Eat Shit.

My brother is currently attempting my Question 41 @ PSLE Sample Paper 1 at the moment.
Oh he just returned it to me. & my sister is insisting that her answer is correct while I’m falling asleep.
I seriously want a nap leh.. But I just came back from badminton -_-
Hmm, today had Chinese LC during Chinese lesson. So boring once again, but I’m sure I got this question 5 wrong already.. Ahh want to die ah >.>
Erm what happened in school today?
We had our last performance in Choir :] Happy happy happy.
Now we can FULLY CONCENTRATE on our exams ;D
So we left at 11.30pm and went to the hall while I “instructed/ordered” GWL to do my work.
Ooh, I’m recovering soon!
No more a lot of nose blowing already ;];]
Chia Qi & Pearly were witnessing my nose blowing this afternoon @ the sink in the school canteen.
Do they love me so much? LOL.
Ooo Chia Qi got new target *wink*
😀 Anyway I want to do my paper.
Bye piggwees. Blog later.


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