Hi Olivia I don’t love your innocence.

Ermz just came back from RSC ;D completing 2 Maths Practice Paper and 1 English Practice Paper on hand. Talking about Practice Papers, Ms Chan said that Mr Lim had given us many for New Year presents xD

Today.. was okay. Ms Chan & MM was taking turns to tell us Grandmother (or rather, Young Woman’s) stories -_-“

And Wei Ling made it a “task” to come read my blog.
She loves me okay!!!!!!!! Not I love her hors!!!!
& during RSC, I overheard Ms Chan’s quotes of..
“What kind of monster are you?” &&& “Why do I have such stupid people in 6/6?” :xxxx evil evil evil!!!!!!!!!! Erm during class we had some gay lessons and stuff again.

Today Pearly was absent and there was NSW English. She missed it, wasted sia!!
So we were given 2 sets of Maths Section C to attempt. I frankly admit, they were quite challenging. At least for me. So… we did nothing but just going through of the syllabus and some practice papers. Then at 1.30PM, I headed to the library for RSC and did some going through and “teaching”, which was kinda fun ;D

Okay enough about school. I know it’s boring. 😀
Here’s a picture of my dinner table once again 😀 I shall provide 2, one is before the meal and one is after the meal.

First picture: Before the feast

Second picture: After the feast

In order of favour..
1. Salted(?) bean sprouts (favourite)
2. Nuggets
3. Bowl of soup (sorry if you don’t see it in the first picture because it appeared halfway :D)
4. Prawns
5. The fatty meat?

Even though I like prawns, I didn’t eat them today because I was lazy to pluck it and when I finished the meal, I was already very full to have anymore space for anymore prawns.

I shall go and control my hiccups now -_- & go do some life tasks like bathing or something. Laterrz~


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