I wanna change spectacles!

I wanna change spectacles as my title stated. Geez. I want transition lens! & I would like it to be dark dark with a little shade of pink [: Then it’s… *drools*
Ah, whatever. Erm my maid is angging at me to sleep so I have to go off quite soon after I finish this post.
I can’t believe Regine actually hacked into her enemy’s account. >.>

It’s against my moral principles to do that if I were her ;x And I actually helped her, sheesh.
But you really can’t help it when you have such schoolmates or classmates that plainly.. fail in their attitude yea? I am so very tempted to use the S word but I will owe Gordon 50cents.
It used to be 1 cent, but I realised it doesn’t kick any effect at all, so in the end I increased it to 50cents. He agreed yea, & I’ve paid him $2.50 so far. Now it’s really working LOL I don’t dare to say the W word or the U S___ word anymore ;x

Okay on to the people who.. fail in their attitude. You really can’t stand them. In Regine’s school there seem to be LOADS of them and she complains about them to me every other day. Luckily, my classmates or schoolmates are not like them. I love them [:
I love all my friends man [: They make me happy in school and enjoy it to the fullest, plus making life even more enjoyable (:

Afterall, you stay on Earth, and if you are suffering, might as well just die right? In life, I think happiness is the most important, and not any other thing =D
& because of them, I do get the mental stamina and endurance to carry on with my work and study hard =D Friends play a VERY IMPORTANT role in your studies too!

I never used to be good in my studies. In K2, I remembered there were 5 groups, with Group 1 being the lousiest and Group 5 being the best. I was placed in Group 2. I vaguely remember there was a Chinese test in K2 which required us to match someone to their occupation with the pictures provided. I scored 70/100. Yes, terrible. Terrible for a K2. I really never used to be good in my studies. However it’s Chinese so it’s normal hahahaha just kidding.

But I improved loads in Primary 1. I can be considered as an early bloomer? OKAY I’M NOT SELF-PRAISING BECAUSE I KNOW THERE ARE MANY MANY MANY MANY MORE PEOPLE who are smarter than me but I really DID do better than quite many others what ): I think I improved a lot due to Miss Tan’s praising every now and then and me topping the class.

Ooh, Medeline was the top then. She was darn pro one okay! She beat me in every subject, English, Maths & Science xD

Okay before I end this post, I would like to “inform” you that I have updated my Wishlist and you are not to visit it. Thank you.
& I know after I say this 80% of the people will go see hahahaha

Oh and I haven’t end this post sorry.
Please hor Darren Lim, I am NOT following your diet! I don’t want to be bony as you okay! If you see someone eating bread means follow your diet meh? Please lah, I have been eating bread during remedials since the first remedial okay! & at least I don’t consume multivitamins unlike someone else… hmmmm [; Clarice is so mysterious, haha.

Oh and STOPPPPPP USING my Signature ‘Hi’! I learnt it from http://www.mocca.com’s “trademark” bodybuilder advertisement okay! Hmphz!

Oh and so I decided to put a picture to end this post finally! What do we have here?
If you’re so easily tempted, you lose!! Hahaha!!!!
This is bad, you come to my blog to be tempted XDD
Looks cooler with pictures anyway 🙂
I saved it from a Google search online, so I will be doing random searches for random stuff every now and then. Yes, I’m super random, like how my blog title is 😀
You shall die with the attack of food!!!!!! My goodness I made myself hungry so my stomach growled.
All your fault lah!!!!!!!!!!!!


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