Finished 作业

I just finished 作业, hoho!
Dinner was quite good today… Let’s see.
1. A full plate of nuggets
2. A bowl of meat
3. One big big fried fish
4. Mushroom + Pig’s stomach soup
5. Some unknown vegetable

Of course I cancelled out the most gross one. Don’t want to see it even, so unsightly.
Ermz, here’s a picture 😀
Yes I know my dining table looks obiang but whatever because it’s my home not yours hahaha.
Ooh, forgot to mention that we had a little of commercial break today.
We had the polygon song that went “Nananananana, just a boring square”
Oh it’s here,
Hahaha, I wouldn’t embed it, later the blog post lag like crazy xD
& the photosynthesis song.. & the ‘Down by the river’ song.
Not bad, had music for entertainment (: Which Shaun likes a lot hahaha.
Oh, Szeling was absent today. She missed out on a lot! School was real fun today hahaha.
Okay I shall go do my English Practice Paper now. I’ll blog later if I can [;


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