Demonic Wings

Demonic Wings Part 10 (A) is out!
I’m so glad to be one of the first 100 viewers, haha.
In 30 minutes believe it or not the video views shot up to 146 from 25.
Pro. & now it’s 176. & now it’s 185.
I’m trying to advertise it so once again, I’m going to put up all the links to it hahahaha.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:
Part 10(A):

While watching Part 10 A just now I teared a little.
Although the series haven’t complete, already more than 15k viewers on the first part already.
When I watched it, it was only a few thousand.
This proves that Klaziki rocks hahahaha.
I want to eat my Cola lollipop lulz.
I shall go take it later after I finish posting.
Let me share a little of the storyline.

Reiya is a human girl who is captured by Rikuto and Saik, both of which were demons who were living in the human world. However, as time passes, Rikuto and Saik fell in love with her. Reiya’s life is threatened while living with 2 demons. They may attack her anytime. What would happen? Will Reiya end up with Rikuto or Saik?

Okay LOL I seem to be doing some advertisement instead of summary HAHAHA
Whatever it is just go watch it, it’s the best series I’ve watched among all the others. (Let me post the ones I’ve watched)

Snow Kiss (HawttCaKey) — Part 8 Bonus (COMPLETED)

Fourth Leaflet (HawttCaKey) — Part 11 Bonus (COMPLETED)

Twisted Search (wishinguponastarr) — Episode 13 (COMPLETED)

Forgotten Past (starfirelena) — Episode 7 (COMPLETED)

Hidden Tears (LuckyJinxxx) — Part 7 (COMPLETED)

No Matter What (Klaziki) — Part 9 FINAL (COMPLETED)

My Only Wish (ShortayXDino) — Part 4 Part B (COMPLETED)

My Story (wishinguponastarr) — Episode 10 (COMPLETED)

iWish (iX3Candi) — Part 10 (COMPLETED)

Rose (XOsINdreams) — Part 11 (COMPLETED)

Love Me or Love Me Not (iX3Candi) — Part 12 Bonus (COMPLETED)

Demonic Wings (Klaziki) — Part 10 A

Bloody Kiss (xholybunniex) — Part 12

My Last Wish (litoxlight) — Chapter 3

Junie B. Jones and her Big Fat Mouth (nightmare724) — Chapter 1

love story (bunnaran) — Part 5

Camp Piggy Pie (narutoeps2)– Part 4

MapleStory Korean Drama: “Amidst Lost Hearts” (PureNuub) — Episode 4

A Parting Kiss (fredali16) — Part 3

Sweet Kiss (x33GrAciiEeH) — Episode 5

Lovers or Friends (iSealionx3) — Part 1

Broken Promises (iMeeowx3) — Part 2

Butterfly (iMuffinsx3) — Episode 7 Part 2

My Cursed Kiss (lVlashimaro) — Part 3

Not bad huh? ;D
Okay I go eat lollipop. Bye bye.

It’s alright. You do not remember. But I do.


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