground and I jumped up when I saw it. To think it was just a leaf -_- I thought it was a lizard because there was this black spot on it!



Okay.. Bye now πŸ˜€



Today is SUCH a fruitful day.
I did really nothing but just to laze around and.. err.. AHEM DO HOMEWORK :]
Wow, Ms Chan called me HP.
This is new to me.
Is that new to you?
Okay fine..
I updated my Friendster profile!
That took me an hour alone πŸ˜€
But anyway, now there’s a new look!
& a new start! Yay!
Yay I downloaded the SUPERCLEAR So Hot MV ❀

The list of people who likes Tell Me/Wonder Girls..
1. Definitely me
2. Medeline
3. Olivia
4. Sze Ling
5. Zhi Xun
6. Kim Yao
7. Wei Jie
8. to be filled in

Anyone else, piggies? Tell me and I shall add.
Of course, I welcome you to go get the Tell Me song too :]

Hmm, should I put music in my blog?
Maybe I should.
Or I shan’t. Sometimes, I got a little irritated when the music in other peoples’ blogs keep playing and I can’t close it when I hate the music so much.
Anyway, I added Tell Me to my Friendster profile ❀
I suddenly remembered that I used to like The Way I are by Keri Hilson & D.O.E featuring Timbaland if I’m not wrong.
That one used to be the uber high playcount one.
Then it became Tell Me ❀
And now I’m crazy with K-Pop, thanks to sister.
Didn’t use to be really crazy with K-Pop even though I had already developed a liking for it.
But now, I am 100% crazy! πŸ˜€
Medeline too! πŸ˜›
I can never get sick of the Korean songs I listen to often.
How? 😐
I wanna learn the So Hot dance!
Ahaha, that one is uber cool okays!

I’m going off now πŸ˜€
Bye piglets! :]

Bored to death.

Bored to death today.
Started off today with watching Pops in Seoul repeat from yesterday and doing the crazy Wonder Girls – So Hot dance with my sister again haha.
Then went to bathe to get ready for tuition at 11.30pm.
Then came out and played a while before my sister watched Music Bank together with me (now)
I’ve changed my MSN nick. ;| I’m still darn bored.
Will blog more laterz yaa =D
Waiting for Lee Hyori’s performance πŸ˜‰


I may have to thank Vincent Lo for his certificate to certify that I have gone home myself 10 times πŸ˜€ Signed by both SzeLing&VincentLo.

Tomorrow I’ll upload the picture of my certificate because my mother has taken away my camera today for a reason. But for now, I shall entertain you with one picture I saw on the New Paper some decades ago.


AHahha, cute right?~?!?

Zhi Xun.

Zhi Xun ridiculed himself.

today while ms chan was going through a science,she told us that herbivores are animals that eat only PLANTS…..
then when she asked again
i did something retarded…..this was what happened:
ms chan:so herbivores are?(thats what i remembered)
i shouted out
that was soooo stupid
i did not think and even shouted the word out….lol:)
and the class was filled with laughter…..for 2-3mins
i was soooo retarded then
next time before talk mus think…..

I mean like AHAHAHA I was sitting directly in front of him and I was the first one to start laughing hysterically. Zhi Xun can really qualify for a class clown, ahah!!
No offence, it’s meant to be a compliment! πŸ˜›


During truth or dare…

1. Clarice is no longer mysterious.
2. Found out that Shaun is truly hated, and I’m beginning to too.
3. Jason is still mysterious.
4. Olivia is still mysterious.
5. Eun Seong enjoys asking Clarice ‘Truth or dare’.
6. Olivia enjoys asking Jason ‘Truth or dare’.
7. Olivia likes to choose ‘dare’.
8. Jason loves Ahsika Banu.

That’s all piglets. Anything to add? :DOh…

1. Yu Jing made cakes fresh from the toilet.
2. Clarice baked chocolate cookies which had already dried up in the toilet.
3. Olivia made jellies in the toilet.

Nothing else? πŸ˜€ Tell me to add.
& hahaha Zhi Xun has officially caught my Wonder Girls virus.

Teachers’ Day

Started off today with the class decorations. I swear I did not play a part in it at all ;D You see, I’m super exceptional. So when Ms Chan was going to enter the classroom, she was doubting us and asking whether we had set up any traps LOL! In the end she came in and then we gave her a grand opening with the clapping and cheering LOL! The prefects weren’t around so only the non-prefects [which includes me] did so :] They missed the fun!

Then, here came the return of our situational writings. Then Ms Chan told us that she would not be returning composition today because the marking has not been completed. I got 12/15 for situational, a recipe note. Pearly was the only full-marker. & Zhi Xun told us that Internet Language had influenced him. He wrote ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ in his Situational Writing and got a circle over it plus he probably lost a mark! Ahahaha, luckily I do not do that.

Edit as of August 30 2008 2.27PM:
Ira & Sze Ling are full-markers too.

Then we did corrections and then we had Chinese after that. PLS showed us a movie that was somehow or rather related to our Chinese composition, and wanted us to redo the PRELIM paper’s picture. Of course loads of complaints came in but I think it’s time to copy again x) Cockroach = θŸ‘θž‚ = 小强 xD & then we did a little which I used the same introduction again ;P

We went for recess and then I rushed my tuna bread out because we were intending to play Ice & Freeze. Then we teamed up again and chased several people! ;D I managed to catch Gordon because he was real tired and didn’t want to run anymore xD

After that we went to the hall so that we could get in time for the teachers’ day concert unlike the other classes who went back first. The girls played truth or dare for a while then Ms Chan gave out the certificates for Maths New South Wales. Olivia was exclaiming that if she gets Distinction, she will get sushi from her mother as promised. So she was wishing and hoping that she would get Distinction — and yes, she did ;P

Then we went back to the class positions and then played truth or dare together with Clarice, Olivia, Jason & Eun Seong plus myself. Clarice is no longer mysterious, hoho. Olivia is now the mysterious one. & then we had stupid dares like telling Ms Chan either ‘I hate you’ or ‘I want to marry you’ AHaha!!!

Then the teachers day concert started with the Low song by Flo Rida. Ummz, I guess it was a good one? =D & then got loads of piano performances before Medeline came in as the 7th performer, singing ζˆ‘ζ„Ώζ„δΈηˆ±δ½ . So my class was like cheering and then everyone thought we were crazy hahaha. She was walking around the hall and then shook hands with Mdm Lim, Mr Liau & hi-5 Mr Ee xD Everyone applaused loudly. Then when she came, damn funny la!!!

All the Chinese teachers were saying hello when all the performers past by them, LOL! Super funny when they all go “Hello hello!!!!” and then wave hands at them. After those performances, came in with the Filipino troup and then the “Guess Who is this teacher” thing started.

Ms Poon was the first! I obviously recognised her already because she had already shown us one powerpoint on her childhood xD And then Ms Chan was also in there, which she also had already shown us. Then the teachers’ day concert ended off with a finale which was Medeline’s favourite song.

So I went to the bus interchange, got a lollipop and went home ;D And when I reached home, my sister was like, “EH YOU ALSO HAVE!!!” then she go to her bag and take out a chocolate one and started sucking it too. -_- copycat.

Okay bye piglets and I’m off now to take a power nap of 15 minutes once again ;D

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Ms Yvonne and Michelle!